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Single Malt Issue 2


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Single Malt Issue 2

  1. 1. Single malts Issue 2 For isk Enthusiasts thE maCaLLan in LaLiQuE beHind tHe scenes of tHe macallan 57 yeaR launcH From Citrus to LiQuoriCE with Dwayne cheer RobeRt buRns Homecoming 250 yeaR anniveRsaRy mEssagE in thE bottLE the evolution of Bottle Design investing in wHisky witH fRaseR jones
  3. 3. * San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007 2 SINGLE MALTS 3 Exclusively available in all MMI, Spinney’s & OUA retail shops SINGLE MALTS
  5. 5. Editor’s toast Editor’s toast W elcome to the second edition of Single Malt. I hope you enjoyed the festive period. Our whisky trail continues as we journey to the famous regions of Islay and its neighboring islands to explore some of the finest distilleries in the world. The legendary Robert Hicks, Master Blender of Laphroaig, joins us for a dram on his whistle stop tour of the Middle East. Felix Hartmann is back with his malt and cigar picks. We go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the Macallan in Lalique and Glenfiddich 50 Year Old releases. I’m also pleased to announce Fraser Jones, whisky evangelist, has joined the team, welcome! So sit back pour yourself a wee dram and enjoy. Isle of Jura Pro le Slainte Mhath! John Gillespie A uthor of ‘1984’, George Orwell once famously described Jura as highly un-get-at-able, the very quality which attracted him in the rst place, and the reason he chose the island for a retreat in which to write his most famous novel. Today, the island is still dif cult to reach for those in a hurry, as it has no airport, and travelers must rely on the traditional ferry. But once the journey has been completed, Jura rewards its Get a Taste for visitors with a wonderful welcome and a relaxing pace of life. Today the population is a scant 200, but in the past it was many times that. Archaeological nds suggests ISLAND LIFE that the island was inhabited caption as early as Mesolithic caption caption caption caption times (8,000BC), and there caption caption are signi cant historic caption caption remains from then, through Neolithic, Bronze and Iron WITH A RED DEER POPULATION THAT OUTNUMBERS HUMANS 10 TO 1, THE ISLAND OF JURA HAS A CHARACTER AS UNIQUE AS ITS WHISKY. ages showing continuity of habitation ever since. It was few. North Carolina became the History records that other Diurachs are known to have shipped away during the famine era only in much more recent primary home of ‘Diurachs’ in one Laird Archibald between 1830 and 1840. times, in the 14th and 15th centuries were forcibly removed to the Borders North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia America between the years 1739- Campbell built the Many more sons of Jura were distillery in the that population began to decline. area of Scotland, a common ruse in America and eastern Canada. Their 55 and there are more descendants lost in the two World Wars, the It began with the fall of the ruling of the Scottish Crown. This lasted reasons would have been no different of islanders in that State, than island contributing many soldiers to ‘Lords of the Isles’, coupled with what through the 1600s, but in the 1700s than modern expats - better weather, anywhere else in the world - North early 1800s near a such great regiments as the Argyll we now know was a period of poor it was the sound of opportunity that better land, better pay, and better and Carolina census statistics note that cave where illegal & Sutherland Highlanders, and in distilling had been climate conditions. Jura was hit by islanders heard as stories of plenty cheaper food. The opportunity to own over 2 million people in that state the immediate post-war years saw political, climatic and agricultural to be found in North America began their own land would have been an alone claim Scottish descent. further decline. Today, however, turmoil. Many islanders moved north to arrive. Highland historian James unbearable pull as well, particularly An emigrant ship departed carried on possibly things are better and the full-time with the MacDonalds as they were pushed out by the Campbells, or Hunter wrote about the “Dance Called America”. Islanders emigrated to in a culture where landownership was beyond the means of all but a very in 1775 during the American Revolution bound for Canada and from the 1600s. resident population of the island is around 185. 44 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 45 The Cadboll Stone Glenmorangie next issue • We explore the vast region of the Highlands • Master Blender Richard Paterson join us to share his trade secrets • We go behind the scenes for the launch of Dalmore’s 58 Year Old Selene • How whisky took over the world 6 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 7
