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Company profile

  1. 1. Q.S Company is a Quantity Surveying Company which was conventional to manage the costs of construction projects from a Developer’s perspective. Having worked closely with Property Development Companies over the past few years, we have been able to develop a Cost Model which is tailor made for developments in all sectors of the building and construction industry. We also offer our services in the ‘private’ residential market as well. PRIMARY OBJECT Our primary objective is to manage the overall development costs professionally through proactive cost control models; with importance on efficiency, competence and a positive working environment! About Us COMPANY PROFILE
  2. 2. OUR VISION, VALUE & ETHICS Vision • To add value for all stakeholders • To be the Quantity Surveyor of choice Value • Integrity • Professionalism • Sincerity • Recognition of community values Ethics • Obey the law • Be honest • Be firm and fair • Respect others Code Of Conduct 1. To embrace B.E.E. policies as the company grows into the future 2. Deliver and expect excellent service and quality at all times 3. Keep deadlines, complete tasks and objectives timeously 4. Be responsible for our decisions and actions 5. Be considerate towards others and towards the environment 6. Be open to suggestions and reach decisions on consensus 7. Promote a team spirit by means of support and encouragement 8. Provide leadership, training and a sense of fairness 9. Have a sense of humour, and celebrate success
  3. 3. Value Added Management Where value is added: For CLIENT : • Understand and satisfy Client’s needs • Retain and grow existing Clients. Service, feedback, improvement • Procure new Clients through effective marketing For SHAREHOLDERS : • Profitable growth • Good corporate governance For EMPLOYEES : • Attract and retain people • Fair remuneration and reward • Reward extra performance • Know what is expected of them • Good communication • Training and career advancement • A safe, healthy and pleasant working environment • An exciting and challenging working environment • A secure and predictable future For SUPPLIERS : • Discipline, systems and professionalism • Win-win relationships with our suppliers
  4. 4. OUR PROJECT Q.S Company: Project 2007 Cafeteria in Hong Kong This project consists of a cafeteria. This cafeteria builds as double storey in the shopping mall. Client: Gigy Lim Architect: Fackey Jap Offices: Grade A Building value: 2010- R2.65 Million
  5. 5. OUR PROJECT Q.S Company: Project 2010 Cafeteria in Vietnam Cafeteria Shamme. Client: Shamme Liew Architect: Dekker Bester Finance by CIMNB Bank
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Tan Chuu Yee (Director) Kimberley (Deputy Director) Mohd Joseph (Accountant) Daraj Kajatim (Consultant) Chia Sue Yi (Project Manager) Chia We Min (Site Manager) Henry Low (Head of Members) Nur Amisah (Secretary) FINANCIAL STATEMENT Financial Background & Bumiputera Enquiry: Authorized Capital- RM 6,000,000.00 Paid Up Capital- RM 900,000.00 Enquitry Participation- 30% bumiputera Bankers- CIMNB Bank (Bukit Jakir) Account No.-123-1234-123 RBB Bank (Bukit Jakir) Account No.-234-2345-234 Major Shareholder- Mr Tan Chuu Yee, Director of Q.S Company & Trading
  7. 7. HEAD OF Q.S COMPANY Tan Chuu Yee’s Overview: Current: Director at Q.S Company Past Commercial: Manager at George Town Senior Manager Surveyor at Jakarda Senior Quantity Surveyor at Asian Kirkland (Self-employed) Quantity Surveyor at Dubai an ACEM Company Assistant Quantity Surveyor at France Education: University of Greenwich (Bachelor of Science (BSc), Quantity Surveying 2000 – 2003) Grade: (Hons) Recommendations: 1 person has recommend Tan Chuu Yee Connections: 97 connections Tan Chuu Yee’s Summary: Commercially astute Associate/Managing Quantity Surveyor with 13 years experience including 10 years within the GCB region, primarily UEE. Previous experience includes Quantity Surveying and Cost Management throughout a projects life cycle, from pre-contract feasibility through design development to post contract final account settlement. Highly versed in dealing with a variety of procurement and contract solutions including traditional procurement routes, design and build, PFI initiatives and cost reimbursable contracts. Particularly familiar with FIDIC and JCT forms of Contract. I have managed various types of projects such as high rise towers, schools, hotels, hospitals, residential, commercial offices and mixed use developments. Through my 13 years of experience I have developed a thorough knowledge of the construction industry as a whole and understand the key drivers of the market. I am a skilled negotiator with strong people skills and have the ability to manage and motivate a team. Throughout my career I have become commercially astute and I am thus well suited to the current challenging economic climate. I am highly driven and able to make considered decisions within the demanding timescales of the industry. My excellent communication skills allow me to develop particularly successful relationships and foster business development.
