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  1. 1. Aboutcompany
  2. 2. About companyLLC "Promatomexport" is a mechanical engineering enterprise,the activity of which is focused on manufacture and supply ofhi-tech equipment for atomic, chemical, metallurgical, gas and oilproduction and processing industry. The list of our equipmentincludes heat exchangers, tanks, mass transfer equipment andother non-standardized fitment. The manufacture is organizedon the production site of OOO "Ozyorsk plant of non-standardequipment".We cooperate with the leading research institutes of the countryto assure the product high quality. The use of the newest scientificdevelopments and application of advanced technologies inproduction make it possible to solve the challenges effectively.The enterprise uses the modern manufacturing equipment.Personnel is represented by professional workers of technologicaland technical professions. The enterprise has all necessarylicenses and permissions for product manufacturing. Theproducts are certified for compliance with the requirements ofISO 9001:2000 international standards.The sphere of our collaboration is essentially expanded due topossibility to deliver our products to the customers by railway,automobile, sea transport and by air.1
  3. 3. Product catalogueAir purification devicesRotary drum devicesApparatus with mixing devicesMass transfer equipmentTanksMetal worksEquipment for carbon black manufacturingRadiochemical equipmentSeparatorsRail trolleysHeat exchange equipmentLiquid filtersNon-standardized equipment4, 56, 78, 910, 1112, 1314, 1516, 1718, 1920, 2122, 2324–2728, 2930, 31............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................32Product catalogue
  4. 4. 5Air purification devicesSettling of particles, suspended in the gas flow, in centrifugaldedusters (cyclones) is carried out in the centrifugal force field.The gas to be purified is fed to centrifugal deduster through theconduit, which is tangential to cylindrical section of device. As aresult, the gas is revolved around the exhaust pipe inside thecyclone. Under action of centrifugal force, resulted from the gasrotary motion, the heavily weighted solid particles are thrownaside from the periphery centre, settled on the wall and thenremoved from device through the flared section.Principle of operationThe cyclones of CN, COK type and high-speed washer SIОТ areintended for dry purification of dust-laden gas from the differentkinds of inexplosive non-coherent dust, originated in the courseof technological drying, baking, agglomeration or fuel burning, aswell as for aspiration air purification in iron industry andnonferrous metallurgy, in chemical and engineering industry, inproduction of building materials, in wood industry and otherbranches.ApplicationThe main constructional materials are carbon steel, stainless steeland their combinations.Basic characteristicsMain groupsHigh-speed washer SIOT is designed to purify the dust-laden airin the exhaust ventilation installations from the different kinds ofwettable dust, with the exception of cementing and fibrous dustand condensation aerosols. Purification efficiency comes up to99% and does not depend on device dimensions. This makes itpossible to use the apparatus with greater unit capacity.CYCLONE CN-11separation of dry dust suspended particles, sedimented on thefloor, walls and equipment, from air in the working areas andgalleries, where the bulk materials are transported.CYCLONE CVPdust-loaded air purification prior to its discharge intoatmosphere. It is recommended for any types of non-cementingdust, including dust, resulted from processing and transportationof sand, clay, coal, limestone, abrasives etc.CYCLONE COKpurification of air, originated from the local exhausts and loadedwith non-coherent dry dust, as well as purification of air fromabrasive dust.4Air purification devicesHigh-speed washer SIOT
  5. 5. 7Rotary drum devicesThe cylindrical body of furnace is fastened on the roller supportswith a tilt towards material discharge. The operation is continuous.The rotation is carried out by the individual drive.Principle of operationThe cyclones of CN, COK type and high-speed washer SIОТ areintended for dry purification of dust-laden gas from the differentkinds of inexplosive non-coherent dust, originated in the courseof technological drying, baking, agglomeration or fuel burning, aswell as for aspiration air purification in iron industry andnonferrous metallurgy, in chemical and engineering industry, inproduction of building materials, in wood industry and otherbranches.ApplicationMain groupsRotary drum dryers are intended for heat treatment of differentflameproof and inexplosive nonhazardous bulk materials andyielding products (dryers of “BG” type).6Rotary drum devicesRotary drum dryersRotary drum furnaces are intended for thermal treatment offlameproof and inexplosive nontoxic bulk materials. We producethe straight-line (M) and countercurrent (T) furnaces.Rotary drum furnacesDrum-type chillers are intended for cooling of nonhazardousand explosion-proof materials.Drum-type chillersContinuous drum-type crystallizers with liquid and air coolingare intended for crystallization of nonhazardous, inexplosive andflameproof organic and inorganic matters from the aqueoussolutions in the production of mineral fertilizers and in alliedindustries.Drum-type crystallizers
  6. 6. 9Apparatus with mixing devicesApparatus with mixing device has the following main components:Principle of operationApparatus with mixing devices are intended for storage, mixing,heat-mass-exchange and carrying out of physical and chemicalreactions in operating environments, the basic component ofwhich is a liquid. The operating environment can be neutral,aggressive, fire dangerous, explosive, as well as it can be toxicliquids, emulsions, liquid-gas mixtures or suspensions attemperature from – 30 °С to + 250 °С.Application8Apparatus with mixing devicesthe BODY, equipped with various heat exchangers and internaldevices, bearings for apparatus installation, connecting pipesfor technological process assurance and other components;–––MIXING DEVICE, equipped with drive unit, mixer, shaft andrack for fixation of mixing device on the body;SEAL – various devices for body hermetization in the area ofmixing device shaft passing.Basic characteristicsLow carbon and stainless steel depending on working environmentstructure and apparatus operation mode.Main groupsLLC “Promatomexport” produces devices by use of the leakproofmagnetic couplings, intended for transmission of rotation fromthe drive to the mixing device shaft of vertical apparatus.Synchronous rotation is transferred through a solid wall bymeans of a magnetic field. Due to this the absolute tightness isreached during process realization.