  6. 6. Contents 24 Big Little Island 54 Glenfiddich 50 years launch Contents 10 Message in the bottle 14 The Macallan in Lalique 57 years launch 18 What’s New 22 Top 10 24 Big Little Island 32 Investing in Whisky 34 Hotspots of Dubai & Abu Dhabi 36 Japanese Insight 38 Robert Burns homecoming 250 years 40 Lord of the Isles 46 Island Life profile of Jura 50 Whisky & Cigars 52 Events 54 Every year counts Glenfiddich 50 years launch 58 A moment with the master Robert Hicks 62 32 Nose of the month 64 From Citrus to Liquorice 66 Out of the woods, Glenfiddich Barrel Art Investing in Whisky 72 Cocktail recipes 74 Ask the expert 8 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 9
  7. 7. message in the bottle from the mid to late 20th century were machine-made with external screw threads, a practice now spreading widely in the wine industry too. Bottle maker catalogues of the early 20th century also offered many other variations of this same general shape (tall, relatively narrow cylinder with a bulging neck and two-part mineral type finish) attesting to its continued popularity. The style names of some variations give us a fascinating glimpse into the state of the liquor industry at the time – some of the names include ‘Belle of Anderson’, ‘The Primrose Whiskey’, ‘Scotch Whisky’, ‘Sweet Wines’, ‘Black Wines’, ‘Pittsburgh Brandy’, ‘Tall Bulb Neck Brandy’, ‘English Rum’, ‘Crown Prince’, ‘Irish Whisky’, and others. After the 1870s, black glass bottles largely disappeared and lighter greens, olive greens, shades of amber and colourless glass began to dominate. Tall, moderately slender bodied, straight neck early ‘Patent’ style spirits cylinders (mid-19th century): During the 1850s the bulged neck, cylinder bottle evolved closer to a general shape that continues in popularity to this day, albeit with different finishes and manufacturing methods. This style is represented by a bottle which has a neck of similar (moderate) length as the earlier style, but which is straight sided instead of bulging. The straight sided neck usually has a bit of a taper inwards from the base of the neck upwards to the base of the finish. The body length is “many ‘single malt’ Message in the typical of the bulged neck cylinder above, scotch bottles use in that it is relatively tall and moderately t this bottle shape slender. he period from the third quarter of the 19th century to the first and design, but these changes have had and still have cork squat Cylinder sealed mineral spirits bottles (Later): bottLE quarter of the 20th century little impact on the physical features was a time of turmoil within found on most bottles today, with the Another fairly popular shape for spirits the bottle making industry. Up until the exception that more modern bottles type finishes” bottles was called a ‘squat brandy’ in mid-19th century, bottle and glass making tend to be made of thinner glass than some glassmakers catalogues, though it followed virtually the same craft-based earlier machine-made bottles. non-cylindrical shaped bottles began to was likely used for an array of different processes that had been used for many be superseded around 1730 for various liquor types including brandy in Europe, centuries. Bottles made in Scotland the squat spirits/utility reasons, the main ones being that the and bourbon and rye whiskey in the 1630s (or even the 1030s for that matter) THeRe aRe aLMOST aS ManY TYPeS Of WHISkY BOTTLe aS Cylinder bottles (Earlier): cylinder shape was better for storing Americas. This shape is defined by having were made in a virtually identical fashion THeRe aRe MaLTS TO fILL THeM. SInGLe MaLT InveSTIGaTeS. The earliest liquor bottles made tended and stacking, and the increasing use of relatively wide, but short squat body with to many bottles made in the 1830s, with to have a wide, moderate height body, the ‘dip mould’ for forming hand-blown a neck that is relatively long and usually some stylistic shape difference due to applied finishes. physical features - including the and a moderate length neck. Compared bottles. Dip-type moulds could not be straight-sided, though sometimes bulged, regional variations and methods. Everything changed in the years 1905- location of mould seams - as a 330ml, to the next few cylinder liquor bottle used for the earlier shapes. with a brandy or straight brandy finish. Most were dumpy; teardrop shapes 1910, when the widespread licensing of crown finish, micro-brew beer bottle types, these would be called ‘squat’ This general cylindrical shape Some earlier examples have been noted commonly called a ‘Belgian squat’ and the Owens