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Testing Urine Hormone Metabolites

  1. Urine Hormone Metabolite Testing Insight into whether your body is safely processing hormones
  2. Your body is constantly making a wide variety of hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol & melatonin Once used, those hormones are broken down as by-products & excreted in urine
  3. How those hormones are broken down & processed in your body can impact your long-term health
  4. This is important because some hormone metabolites can be extremely harmful when hormones don’t break down properly
  5. Putting us at risk for certain diseases, like breast cancer or prostate cancer
  6. Hormones you should know about for urine metabolite testing
  7. ESTROGENS – Your body makes several different estrogen hormones – Estrone, Estradiol & Estriol. Urine metabolite testing reveals the by-products of those hormones and whether they’re being broken down safely.
  8. ANDROGENS – Your body also makes several different androgen hormones – like Testosterone & DHEA. Urine metabolite testing reveals the by- products of those hormones and whether they’re breaking down safely.
  9. BPA – Exposure to Bisphenol A, which is linked to brain, behavior & health concerns for children & adults, can be measured by urine metabolite testing
  10. Diurnal Cortisol – Assessing the body’s 24-hour cortisol pattern is key to a better understanding of adrenal function & helps get to the root of stress- related health issues
  11. Diurnal Melatonin – Assessing the body’s 24-hour melatonin pattern can help reveal sleep-related health issues
  12. If you’re concerned about how your body is processing hormones, there are steps you can take
  13. Ask your doctor if metabolite testing may benefit you. Click here for help finding a doctor.
  14. Read more on metabolite testing when you visit ZRT’s blog