  7. 7. 11Mass transfer equipmentColumn equipment is the main process equipment in theproduction of chemical products in the course of absorption,desorption, rectification; cooling, humidification and purificationof gases.Application10Mass transfer equipmentOur enterprise can produce equipment with a wide range ofparameters and use different constructional materials, e.g. carbonsteel, stainless steel, nickel-base titanium alloys.Basic characteristics Main groupsColumn apparatus are intended to carry out the mass transferprocesses (rectification, absorption, desorption) in theproduction of some chemical products, as well as for cooling,humidification and purification of gases. They are used in the oilrefining, gas-processing, petrochemical, coke-chemical, chemicalindustry and in the other industry branches.Column apparatusReactors are intended to carry out the chemical reactions of ionicpolymerization, addition polymerization, polycondensation,hydrolysis; they are also used in such technological processes,as thermal, catalytical and hydrocracking, catalytical reforming,alkylation, hydrofining and hydrogenation. The apparatus consistof the all-welded body or body with removable lid, casing andmixing device with a drive. Technological connecting branchesfor product input, thermometer pocket and observation glassesare located on the top of all-welded body or lid. The apparatusare equipped with the vane-type or anchor mixing devices with adrive. The mixer shaft can have a face or gland seal.ReactorsEvaporating equipment is used for concentration of aqueoussolutions in the production of mineral salts, organicsemiproducts and fertilizers, protein-vitamin concentrates, feedyeast, for concentration of milk and whey, production of juiceconcentrates and other products, as well as for regeneration ofdifferent solutions with the view of their return into thetechnological cycle and thermal dewatering of industrialeffluents. The devices are manufactured with natural and forcedcirculation, coaxial and remote heating cell.Evaporating equipment
  8. 8. 13TanksThis group contains the large quantity of equipment intended forintake, storage, distribution and conducting of technologicalprocesses for different liquid and gaseous mediums (petroleumproducts, acids, alkalis and their aqueous solutions, solutions andmelts of salt etc.). This equipment is used in various industrybranches, including oil-refining and gas-processing industry.Application12TanksDepending on type, we can produce double-wall tanks, tanks forfilling, tanks with pressure up to 1.6 MPa, tanks with mixingdevices, heated tanks and tanks with operation temperature from- 70° С to +300° С. The main constructional materials are carbonsteel, stainless steel, titanium, special steels and alloys. Theequipment manufacturing is performed according to bothstandard and individual projects.Basic characteristicsMain groupsHorizontal and vertical tanks with elliptic and conicbottoms (GEE, GKK, VEE, VKE)These tanks are intended for intake, storage and delivery of liquidand gaseous mediums and can be used as settling reservoirs. Theworking pressure is 0.6 to 1.6 MPa.Vertical steel tanksVertical steel tanks are intended for aboveground andunderground storage of dark-oil and light-oil products, as well asfor storage of aggressive and nonaggressive chemical products.Cylindrical vertical reservoirs made of steel are manufactured byindustrial method of rolling of the welded strip panels gatheredfrom the separate sheets shaped on perimeter. Furthermore, thereservoirs metal works can be manufactured with thesingle-sheet walls and bottoms by use of the sheets of maximumsize.Air collectors are intended for reduction of pressure fluctuationin air channels and for provision of air reserve. They can be usedas receivers and vessels for storage of nitrogen, argon and otherinert gases. Working pressure is 0.4 to 1.4 MPa.