Automatic Bottle Machine produced today. The same is true of in form. Interestingly, this basic and continued to be used for liquor bottles with a mineral finish. This shape seems to were similar to bottles blown in Europe began. As automation came to dominate all types of bottles, although styles historic shape of early bottles is very throughout the 20th century and is have evolved from the early 19th century several hundred years earlier or in ancient the bottle making industry, change grew (shapes) have changed somewhat over often reflected in the top of a whisky still used for many spirits today; many squat bottles first mentioned, possibly Rome two thousand years ago. Almost more limited. For example, an early beer that time depending on the use of the still. These bottles were most commonly ‘single malt’ scotch bottles use this bottle appearing in the 1860s and surely by the all bottles were produced with identical bottle produced then shares virtually bottle. Undoubtedly, there have been olive green, olive amber, and black shape and still have cork sealed mineral 1870s, though its popularity was mostly in methods - free-blown, pontil scarred, with the same manufacturing-induced major advances in machine efficiency glass in colour. These earlier round but type finishes. Other cylindrical bottles the early 20th century. 10 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 11
  8. 8. message in the bottle Case gin bottles: century, the ‘case gin’ shape above besides. The art of the bottle is today Some of the earliest liquor bottles were evolved (but of course did not disappear) almost as important as the art within. square in cross section and generally into vertically straight sided multi-purpose Take your time to look along the gantry designed to contain gin though bottles. Square bottles were of course of your preferred whisky bar, or even undoubtedly contained various types of used for a wide assortment of different simply explore the darker recesses of liquor and possibly wine. Commonly products and came in an array of different your own drinks cabinet. Even here you’ll called ‘case gin’ or ‘taper gin’ bottles, these sizes and shape variations, though all find the glassmakers skill in much of its would pack more efficiently to a case (6 share the feature that they have four infinite variety. to 24 bottles) than round bottles. Case equal sides to the body, little difference Consider the visual appeal, the design gin bottles are square with a more or less in diameter from shoulder to heel, with of the label and decoration, the colour distinct taper inwards from the shoulder the corners (where the flat sides meet) of the glass (whether tinted or clear), to the base. The neck is very short to usually bevelled. Case gin styles are the colour of the whisky within, the almost non-existent with the finishes making something of a revival in the weight and heft of the bottle in your varying from a laid-on ring, flared, premium gin sector – think Sapphire and hand, the ease with which it pours and mineral finish, oil, and even a blob. This Gordons’ 10, for example. the pleasure it is to hold – all of these shape and style of bottle originated in and elements contribute to the satisfaction was commonly made in Europe at least modern Whisky: of savouring the dram they contain. It is as early as the mid-17th century and has Today, almost every conceivable type this moment of sensation, contemplation been found in contexts as early as 1745 in and shape of bottle is to be found filled and anticipation, which contributes in the New World. However, some case gin with Single Malt whisky. Short, dumpy a unique way to the pleasure that is to type bottles were made in the U.S. during cylinders (Ardbeg), green glass, clear come. the time span of popularity for this bottle tall cylinders (Macallan), brown glass, So, next time you set down to enjoy type from at least the early 19th century. triangular (Glenfiddich), square (Walker your favourite dram, spend a moment brands), with fancy necks, squashed or two in quiet contemplation of the tall square short-necked flasks (Singleton of Auchroisk), squat centuries of craft, skill and artistry that spirits bottles: flasks (Glenrothes), bespoke flasks (Isle went into the very bottle from which it Once two-piece full sized moulds came of Jura), embossed (map of Orkney was poured. There is a message in every into common use in the early 19th underneath Highland Park) and more bottle, and it is simply this – “enjoy”. 12 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 13
