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Environmental Toxins & Thyroid Health


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6 facts to know about how environmental toxins impact thyroid function

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Environmental Toxins & Thyroid Health

  1. 1. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS & THYROID HEALTH 6 Facts To Know About How Toxins Affect Your Thyroid
  2. 2. Our planet is awash in environmental pollutants that adversely affect our health
  3. 3. Soil is often deficient in key minerals, too – iodine and selenium in particular
  4. 4. Increasing our risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer & dementia
  5. 5. Having profound negative effects on body chemistry & hormone synthesis
  6. 6. Thyroid is a key gland known to suffer serious effects from pollutants
  7. 7. Thyroid is important because it’s primarily responsible for regulating metabolism
  8. 8. Six facts to know about environmental toxins and healthy thyroid function
  9. 9. Iodine, an essential nutrient found in iodized salt, seaweed and seafood, is a key component of thyroid hormones T3 & T4
  10. 10. Iodine deficiency compromises thyroid hormone production and leads to disease; deficiency also linked to breast cancer
  11. 11. Bromine has no known nutrient value, but will impede thyroid hormone synthesis when iodine status is low
  12. 12. Arsenic, a toxin sometimes found in fish and rice, competes with selenium and impairs thyroid function
  13. 13. Mercury, a heavy metal toxin found in dental amalgams, seafood and vaccinations, binds selenium and reduces thyroid function
  14. 14. Iodine deficiency up fourfold over the past 40 years. Nearly 74% of healthy adults may no longer consume enough iodine. - Gunton JE, Hams G, Fiegert M, McElduff A. Iodine deficiency in ambulatory participants at a Sydney teaching hospital: is Australia truly iodine replete? Med J Aust. 1999 Nov 1;171(9):467-70. - Hoption Cann SA. Hypothesis: dietary iodine intake in the etiology of cardiovascular disease. J Am Coll Nutr. 2006 Feb;25(1):1-11.
  15. 15. Learn more by watching ZRT’s webinar on Thyroid Health & Environmental Toxins Click here to view now