  8. 8. OUR SERVICES • Estimates of Construction Costs • Feasibility and Viability Studies • Preparation of Contract Documentation • Procurement and Contract Adjudication/Negotiation • Costing and Cash-Flow Projections • Project Financial Management and Reporting • Valuation and Preparation of Interim Payments • Negotiation and Settlement of Final Accounts • Comprehensive management and control of Community-based TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE Q.S QUANTITY SURVEYORS believes in achieving the competitive edge by way of investing in and utilizing fully computerized work-stations boasting up- to-date relevant software in providing our services. All Staff members are fully computer-literate and keep up with the ever-changing technologies relating to their professions.
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT AND STAFF Technical Assistants Chong Kit Hiang Dip. QS Institut Teknologi Suria, Kota Kinabalu (2005) Adrion Peter Maloyos Cert. QS Politeknik Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (2007) Office Administrator Flerenace Maloyos CURRICULUMVITAE (SR Chia Sue Yi) (PRINCIPAL) Date of Birth: 22nd August 1966 Nationality: Malaysian Tertiary Education • BSc (Hons.) in Building Economics and Quantity Surveying, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (1990) Professional Qualifications • Member of The Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia (MISM No. M2400) • Registered Quantity Surveyor with the Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia (Registration No. 2001/MF01169) Professional Experience 16 Years of experience in all aspects of Quantity Surveying in Consultancy Services and Project Management. Sep.2002 (Present): Perunding Ukur Bahan AL, Kota Kinabalu Jun.2001 – Aug.2002: Perunding Kos KVC, Kota Kinabalu (Designation: Quantity Surveyor) 2000/2001: Independent Project Management Consultant, Kota Kinabalu Sep.1994 – Sep.1999: JUBM Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu (Designations: Senior Team Leader Jul.96 – Sep.99; Team Leader Jan.– Jun.96; Project Executive Sep.94 – Dec.95) Feb.1993 – Aug.1994: Jurukur Bahan Konsultant (Sabah), Kota Kinabalu (Designation: Quantity Surveyor) Oct.1990 – Oct.1992: Fitzsimon & Partners, London (Designation: Quantity Surveyor)
  11. 11. START-UP SUMMARY • Start-up Summary A lake view Café’s start-up expenses total is $99,231, or $102,821 including first month labour cost. A big portion of these funds, roughly $31,781, will be used for cooking equipment. Another $32,700 will be used for the remodel of the space and $12,000 for non-recurring expenses such as permits, rent and insurance deposits, alarm and phone installations. Some money will be saved on the design fees. Some of the expenditures in the table below are assumed to be done in conjunction with the future building owner. Phase II items are not included in the start-up expenses and will be taken out of the future profit of the company. • Project of lake view café’s
  12. 12. PROCEDURE FOR CALCULATE A CAFETERIA With Help of Building Owner RM Plumbing 6000.00 Electrical 500.00 Bathroom Remodel 3000.00 Venting 10000.00 Grease Trap 2000.00 Water Heater- tank less 1000.00 TOTAL 22500.00 Start-up Expenses Interior/Exterior Custom Millwork 15000.00 Tables 1000.00 Stools (9) 900.00 Chairs 5000.00 Trash receptacles 300.00 Paint 200.00 Flooring 5000.00 Phone installation two (2) lines 300.00