  9. 9. the macallan in Lalique this third lalique decanter features the ‘stilligoutte’ of a the six Pillars perfume bottle, a long piece the six Pillars are the of pure crystal flowing down to a point from the base of unique elements that the bottle stopper combine to make the Macallan so special. the spiritual Home: Built in 1700, easter elchies House, a Jacobean manor in Speyside Scotland, is The Macallan’s spiritual home. t he Macallan have long been curiously small recognised as one of the stills: The Macallan’s finest single malt producers curiously small and in Scotland and through the uniquely shaped copper stills staggered release of their ‘Six Pillars’ help to concentrate the flavour of collection they have cemented that the spirit. reputation amongst purveyors of the very finest whiskies. This winter they the finest cut: The introduce the third of their Crystal ‘cut’ is the amount of Lalique decanters, with this edition distilled spirit collected comprising incredibly rare 57 Year Old from the stills as ‘new make’ Malt. spirit. The Macallan takes one of Macallan’s exclusive Dubai distributor, the finest ‘cuts’ of any distillery MMI, have secured this masterful single in Scotland; typically just 16 per malt to offer through their flagship cent goes forward to the cask duty free store, Le Clos. Previously the stage. Dubai International Airport outlet has successfully offered Macallan Lalique II, exceptional oak a 55 Year Old whisky, to their extensive casks: Unfaltering thE international customer base. obsession with The Macallan has been working selecting exceptional oak casks with Lalique since 2005, to produce brings an unsurpassed, timeless an exclusive series of limited edition quality to The Macallan. decanters based on The Macallan’s maCaLLan Six Pillars. The first two decanters in natural colour. at the series, Exceptional Oak Casks and The Macallan, natural Natural Colour, have proved hugely colour is something popular with both whisky consumers they insist on. It is the interaction in LaLiQuE and collectors of Lalique crystal. of spirit and wood alone which The Macallan’s Finest Cut inspires delivers the rich variety of colour. this third decanter in the Six Pillars Collection. The Speyside producer Peerless spirit: The takes one of the smallest ‘cuts’ of Macallan remains the any distillery in Scotland and at an single malt against exceptionally slow rate of ‘boil’. The ‘cut’ that the historically robust, fruity and Whisky Maker. David Cox, Director of of Macallan from first fill Spanish oak which was filled in 1952”. which all others must be judged. is the amount of distilled spirit that is rich Macallan style will continue for Fine & Rare Whiskies for The Macallan, sherry butts originally filled in 1949, So while the quality of the whisky is It is celebrated far and wide by actually collected from the stills and put generations to come as today’s new explains the complex composition of 1951 and 1952. The result is sumptuous without question, the Macallan Fine and experts and discerning drinkers into cask. While not being the most cost spirit becomes future decade’s prize this rarest of drams… “The 57 year single malt, showing off the classic dried Rare Team had to find a suitable partner as the world’s most precious effective way to create a malt whisky, malt whiskies. old has been vatted together from six fruits, spice and hints of peat redolent to share their uncompromising vision in whisky. The Macallan takes only the best of the The creation of the 57 Year Old casks made from two different species of The Macallan house style of the early creating the Six Pillars Collection. They best, typically just 16% of the total spirit required all the skill and experience of oak; the first, a 1950 American oak 1950’s. The age statement of 57 years opted to form a partnership with one output to fill their casks. This ensures of Bob Dalgarno, Macallan’s Master sherry butt, and the second, a vatting old is determined by the youngest cask of the world’s finest crystal sculptors, 14 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 15
  10. 10. the macallan in Lalique the macallan in Lalique 50 Years The first release in the series draws its inspiration from The Macallan’s exceptional Oak Casks in which the whisky was matured for a minimum of 50 years. The shape and fine detailing echoes that of the cask and its grain. 470 decanters released the macallan in Lalique 55 Years The second release in the series draws its inspiration from The Macallan’s natural Colour and holds 55 years old Macallan. Rather than adding colourants to its whisky as many other single malts do The Macallan celebrates its diversity in colour as a signature of the brands quality and integrity. The decanter is based upon the classic ‘parquerettes’ tiara perfume bottle design by Rene Lalique in 1910. 