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Zo Williams Marketing Deck Final (1)

  1. 1. ZO WILLIAMS Strategic Partnership Proposal Blurry Vision, Inc.
  2. 2. O B J E CT I V E SCreate a hub for compelling, unique, andrelevant lifestyle driven content.Receive massive national media exposure inconcert with inspirational webinars, speakingengagements, book releases, and tours.Build a database of loyal, forward-thinkingGeneration X’ers committed to selfimprovement.Leverage this unique platform to createawareness and brand evangelism amongst oneof the most powerful spending demographics.
  3. 3. THE VOICE OF REASONT H E M O V E M E N T:Renard “Zo” Williams has done a masterful job of decoding the complexities ofthe modern day relationship. A student of urban/alternative culture, GenerationX, and world religions, Williams has turned his life experiences and knowledgeinto a no-nonsense empowerment movement. Enter the Voice Of Reason, amulti-platform round table discussion that calls on experts from differentconcentrations to dialogue about current events and issues of interest.Currently residing under the Jamie Foxx/Foxxhole umbrella on Sirius Satelliteradio, The Voice Of Reason addresses some of the hottest topics and how theyeffect the urban/alternative demographic. With the help of celebrity guestsand notable leaders, Williams manages to air out all of the things we wish wecould say but are too afraid to. From the taboo to highly talked about, theshow’s premise is to expose different perspectives while the audience gain theultimate clarity furnished by Williams. The Voice Of Reason is an unlimited source of robust original content. Havingbeen on the air for over 2 years, Williams has amassed a hefty following and ahost of episodes that uniquely entertain while educating. The show’s integrativepanel discussion and audience Q&A format enables the show to livesuccessfully on various platforms. In Q2 2011, the Voice of Reason will take tothe world wide web, where Williams will bring his brand of relationship coachingto a new level.Williams’ mission is a simple one. Firstly, to improve relationships within the urban/alternative demographic by increasing effective communication. Next, toprovide audiences with truly original content that inspires, educates, andentertains. Lastly, to facilitates an inventive and unprecedented engagementbetween the information seeker and the news bearer. All of which can bedone by leveraging the Voice Of Reason platform.
  4. 4. Renard "Zo" Williams is a self published!author, relationshipR E N A R D “Z O” W I L L I A M S coach, television and radio personality. A student of world religions, Zo is a passionate and opinionated dynamo who offers revolutionary thoughts about the breakdown of social systems and institutions and how they impact human relations within the urban/alternative community. Dubbed as "Tupac meets Deepak," or the "The Hip Hop Dr. Phil," Zo lends a unique perspective to the relationship coaching world. !Zo got his professional start as a music executive. Having worked with a myriad of Hip Hop and Pop Music heavyweights at Loud and Maverick Records over the years, Zo began noticing the thematic shift in music content. Recognizing that this shift could be traced back to some of the negative nuances in how his generation related to one another and ultimately the world, Zo felt called to be of service. He set out on a path that would pool his life experiences, literary skills, and independent studies backgrounds together. As a result, Zo Williams has emerged as a highly sought after relationship coach and one of the premiere authorities on relationships and the Hip Hop Community (Generation X.) Currently, Zo can be found hosting his own show, The Voice of Reason, which is under the Jamie Foxx/FoxxHole Radio Show umbrella on!Sirius Satellite Radio. He also can be heard on Speedys Comedy Corner, another Sirius Satellite Radio show. Zo has appeared on several television shows including, Spitfire, a hip-hop roundtable show with rap legend Kool Mo Dee and as a panelist on TV One’s, Black Men Revealed. Zo Williams is currently working on the follow up book to his 2008 release, the Rebirth of Seeds.
  5. 5. T H E R E L AT I O N S H I P A Marriage of Brands Zo Williams presents an edutainment centric partnership that highlights an organic and synergistic connection to brands that seek to embrace, excite, and inspire the Urban/ Alternative demographic. In an effort to ultimately extend a brand’s imprint within this community, this platform reaches this unique and highly sought after demographic where they live, work, and fellowship - online. As a strategic partner, brands have the opportunity to utilize the Voice Of Reason as a launch pad for new products and services while using this innovative means of engagement to be fully integrated in their viewing experience.
