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Ci 350 21st ctry reflection


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Published in: Education
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Ci 350 21st ctry reflection

  1. 1. CI 350 Zachary Sissel 21st Century Reflection This assignment was probably one of the more difficult assignments. It wasn’t that it was the material being covered it was more the fact that it felt like we were doing so much already in the class. At times it felt overwhelming. Once I started researching my portion of the assignment I began to really enjoy it because I believe it helped me in several ways. One by showing me that the United States is really far behind and two the entire Education system needs revamped in the US to be geared towards 21st Century Education. The pillar Math & Science is extremely important because that is where all of our research comes from as well. The Video our group found while researching this topic was very interesting and intriguing as well as it talked about the STEM academy but this particular school added on another sub letter to it and it was “a.” This “a” stood for application, applying Math & Science and 21st Century Education together in the classroom at all times. They keyed this application process throughout the video. That was one of the good things I took out of this assignment. One way I would improve this assignment would be before we started this we were shown good PowerPoint’s from previous years so we knew what exactly was expected for each instruction. I feel that would have a good way to prevent the confusion it seemed to have caused every group.