420 decanters released the macallan in Lalique 57 Years The 57 year old has been vatted together from two casks; the first, a 1950 american oak sherry butt, the second a vatting of Macallan from Spanish oak sherry butts originally filled in 1949, 1951 and 1952. Lalique of Paris. Lalique is the only crystal brand which, The result is a soft sumptuous single through artistry and fusion at 1,400°C, metamorphoses raw malt, showing off the classic dried materials into unique works of art. fruits, spice and hints of peat redolent This third Lalique decanter features the ‘stilligoutte’ of a of The Macallan house style of the early perfume bottle, a long piece of pure crystal flowing down 1950’s. Due to the rarity of the liquid, to a point from the base of the bottle stopper. A portion of only 400 decanters have been released the stopper has been left completely clear and not ‘satinee’, running from the top down to the point. This clear portion represents the 16% ‘finest cut’. Crafted at Lalique’s crystal While the previous Six Pillars releases have proved making facility in Wingen-sur-Moder, Alsace, each piece exceptionally popular, excitement surrounding the launch was worked on by up to 15 craftsmen, many of whom have of The Macallan’s third Lalique presentation has been attained the ‘Meilleur ouvrier de France’, a coveted award astonishing. Perhaps as traditional investment opportunities bestowed upon only the finest craftsman of France. look less secure than in past times, some consider it a sound David Cox explains how when working in collaboration option to place their wealth into rare and valuable nectar d’or. with such an esteemed partner, only the finest will do… “In Whatever it may be that drives the success of this stunning homage to the beauty of Lalique’s Finest Cut decanter, we series, it’s certain the 400 owners of the newly released chose a particularly rare 57 year old Macallan single malt Lalique decanters will sit proudly at the top table of The whisky. It is the second oldest Macallan whisky ever released, Macallan family with a rare piece of history. only surpassed in age by the legendary 1926, a 60 year old Witness The Macallan Lalique 57 Year Old in Le Clos, bottled in 1986.” Dubai International Airport. 16 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 17
  11. 11. hat’s IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE TO GET SUCH A richly flavoured whisky. W nEW? BUT ALL OUR DRINKERS AGREE IT WAS worth their while. S. Ue, MORe LOCaTIOn MORe CHOICe, MORe vaL WITH MMI… eeRfUL ReaSOnS TO Be CH bring you more ntly working to a tM MI, we’re consta r value all the tim e. ce and even bette choice, convenien th e opening of ou r ed to announce So we’re delight ted in Dubai Fe stival flagship store conveniently loca her 10 outlets new of our ot w store, or any wine City. Visit our ne from the largest the city, and pick up a bottle ays great in-stor e across lf – there’s alw rtfolio in the gu course and spirit po e for less. Plus of ring you get mor ed in this issue promotions ensu gle malts featur you’ll find all the fabulous sin Magazine. of your Whisky gold for glengoyne – second year in a Row Dumgoyne, 20th november 2009: Judges gLEnFiddiCh is the World’s most of the internationally famed and highly 277mm respected scottish field whisky challenge (sfwc) surprised even themselves this year, by once again awarding glengoyne 21 years old highland awarded single malt single Malt whisky the top accolade of overall 2009 Distillery Bottling of scotch Whisky - Let the year – for the second year in a row. Everyone Know! Since the launch of Every Year turn of the Millennium (2000). At Laphroaig, we’re not surprised when people tell us they don’t feel Counts in 2007, Glenfiddich has The IWSC and ISC are the most ready for our richly peated whisky. But we’re even less surprised when claimed the title of ‘The World’s contested global awards with they change their mind. Because although Laphroaig is a challenging Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch more entries than any other Whisky‘. The claim is based on spirit or whisky competitions. single malt, it’s also a rewarding one. So even if you’re not a Laphroaig results from the International Over the past two years, we have drinker today, we’re always ready to welcome you as a Friend of Laphroaig. Wine & Spirit Competition strengthened the claim with We’ll even give you a square foot of Islay and invite you to share a dram (IWSC) and the International outstanding results for all of whisky with us here on your very own plot of land. Spirits Challenge (ISC) - since the our range variants. To find out more about our whiskies and how to become a Friend of Laphroaig visit gLEn garioCh 12 YEars Morrison Bowmore Distillers has cultured over