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10 Tips for a Good Menopause

  1. No one likes being out of balance, especially when hot flashes, foggy thinking and mood swings leave us feeling like a pale reflection of our former selves. Fortunately, we have a lot more control over the ups and downs of menopause than we might think. Read on to learn the Top 10 Tips for returning to hormone balance and having a GOOD MENOPAUSE.
  2. #1 Determine your own symptoms of hormone imbalance with the ZRT Hormone Checklist
  3. #2 Test your hormones to detect hidden imbalances. We recommend ZRT’s Saliva Profile III or the Female Comprehensive Profile I.
  4. #3 If testing identifies imbalances that require hormone therapy, insist on bio-identical hormones. Made to mimic natural physiology, they’re and safer than synthetic hormone combinations. Find a natural hormone friendly physician at:
  5. #4 Support your adrenals with optimal C, B-complex, D3 & herbal “adaptogens” such as Dong Quai,Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Maca & Rhodiola that help the adrenal glands adapt to stress Adrenalsarethemainsourceofhormonesuppliesduringthistimeoflife, sosupportingthemiskeytoahealthymenopause.
  6. #5 Avoid xenoestrogens by eating “hormone free” foods & using “green” home & personal care products. Heat & store foods in ceramic or glass. Reject synthetic hormone replacement (HRT) and products with unpronounceable ingredients.
  7. #6 Counteract stress with stretching, deep breathing, yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming. Exercise outdoors whenever possible.
  8. #7 Strength train to boost anabolic hormones naturally to build & maintain muscle, bone & libido. Work with a trainer to avoid injury.
  9. #8 Get Vitamin Zzzs: Sleep 7-8 hours a night; and if you can’t get it all in, work in a 15-minute power nap
  10. #9 Prioritize ME time: to unwind, enjoy life & soothe stress hormones
  11. #10 Act the way you want to feel: research shows it works! Read: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
  12. WANT MORE? CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE WEBINAR: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Menopause but Were Afraid to Ask