  9. 9. 15Metal worksOur enterprise produces a wide range of metal works for civil andindustrial engineering both for general and special purposes. Atthe customers request, the equipment can be produced with awide range of parameters and can be made of differentconstructional materials: carbon steel and stainless steel.Application14Metal worksMain groupsConstructional metal works– steel supporting constructional metal works of industrialbuildings with the span up to 24 m, with the overhead crane,which has the lifting capacity up to 50 t and height – up to12 m (all frame elements, including columns, main beams etc.);enclosing structures for industrial one-storey buildings.–3Storage tanks with capacity up to 5000mThis group includes horizontal and vertical tanks for petroleumproducts, aggressive and non-aggressive chemical products andwater, materials under pressure and temperature, as well asequipment and elements for the tanks.Technological metal works– service areas, ladders, frames, support stands, columns, racks,pedestals, fences, bunker structures, supports, bracketsconnected with processing equipment and industrial pipe-lines.Products– cassette units, collectors, tare, containers and stands.
  10. 10. 17Equipment for carbonblack manufacturingCarbon black is a product of thermal oxidative decomposition ofcarbohydrates in the gaseous phase. Raw material for productionis a complex multicomponent system composed of oil and coalproducts. Carbon black is an important component of rubber andis used as its reinforcer. Carbon black improves strength andhardness of the rubber and extends the lifetime of rubber articles.It can be also used as filler for polyethylene goods.Application16Equipment for carbon black manufacturingOur enterprise jointly with OOO “Tekhinzhiniring” (Yaroslavl)and OAO “SverdNIIkhimmash” (Yekaterinburg), has developedand started the production of equipment for carbon blackpreparation: air heaters, units with gas coolers and hopper sootconcentrators.Basic characteristicsMain groupsWorking temperature(°С)Tube side Shell sideMass(kg)Heat-exchangesurfacearea2(m )DescriptionAir heaterfor low-activecarbonAir heaterfor semi-activecarbonAir heaterfor activecarbonUnit with gascoolers73,549911500—6500156002850011745700 577input output350output120input800 546 650150850 750 75020030 160 ——
  11. 11. 19Radiochemical equipmentLLC “Promatomexport” fulfills the orders for manufacturing ofthe products for nuclear industry. The equipment productionmeets all requirements of RF Rostekhnadzor and ViennaConvention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage dated 1997.The main customers in this branch are FSUE “Mayak” PA,JSC “SCC RIAR”, OAO “SverdNIIkhimmash”, OAO “TVEL”,OOO “Kvant” and FGUP “Rodon”. In summer 2005 LLCPromatomexport” jointly with R&D Company SOSNY(Dimitrovgrad), FGUP OKB “Gidropress” (Podolsk) and OAO“TVEL” (Moscow) started the production of equipment for PaksNuclear Power Plant (Hungary). The equipment production wasperformed in time and with appropriate quality. In autumn of thesame year the acceptance certificate for “working site for operationin well No. 1 of Paks Nuclear Power Plant” was signed.Heat exchange equipmentBoxesChokesCyclonesVessels18Radiochemical equipment
  12. 12. 21SeparatorsSeparator is a horizontal apparatus, equipped with theimpingement plate for coarse separation of the oil-and-gas flow,skimming baffle made of expanded metal plates for flattening offlow rate along the section of apparatus, defoaming checkerwork,string entrainment trap for gas purification, connecting branchesfor input and output of separation products.Principle of operation20SeparatorsThe main constructional materials are carbon steel, stainless steeland their combinations.Basic characteristicsMain groupsOil and gas separatorsOil and gas separators are intended for oil degassing andpurification of associated gas in the facilities for collection andprocessing of the oil fields products. They can be used on theinput, intermediate and end stages of the field installations for oiltreatment. They can be also used in other branches and indifferent environments.Gas separatorsNet-shaped gas separators are intended for final purification ofnatural and associated petroleum gas from the liquid(condensate, hydrate development inhibitor, water) in fieldinstallations for gas preparation for transport, undergroundstorages and in the gas-and-oil processing plants.