the last 200 years to today launched its Glen Garioch Single create a boutique range of whiskies. Malt Whisky, with packaging and The new packaging designed by the designs by edinburgh-based nevis . agency is a reflection of the tradition The unveiling marks a new and boutique nature of Glen Garioch chapter of whisky making at one of and the distillery. Tactile, highly ENJOY RESPONSIBLY LAPHROAIG®, D Johnston & Co. (Laphroaig), Isle of Islay, Scotland Scotland ’s oldest distilleries. The crafted elements have been used launch celebrates the distillery’s long throughout, resulting in a hand-made, standing tradition of craftsmanship quality look and feel. – taking the skills and experience 18 SINGLE MALTS Ready when you are SINGLE MALTS 19
  12. 12. What’s new sCotLand’s most EXPEriEnCEd maLt mastEr nominatEd bowmore 1964 trilogy tHe balvenie WhisKY iCon sells for $21,600 at distilleRy christie’s auction announces william grant and sons’ owned company, David The Bowmore 1964 Trilogy sold for $21,600 limited David stewart has won a lifetime achievement has personally overseen the distiller’s award- at a Christie’s auction in New York on Saturday, beating the asking price of $18k. edition award after 46 years of winning range of single The three-bottle lot included the newly- C madeiRa dedication to his craft. the longest serving malts and blends: these include glenfiddich, released Gold Bowmore, White Bowmore (released in 2008) and Black Bowmore M cask 17 Master Blender and the world’s most (released in 2007). Y yeaR old Malt Master in scotch awarded single malt, the Bowmore is one of the oldest distilleries CM whisky, the toast of handcrafted whiskies in Scotland, and was the first distillery to be MY David Stewart has the whisky industry of the Balvenie and established on the island of Islay. CY announced a new limited at gliitering award grant’s Blended scotch, Like the previously-released whiskies in edition from The Balvenie ceromony as he the world’s favourite the Trilogy, Gold Bowmore matured below CMY Distillery, a 17 year old collected The Whisky family owned blend. he sea level in the distillery’s Number 1 vault. K single malt finished in Magazine icon of has been responsible Charles Curtis, head of North American Madeira casks. whisky award for for a number of industry wine sales for Christie’s, said: “The Matured in traditional his contributions and firsts, earning him Bowmore Trilogy, which sold for $21,600, oak and finished in casks accomplishments some of whisky’s top excited interest worldwide and was keenly previously used to make throughout a accolades and helping pursued by potential buyers. fortified Madeira wine, distinguished career. william grant & sons “We are honoured to have been the The Balvenie Madeira in the 46 years become Distiller of the route to market for the debut of this Cask 17 Year Old is a since he joined the year an unprecedented prestigious spirit, and believe that this real treat for the Scotch independent, family- three times in a row. result demonstrates the strength of the whisky enthusiast; nascent market for collectible spirits.” an exceptionally rich Mike Keiller, chief executive of Morrison an CnoC 16 YEars and rewarding mature Bowmore Distillers, said: “The final single malt whose deep, addition to the Trilogy, Gold Bowmore, luxurious aromas translate Inver House has introduced a 16 Year Old was only launched in October and was met into an equally rewarding expression of its anCnoc single malt Scotch with wonderful acclaim. flavour of spice and whisky brand. Unchill filtered “For the entire 1964 Bowmore Trilogy to dried fruit. and non-coloured, master distiller have been sold for an incredible price at The Balvenie Madeira Stuart Harvey is said to have the most prestigious auction house in the Cask is the latest in a hand selected the whiskies only world really is a fitting celebratory note to series of six 17 Year Old from those matured in American end on for this unique collection limited edition releases by bourbon oak barrels. Previous of whisky.” The Balvenie Distillery and anCnoc whiskies have been “We are very proud of all three offers a spicy counterpoint finished in sherry oak. The taste is whiskies – they’re great examples of to the rich sweetness of described as light and zesty with the quality we strive for with every 2008’s release, the award- a hint of spice, warming up to expression we create – and we look winning The Balvenie toffee. forward to continuing this success with RumCask. future exclusive Bowmore editions.” 20 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 21