  6. 6. B R A N D B E N E F IT S The ability to share, with influencers, Brand insights and its position within this community thus making the Brand a part of an important conversation. An organic opportunity to offer incentive based discounts on products and services while furthering the Brand message. The opportunity to support new and powerful online and live content that inspires, entertains and educates. The opportunity to gain credibility with this hard to reach demographic while reaffirming the Brand’s commitment to empowering and supporting this community. The opportunity to exponentially increase the Brand’s internet awareness and bolster an optimum page ranking. The opportunity to distribute unique and exclusive content across the varied Zo Williams platforms i.e. The Voice of Reason and Spitfire Shows, Zo Williams Relationship Seminars and Webinars, Book Tours, Speaking Engagements, etc. The opportunity to further extend Brand visibility within the online and social media sector. Increase Brand Loyalty Drive Retail Traffic & Sales Display Brand Attributes
  7. 7. THE REACHZo Williams has earned the respect of his generation. As a result, his compelling radio show topics, no-nonsense perspective to life challenges, andboundless knowledge of relationship dynamics have earned him interviews with some of the most noted personalities within the entertainment andself-help communities. If They Cant Use Our Comb Dont Bringem Pay-Per View: Is Your Child Visitation Battle Of the Planets: When Mars & Home: The Interracial dating Show with Based On up to Date Compensation? Venus Collide With Dr. John Gray Special guest Tachina Arnold With Jamie Foxx Haiti Earthquake relief Show: With Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones, But Is it time redefine Manhood? Can Your Words Hurt Even More? The Verbal Special Guest Macy Gray with Reverend Dr. Abuse Show With Iyanla Vanzant Michael Bernard Beckwith
  8. 8. ST AT S Age Diversity Marital Status4% Under 21 Marital Status African American 54% 41% Never Been Married61% 22-39 41% Never Been Married 20% Caucasian 39% Currently Married30% 40-59 39% CurrentlyLatino 18% Married 20% Divorced5% Above Age 60 20% DivorcedAsian 2% 6%Multi RacialGender Income Family58 % Women 10% Annual Income $100k -$149k 33% No Children42% Men 15.% Annual Income $75k -$99k 58% Children Under 18 22% Annual Income $50k -$74.9k 9% Children Over 18 38% Annual Income $25k -$49k 15% Annual Income $24k -
  9. 9. P SY C H O G R A P H I C S58% of the listening audience are African American women.Over 45% of all Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Apparel purchases are made by women while 60% of all of thosedecisions are influenced by them.“Self Sufficients and “Achievers” make up 37% of all African American women and constitute for 70% of the African American segment of thelistening audience. These women are categorized as confident, extremely loyal, and love to shop.61% of the listening audience are Gen X’ers.Gen X’ers are the second largest demographic group in the United States and have an aggregate income that exceeds $1.1 trillionFood and beverage products, automobiles, apparel and footwear, and entertainment account for the biggest expenditures of Generation X.Gen X’ers make up for than 65% of online purchasers.Gen X’ers seek extensive peer input, want to interact with media rather than watch, and they look for straightforward information. African American Women buying power for 2008 exceeded $403 billion dollars.**ForresterWOW Report 2007Nielson NetratingsPew Internet & Lifestyle Report
  10. 10. SELF IMPROVEMENT:THE C O M M U N I T YAmericans spent $11 billion in 2008 on self-improvement books, CDs, seminars, coaching and stress-managementprograms--13.6% more than they did back in 2005,Consumers of self-help products are the same people who purchased similar products within the previous 18months.Self Improvement literature is a $563 million-a-year publishing juggernaut. From seminars to CDs to "personalcoaching," the self-improvement industry rakes in billions a year and the forecast suggests an annual growth of 6.2%through 2012.Self-help seminars are populated by all races, ages and professions of people whose common thread is toimprove their quality of life.Studies show that Generation X is the quickest growing demographic to embrace the self help movement.Even though Baby Boomer women are the biggest consumers of self help products, Gen X’ers have showan increase in self help seminar attendance and product consumption.**Huffington Post-Christine WheelanMarketdataenterprises.comNewsweek Magazine
  12. 12. V O I C E O F R E A S O N: C O L L E G E T O U R The Voice Of Reason presents, The College Tour, an intimate and exclusive opportunity for Zo Williams to take his Voice Of Reason franchise on the road. Stopping at a host of ivy league and historical black colleges and universities nationwide, Williams will come face to face with Generation Y and provide them with his no-nonsense approach to inter and intrapersonel relationship success. Who better than Generation Y’ers to benefit from Williams’ insights and advice on how to navigate post college life. The College Tour is a Q & A s t y l e d i a l o g u e t h a t p ro v i d e s participants with the empowerment tools necessary to get past life’s curve balls as they enter the workforce. Williams calls forth his vast knowledge of the male/female dynamic and creates an important and uplifting discussion series with our leaders of tomorrow.
  13. 13. THE VOICE OF REASON: CHILDREN’S DAY EVENTThe Voice Of Reason, Children’s Day Event, is a highly interactive opportunity for parents,children, community leaders, and child psychology experts to dialogue about rearingempowered youth. The first part of the event will consist of Zo Williams leading theroundtable discussion, much like his radio show, The Voice Of Reason. Here, expertsand parents alike will be able to share insights and opinions around the challenges ofrearing their children and the role that pop culture has played in the process. Beforeclosing out the conversation, participants will have the opportunity to get their mostpressing questions answered by Williams and his panel of distinguished guests.Afterwards, the children themselves are integrated into the event and will be able toparticipate in workshops designed to empower and instill confidence while having fun.Williams will lead the workshops along with the child psychologists and create a dialoguethat leave the children with information that makes them feel good about themselves andwhere they are heading. All of the participants will enjoy healthy snacks and lunch, andwill be given a gift bag filled with important, uplifting material. William’s inventive brand ofempowerment through information pushes the envelope and uses The Voice Of ReasonChildren’s Day Event as a means to educate children on how to avoid the pitfalls ofgrowing up in today’s society.
  14. 14. V.O.R. W E B I N A R S The first of it’s kind, The Voice Of Reason presents: V.O.R. Webinars. Residing on the Voice Of Reason website, V.O.R. Webinars enable Zo Williams to coach individuals all over the world. From traditional relationships to finance, health and wellness, and career challenges, Williams’ is able to share his unique point of view with the global community. Never before has a self help, edutainment, and empowerment platform been created to cater towards the global urban/ alternative demographic. Providing his audience with access to some of today’s most respected names in entertainment and the empowerment community, the V.O.R. Webinars promise to positively impact relationships across the most visited medium in existence. The internet.