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ZKSoftware F11 Access control terminal


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ZKSoftware South Africa is launching the F6 Access Control Terminal at the IFSEC show in September

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  • Visioss® is the leading actor of security surveillance cameras and video surveillance system.

    Based on powerful independent research ability and persistent technical innovation, with the excellent technicians and managers, Visioss® is especially absorbed in studying, producing, and selling of surveillance products.

    Visioss® will persist in innovation during the development of high-technology, constantly exploring, facing the keen market competition environment and winning the preemptive opportunities of market.

    Visioss® Strategy and Goals:
    • Remember that Quality and Service are remembered long after the price is forgotten.
    • Establish a worldwide distribution system by providing outstanding dealer support with quality built innovative products at a competitive price.
    • Learn from our experience and benefit from our clients experience and knowledge.
    • Respond to our clients concerns in a timely fashion with reasonable solutions.
    • Engineer our products to provide useful benefits and solutions for the end user.
    • Remember our future success is assured by our continuing ability to meet our clients many needs. We recognize, that like us, they have to adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology in a highly competitive global marketing environment.
    • Learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future.
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ZKSoftware F11 Access control terminal

  1. 1. Securing your world. Unlocking the future. F11 Biometric Access Control Terminal Features: • Reliable, durable and highly accurate ZK optical • Integrated 125kHz RFID proximity reader sensor with ZK finger V10.0 algorithm. • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports • Less than 1 second user recognition • Built-in Wiegand output port for connection to • Stores 1,500 templates, 10 000 cards and third party control panels 50,000 transactions • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer • Reads Fingerprint and/or RFID card • Audio - Visual indications for acceptance and • Supports 50 time zones, 5 groups and 10 rejection of valid/ invalid fingers unlock combinations • Tamper switch All design and specification declared are subject to change without notice In advance Copyright © 2009 ZKSoftware Inc. All rights reservedRR-2351_ZK Software A4 Leaflet F11.indd 1 2011/08/18 10:07:18 PM
  2. 2. Standalone Configuration: 3rd Party Controller Configuration: Specifications: Fingerprint Capacity: 1,500 template Transaction Capacity: 50,000 transactions RFID Card Capacity: 10,000 cards Sensor: ZK Optical Sensor Algorithm Version: ZK Finger v10.0 Built-in Card Reader: 125kHz RFID proximity reader Communication: RS485, TCP/IP, USB-host Wiegand Ports: Output any bits Access Control interfaces: 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, open door alarm. Access Control functions: 50 time zones, 5 access control groups, 10 unlock combinations. Power Supply: 12V DC 3A Operating Temperature: 0 “C - 45 “C Operating Humidity: 20%-80% Dimension: 66.4X153X61 mm ZK Software(SA) (Pty) Ltd. Postnet Suite 379, P Bag X0001, IFAFI, 0260 Tel:+27 12 259 1047 • www.zksoftware.comRR-2351_ZK Software A4 Leaflet F11.indd 2 2011/08/18 10:08:21 PM