  13. 13. top 10 Where to Find a good dram toP 10 most feaTURInG OveR 20 SInGLe MaLT, InCLUDInG 8 Of TOP 10 In THe WORLD, anD fURTHeR 20 EXPEnsivE WhisKiEs MORe BRanDS avaILaBLe On ReqUeST, THeRe’S SOMeTHInG fOR eveRYOne 1 The Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare ........................................ $75,000 2 Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt ......................................... $58,000 dubai Flagship retail store 3 Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection ......................................... $20,000 Le Clos ......................................Tel: 04 220 3583 4 The Macallan 55 year old Lalique Crystal Decanter ............. $12,500 Al Wasl ....................................Tel: 04 232 5522 5 Dalmore 50 year old decanter .............................................. $11,000 Mall of Emirates .......................Tel: 04 341 0371 6 Glenfarclas 1955 50 year old ................................................. $10,878 Ibn Battuta ..............................Tel: 04 368 5626 7 The Macallan 1939 40 year old fine and rare collection ...... $10,125 Trade Centre ...........................Tel: 04 352 3091 8 Chivas Regal Royal Salute 50 year old .................................. $10,000 Shiekh Zayed Road ..................Tel: 04 321 1223 9 The Macallan 1947 Fine & Rare Collection ............................. $6,800 10 Ladybank Single Malt ............................................................. $4,700 toP 10 WhisKY Consuming nations 1 France ................................................................................. 48m litres festival City, MMI’s latest retail store 2 USA .................................................................................. 33m litres 3 Spain.................................................................................. 29m litres 4 UK .................................................................................... 28m litres Dubai Festival City ...................Tel: 04 232 5522 5 Thailand ............................................................................ 14m litres Opening Hours for all stores 6 Venezuela ......................................................................... 11m litres 11:00am-9pm (Sat-Thurs). Closed Fridays 7 Brazil ................................................................................. 10m litres 8 China ................................................................................... 9m litres spinney’s Flagship retail stores 9 Greece ................................................................................. 8m litres Spinneys Muroor .....................Tel: 02 641 9366 10 South Korea ........................................................................ 8m litres Spinneys Khalidiya .................Tel: 02 681 2356 Spinneys Al Ain .......................Tel: 03 763 6367 Source: Scotch Whisky Industry Review 2009 and relate to 2008 consumption Opening Hours for all stores 10:00am-1pm & 4pm – 8.30pm (Sat-Thurs). Closed Fridays oman Flagship retail stores OUA Madinat Qaboos .................Tel: 2460 3892 SCS Azaiba...................................Tel: 2449 5157 OUA Ruwi ..................................Tel: 2470 4031 Opening Hours for all stores 9am-1pm & 5pm-9pm (Sat-Thurs). Closed Fridays sign uP to the single Malt society anD finD out aBout whisky events anD exclusive offers throughout the uae. for More inforMation log on to our weBsite www.MMiDuBai.coM 22 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 23
  14. 14. BigLittle Profile of islay isLand fROM JUST One LITTLe ISLanD Off THe WeST COaST Of SCOTLanD COMe SOMe Of THe WORLD’S BeST LOveD MaLTS. ISLaY, PROfILeD. t he Isle of Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Southern Hebrides of Scotland, and counts the Isle of Jura, Kintyre peninsula and Northern Ireland as its neighbours. The earliest known reference to the Isle of Islay comes in Adomnan’s ‘Vita Columbae’, in a biography of the Irish Saint, Columba or Colum Cille, in about 720 AD. St Columba visited the Isle of Islay on his way north, prior to founding the famous monastery on the Isle of Iona, off the southwest tip of the Isle of Mull. Adomnan, St Columba’s biographer, wrote Islay’s name as ‘Ilea’, describing Islay as an inhabited island, which was later transformed to Islay through anglicised spelling. In Gaelic, the island’s name is spelt Ìle and pronounced EE-leh by native Gaelic speakers. The anglicized pronunciation is ‘eye-luh’, and never, ever call it Is-lay! The Isle of Islay has around 3,200 inhabitants, covers an area of 600 square kilometres and has an impressive 130 miles of coastline. The island is famous for its malt whiskies and currently has nine working distilleries, making the malt whisky industry one of the most important sources of income for the island. Famous