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Facesheet 4 (1)


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The Face sheet gives a one page summary of a patient's Health records. It shows all the general and overall information about vitals, medical problems,insurance, labs, appointments history, etc, providing a general and quick idea about a patient.

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Facesheet 4 (1)

  1. 1. Facesheet Part - IV This course will teach you to handle the widgets of BlueEHS.
  2. 2. The right side panel on the patient’s screen has all the widgets. Widgets can be added or removed from the sub-menu on the top right.
  3. 3. The allergy widget will list all the allergies of the patient and the color code represents the severity of the allergy.
  4. 4. Clicking the edit button it allows you to add or remove allergies to the current patient. The color code represents the effects of the allergies over the patient.
  5. 5. Medication widgets helps the user to identify the current medication of the patient.
  6. 6. Medical problem widget helps in identifying the patient’s illness.
  7. 7. The Past Visit widget helps in identifying the patient’s past encounters.