  13. 13. Alarm 400.00 Canopy or umbrellas outside 400.00 Table/ chair sets outside 500.00 Lighting fixtures 3000.00 Misc. 1000.00 TOTAL 32700.00 Equipment Mop sink with faucet 230.10 3-comp. sink 310.50 Pre-rinse with added faucet 148.11 Reach-in refrigerator 2184.31 U.C ice maker with water filter 1580.17 U.C refrigerator 1399.00 Drop-in Sink 65.90 Splash Guard 63.25 Hand sink with splash gd. 79.13 Back bar storage/refrigerator 2527.32 Dipper well 115.98 Deli display cooler 4181.83
  14. 14. Sneeze guard 879.75 Crepes maker 1230.27 Display fridges for drink (2) 2165.96 U.C dishwater 3729.57 Sandwich prep fridge 1609.14 X-MAV radiant pass-through toaster 700.35 Juicer for fresh juices 330.74 Blender 104.54 Coffee making machine w/ hot water 709.78 Cappuccino making machine 3326.38 Wine cooler 341.81 Toaster bagel 81.12 Meat slicing machine 1106.30 Microwave 293.83 Total TAX (@7.75%) 2286.00 TOTAL 31781.14 Office/ Computers Cash safe 850.00 Cash Registers (1) 1500.00
  15. 15. Computer system 200.00 Stereo 600.00 TOTAL 3150.00 Miscellaneous Commercial design and Construction Drawings Fee 5000.00 Permits and licenses 2000.00 Business plan 450.00 Insurance deposit 100.00 Marketing 2000.00 Website 1000.00 Rent Deposit 4000.00 Office supplies 100.00 Staff add 150.00 Sign 3000.00 Broom/ Mop 100.00 1st month rent 4000.00 TOTAL 21900.00
  16. 16. Initial Inventory Teas 1000.00 Coffee 1000.00 Wine 5000.00 Desserts 300.00 Crepes products 300.00 Bagels 100.00 Napkins and cups 1000.00 Other products 1000.00 TOTAL 9700.00 Overall total to start 99231.14 Phase || items ATM machines inside 2000.00 Internet wireless installation 400.00 2 computers for public use 2400.00 TOTAL 4800.00
  17. 17. Company No. RETURN GIVING PARTICULARS IN REGISTER OF DIRECTORS, MANAGERS AND SECRETARIES AND CHANGES OF PARTICULARS Q.S Company DIRECTOR Full Name : Tan Chuu Yee (F) National Race: Chinese Date of Birth: 12.12.1960 Residential Address: Business Occupation: Particulars of other Directorship: Nature of Appointment, or Change and Relevant Date: Identity Card No./ Passport No.: (B) 601212-06-1212 MANAGERS & SECRETARIES Office in Company: Full Name : National Race: Date of Birth: Residential Address: Business Occupation: Particulars of other Directorship: Nature of Appointment, or Change and Relevant Date: Identity Card No./ Passport No.: Dated this ............. Day of .........19 ........ ------------------------------------- Signature of Director/ Secretary
  18. 18. (2) Shares allotted Details of Shares Preference Ordinary Other kinds (Specify class) 1. For cash consideration: (a) Number of shares .................... (b) Nominal amount of each share.................... RM (c) Amount (if any) paid on each share ....................RM (d) Amount (if any) due and payable on each share .................... RM (e) Amount of premium paid or payable on each share .................... RM 2. For consideration other than cash: (a) Number of shares .................... (b) Nominal amount of each share .................... RM (c) Amount to be treated as paid on each of the shares so allotted .................... RM (d) Amount of premium treated as paid up on each share .................... RM (3)(e) The consideration for which the shares have been so allotted is as follows: RETURN OF ALLOTMENT OF SHARES .Q.S Company. on the .................... day of ...................., 19 ................... Company No.