names include Bruichladdich, Bowmore, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain and Ardbeg all of which are established brands and well known all over the world; more recent additions are Port Charlotte and Kilchoman. Given Islay’s location, it is not surprising that her other main industries are farming, fishing and tourism. It is with good reason that she’s known as Queen of the Hebrides. Bird watching is popular throughout the year because of the large flocks of wild geese that visit the Isle of Islay every winter (October to May) and the huge variety of rare birds seen on Islay such as the corncrake and the chough. The island has a very long and rich human history. Evidence has been found showing that the Isle of Islay was inhabited by very early settlers who came here in Mesolithic times after Laphroaig; The World’s no.1 Islay Malt Whisky the last Ice Age in around 7500BC as fishermen 24 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 25
  15. 15. Profile of islay Bowmore Distillery “it is believed that and hunters. In later Neolithic and Islay’s climate benefits from the crofters grew the forerunner of the McLeish of Kilchoman Parish proclaimed them they produce in excess of 20,000,000 early Bronze Age times, many standing warming effect of the Gulf Stream, modern barley, called ‘bere’, which they that “we have not an excise officer on the litres of alcohol per year and with a rate and carved stones were raised - the irish monks first bringing mild winters with little frost or used for their subsistence, leaving a whole island. The quantity, therefore, of of duty of £19.81 per litre of alcohol, Islay intriguing Cultoon stone circle dates back to this time. introduced the art snow and summers that are not too hot. The driest, most pleasant weather is often healthy surplus that could be distilled. In those early days, distilling was whisky made here is very great, and the evil that follows drinking to excess of and Jura can hold their heads high as major contributors to the UK economy. The island was also once the main of distillation to from May to July, when the long daylight carried out openly in black shebeens this liquor is very visible on the island”. In former years, possibly 95% of the seat of power in the west of Scotland islay, during the hours are most enjoyable. This lack of until the introduction, in 1644, of the The situation on Islay in 2002 reverted whisky produced was used in the make early fourteenth and became known as the home of the extremes plays an important role in the Excise Act when a tax was levied on to that of 1797, where no Gaugers were up of all the famous blends, i.e. Johnny Lords of the Isles. The remains of their maturation of Islay’s unrivalled whiskies. whisky. This forced the distillers to move stationed on the island. Walker, White Horse, Black and White, settlements are still visible at Finlaggan, century” It is believed that Irish monks first into the remote glens and caves to avoid The Mull of Oa peninsula was well Dewar’s White Label, Balantines, Chivas which is one of the most important introduced the art of distillation to Islay, detection, but in fact the first exciseman, known for illicit distilling, with stills Regal, Famous Grouse, Bell’s - the list archaeological sites to be found here. to around 800AD and is a fine example during the early fourteenth century. In known as ‘Gaugers’, did not dare to set found at Cragabus, Stremnishmore, Lower is endless. However, with the increased Other remains of Islay’s religious history of this early history. Other high crosses Islay they found an island eminently foot on Islay until 1797. There was great Killeyan and Goil. There were also stills at interest worldwide in Single Malts a far and carved stones are visible at several can be found at Kilnave and Kilchoman, suited for the production of Uisge Beathe, reluctance on the part of the excisemen to Octomore, Bridgend, Dail, Lossit, Tallant greater proportion of whisky is now locations around the island - the Kildalton and carved grave slabs can be seen at (water of life) thanks to her unlimited come to an island where the natives had a and Mulindry. Today we are left with nine laid down for release in this way, and High Cross is the last unbroken ringed Kilchoman, Kilnaughton, Keills, Bridgend, supplies of peat, and lochs and rivers fearsome reputation as a ‘wild barbarous licensed working distilleries on Islay (and Islay’s distillers are experimenting with Celtic cross existing in Scotland, dating Finlaggan and Nereabolls. filled with pure soft water. The local people’. In 1777, the Reverend John one on the nearby island of Jura); between an ever growing range of finishes and 26 SINGLE MALTS SINGLE MALTS 27