Borderless Alliance: From Dream To Reality


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the presentation summarizes the transformation of the Borderless Alliance, from an advocacy campaign to a non-profit organization of forty members. It also mentions upcoming events on the alliance\'s advocacy agenda for the upcoming few months.

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Borderless Alliance: From Dream To Reality

  1. 1. THE BORDERLESS ALLIANCE: FROM DREAM TO REALITY By: Ziad Hamoui, President, Borderless Alliance 06-NOV-12, Logistics West Africa 2012, Eko Hotel, Lagos
  2. 2. Current Situation in West AfricaReality on the ground contradicts pledges ofimprovement and hinders efforts in the sub region:1. Public sector is stagnant (Status Quo)2. Private sector is fragmented (Cannot ignite change)3. Consumer is frustrated (Very high cost of goods)4. Trader/Producer is uncompetitive (High cost of doing business)
  3. 3. Consequences on Trade and Transport• High Costs; West African freight costs among highest in the world• Long delays; Ports, Borders, Inland Terminals, and Checkpoints• Uncertainty in Time and Costs; Unpredictability discourage investment• Corruption; Illegal stops, procedures, delays and costs are rampant
  4. 4. West African producers struggle to compete internationally
  5. 5. legend COUNTRY RANK, LPI 2010 RANK, LPI 2012 CHANGE Better … Worse SOUTH AFRICA 28 23 +5 EGYPT 92 57 +35 … BENIN 69 67 +2 COTE DIVOIRE 109 83 +26 NIGER 106 87 +19 GUINEA BISSAU 149 94 +55 (*) TOGO 96 97 -1 WEST AFRICA GHANA 117 108 +9 SENEGAL 58 110 -52 (*) GUINEA 97 115 -18 GAMBIA 113 118 -5 LIBERIA 127 119 +8 NIGERIA 100 121 -21 (*)Sources: MAURITANIA X 127-World Bank LogisticsPerformance Index 2010 BURKINA FASO 145 134 +9 SIERRA LEONE 153 150 +3-World Bank LogisticsPerformance Index 2012 MALI 139 X(modified) CAPE VERDE X X
  6. 6. Everyone WANTS positive, permanent change butHow do we ACHIEVE positive, permanent change?? ADVOCACY can result in change • The public and private sectors have to work together for CHANGE to happen ! • Issues need to be addressed at the decision making level for CHANGE to happen !
  7. 7. BORDERLESS Vision Promoting competitive trade in West Africa; eliminating barriers to trade and transport Collaborating on Simplified and harmonized procedures, for the free movement of people and goods, unhindered by delays along the corridors Encouraging investment, for the creation of more jobs and more income for people and governments Competitive trade Standardized Increased Procedures Employment
  8. 8. Why we need BORDERLESSTrade and Transport Facilitation very beneficiary across a broad spectrum of agencies: 1. TRADERS & 2. GOV 3. SERVICE 4.CONSUMERS PRODUCERS AGENCIES PROVIDERS • Less Cost of • More Taxes • Higher Asset • Less Costly Trade Collected Turnaround Goods • Less Time for • Less • Less • Higher import/export Fraudulence Additional Purchasing • More • Job Creation Charges Power investment • Lower Costs
  9. 9. Everybody is a consumer Value Invested by Barriers to trade: Consumer - Business Environment - Import Procedure - Checkpoints - Borders - Profit Margins Value Received at Point of Sale Value Leakage
  10. 10. • BORDERLESS campaign was Launched in March 2010 at Seme-Krake (Since then, Road shows, Conferences, Reports, Caravans…)•Evolved into advocacy group; in May 2011, the Borderless Alliancewas born, then in May 2012, the alliance was launched
  11. 11. Previous Advocacy Successful Activities (Based on recommendations from the Trade Hub technical studies)1. Meetings with Ghana CEPS commissioner & Parliamentary Transport Committee2. RESULT: Elimination of the ‘GO-RO boys’ at Ghana/Burkina Faso border1. Publication of 17th quarterly road governance Report (Now at 19th report)2. RESULT: Minister of Security of Togo eliminates checkpoints1. Inauguration of Border Information Center at Aflao (Ghana/Togo Border)2. RESULT: Measured reduction of transit time by more than 50% in a year
  12. 12. Current Advocacy Priority Issues1. Deployment of new BICs (Paga, Elubo, Seme-Krake) within next six months2. Objective: to extend reduction in cross-border delay time & cost to regional level1. Piloting an ‘Express/Expedited Lane’ in Ghana (based on ETLS)2. objective: to expedite clearance procedure and reduce delays/costs1. Reduction of Transit fees across Abidjan-Lagos coastal corridor2. Objective; to increase volume of regional trade
  14. 14. Elements of Successful Advocacy1. Credibility: regularly updated data provide verifiable proof2. Visibility: perceiving obstacles at all levels of operations, on a regional level3. Versatility: Problem-solving approach to barriers of trade and transport (troubleshooting)4. Communication: Dialogue with stakeholders to the highest levels
  15. 15. Accrued Benefits to Supporting Alliance Member-Specific: Non Members-Specific:1. Technical Assistance 1. Reduced Costs and Delays2. Complaint follow-through Across the Region3. Networking Opportunity 2. Better Business4. Regional recognition Environment 3. More Competitive Trade
  16. 16. Steps Completed So Far1. Borderless Alliance registered as a non-profit organization2. Temporary housing/funding provided by West Africa Trade Hub3. “Internal Regulations” & “Code of Ethics” drafted4. First Annual Stakeholders Conference held in Abidjan on May 15-16, 2012; more than 175 participants5. Series of events and workshops held at Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, Benin and Burkina Faso, with many more on the way
  17. 17. The Way Ahead: Two-fold Plan1. Further Mobilization of Private Sector (Increase Members, National Chapters, Workgroups…)2. Implementation of Elements of Advocacy Agenda - Additional BICs - Express Lanes - Strategic Partnerships (Advisors, Authorities, Other Alliances) Engaging Regional Authorities Effectively (ECOWAS, Regional Governments, Regulatory Bodies…)
  18. 18. Upcoming Annual Borderless ConferenceAttendance/Registration details at booth #D25
  19. 19.  We believe that positive, permanent change is possible We believe that we can achieve a borderless West Africa Join us in Our Campaign