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Soccer training drills


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This is a facebook page about soccer training drills to dramatically improve your soccer skills guaranteed. Topics of discussion include: soccer dribbling drills, how to play soccer, how to train for soccer, train for soccer, soccer shooting drills, football training routines, soccer camps 2011, training for soccer players, videos de futball soccer, soccer fitness drills, soccer passing drills, soccer drills Richardson TX, and Soccer drills Edmonton Canada.

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Soccer training drills

  1. 1. Soccer Training Drills. The soccer training drills fanpage is dedicated to providing you with expert tips and tricks on how to dramatically improve your soccer game .
  2. 2. Soccer Training Drills Updates Soccer videos are periodically uploaded to the soccer training drills fanpage , and so are the latest news stories in the soccer world.
  3. 3. Soccer Training Drills Modules Contains a full soccer training system that is broken down into three modules. Module 1 is called “The Rock” and starts you off by developing the solid foundation needed to master advanced soccer skills .
  4. 4. Module 2 Module 2 is called “The Cup” and builds on the skills you will learn from Module 1. You will become more complete and confident soccer player with the ability to beat most defenders.
  5. 5. Module 3 Module 3 is “The Factory” which basically converts you into a soccer machine by combining the skills for the first two modules with advanced soccer skills and moves
  6. 6. Topics of discussion include: Other topics of interest covered by the page and soccer training website are: blast the ball, success in soccer, soccer rules and regulations, world class coaching, weight training for soccer, history of soccer, soccer manager online, funny soccer videos, and strength training for soccer.
  7. 7. Resources: Links to website and Fanpage <ul><li>Click here to access the soccer training website.
  8. 8. Click here to access the soccer training fanpage on facebook. Remember to click “like” once you get on the fanpage. </li></ul>