Corruption vs Lokpal Bill


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Understanding of Corruption & Lokpal Bill short review..

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Corruption vs Lokpal Bill

  1. 1. By: Furqan Abdul Razzak
  2. 2. Corruption As with many developing nations, corruption is widespread in India.India is ranked 72 out of a 179 countries in Transparency Internationals Corruption Perceptions Index Corruption has taken the role of a persistent aspect of Indian politics and administration.
  3. 3. Corruption In Politics Criminalization of Indian politics is a main problem. In July 2008 Washington Times reported that nearly a fourth of the 540 Indian Parliament members faced criminal charges. At state level, things are often worse.
  4. 4. Corruption In administration Officials often steal state property. In Bihar, more than 80% of the subsidized food aid to poor is stolen. In Government Hospitals, corruption is associated with non availability of medicines (or duplicate medicines).
  5. 5. Stop Corruption…..Save India
  6. 6. We want strong Lokpal to prevent corruption in high places.LOKPAL BILL
  7. 7. LokpalThe word has been derived from the Sanskritwords "lok" (people) and "pal" (protector).So the word Lokpal means ‘care taker of people’.
  8. 8. • The first Lokpal Bill was introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968.• It was passed in the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969 but could not get through in the Rajya Sabha.• 42 years after its first introduction, the Lokpal bill is still pending in India.
  9. 9. Let’s understand LOKPAL BILL• Institutions of - Lokpal at center govt level. - Lokayukta at state level.• Correspondingly Lokpal to accept corruption complain against Central govt and Lokayukta against state govt dept.
  10. 10. Despite Evidances,No PunishmentLokpal & Lokayukta will ensure punishment for corruption by• Time bound investigations: - Investigations to be completed within 1 year. - Many employ more staff to complete within time.• Time bound trial : - Will file a case in trail court , after investigation. - Trail in the court will be complete & announce punishment within next 1 year. - May direct the govt to set up additional courts to complete the trial in time.
  11. 11. • Recovery of loss caused to govt:- During investigation, they shall ban transfer of assets of the accused. - Entire loss to be recovered from the assets of the accused. - Currently no such provision in our laws.• Power to dismiss corrupt officers:- If complaint is proved, can remove govt officer from job.
  12. 12. How to ensure that there is No corruption within lokpal or lokayukta ?
  13. 13.  By ensuring that the right person is selected. By ensuring they work well. By ensuring that the lokpal & lokayukt are not influenced. By ensuring that when not working well, can Be removed.
  14. 14. But now some people demanding…
  15. 15.  Prime Minister should not be under lokpal Judiciary should not be covered under lokpal. Lokpal should only investigate a few high profile Cases of corruption. CBI, CVC and departmental vigilance should not be merged.