  13. 13. 23Rail trolleysLLC “Promatomexport” has the long experience of manufactureand operation of shop rail transport. The enterprise has developeda range of parameters for wheel pairs, towing drives and othercomponents and parts, which enable to manufacture transportunits and complex tolls with different functions and parametersfor various sectors of the national economy, e.g. iron andnonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering, building industryetc. Transport units can be manufactured for operation indifferent climatic zones, including tropical regions, in explosivenvironments, under the conditions of atmosphere dustiness, athe low temperatures. They can be also used for transportation ofhot metallurgic products and workpieces (at temperature up to1200 °С), including molten metal and slag in the scoops.Currently LLC “Promatomexport” is able to produce rail vehicleswith load capacity up to 1000 ton in a short space of time.Application22Rail trolleys
  14. 14. 25Heat exchangersMain constructional materials are carbon steel, stainless steel,brass, titanium and their combinations.Basic characteristics24Heat exchangersThe main product lines used in the production:ТU 3612-023-00220302-01ТU 3612-024-00220302-02ТU 3612-007-00220302-99ТU 3612-013-00220302-99ТU 26-02-753-83SТО 00220256-003-2006––––––Heat exchange processes are of great importance for chemical,power, metallurgical, food industry and other branches. Heatexchange processes are carried out in the heat exchangers ofdifferent types and configurations. All variety of heat exchangeequipment is intended for heating, cooling, evaporation andcondensation of liquid, gas, steam and their mixtures in thecourse of technological processes in chemical, oil, petrochemical,gas industry and other branches. It can be also used for waterheating in hot water supply and heating systems of residential,public and industrial buildings.ApplicationModern chemical industry widely uses different aggressivemediums, e.g. alkalis, salts with different concentrations, organiccompounds and gaseous mediums. In the course of production,these mediums shall be stored, transported, exposed to heat andpressure. Chemical fusion reactions, end products manufacturetc. are accompanied by release of heat and by-products, which areoften more aggressive than raw products etc.Action of aggressive mediums, especially at high temperature andpressure, leads to considerable corrosion of equipment made oftraditional materials.Along with increase of the product cost due to constantrenewal of equipment, repairs and assembly work, thereis a danger of environmental contamination for thewhole regions and decline in population health.One of the materials with high corrosion resistance istitanium and its alloys. The main consumer in chemicaland petrochemical industry is chlorine industry. Thebasic type of equipment made of titanium is heatexchange and evaporation devices. Corrosion resistanceand low adhesion (inadhesion) of organic substancesand salts to the pipe surface make it possible to increasethe repair intervals, extend considerably the lifetime,maintain the high thermal characteristics throughoutthe service life, reduce repair costs and equipmentdowntime. The enterprise has developed themanufacture of heat exchangers made of titanium.
  15. 15. 2726Heat exchangersSectional heat exchangersThese heat exchangers consist of the series section elements.Combination of several elements with a few pipes correspondswith the principle of operation of multiple-turn shell-and-tubeheat exchanger, which works on the basis of more efficientcountercurrent flow system.Main groupsShell and tube heat exchangersShell and tube heat exchangers can be vertical, horizontal and inclined according torequirements of operating procedure and assembly efficiency. The main components ofshell and tube heat exchangers are tube bundles, tube sheets, body, lids and branchpipes. Pipe ends are fastened in the tube sheets by expansion, welding and soldering.The heat exchangers, chillers, evaporators and condensers are manufactured:Spiral heat exchangersHeat surface of spiral heat exchangers consists of two thin metal sheets, which arewelded to the baffle (core) and coiled. Rectangular-section spiral channels are closedwith end plates. Spiral heat exchangers are compact, have low flow resistance and highheat exchange rate under high rate of heat carriers. With the air-floating head (“P” type) and U-shaped pipes(“U” type).With the fixed tube sheets (“N” type), they can also have a compensatoron the casing.Thermosyphon evaporators.Vacuum condensers.STO 00220256-003-2006The main production line:Double-pipe heat exchangers of “pipe-in-pipe” typeHeat exchangers of this type consist of a number of components connected in series.Each component consists of two coaxial tubes. Inner tubes are usually connectedtogether by the “kalatchs” or u-bends to ease cleaning and replacement. Double typeheat exchangers with big heat surface consist of sections, connected parallel by thecollectors. The selection of diameters of inner and outer pipes can provide the requiredrate of both working mediums, which take part in the heat exchange, necessary forachievement of high heat exchange intensity. Advantages of double-pipe heatexchanger are high heat emission, suitability for heating and cooling of workingmediums under high pressure, ease of production, installation and maintenance.moving with commensurable speed without change of aggregatestate. They can be effectively used at the high pressure of workingmediums. Lack of baffles reduces the hydraulic resistance andlevel of shell side contamination. But in comparison withmultiple-turn shell-and-tube heat exchangers, the sectional heatexchangers are less compact and more expensive due to the largequantity of expensive elements, tube sheets, flange couplings,compensators etc. Heat exchange surface of one section ofelemental heat exchangers comes up to 0.7530 м2, the numberof tubes is 4 to 140.Sectional heat exchangers are effective, when the heat carriers areFinned heat exchangersFinned heat exchangers are designed to extend heat exchangesurface by finning on the side, which has the highest thermalresistance. For example, finned heat exchangers (radiators) canbe used during steam heating of air or gases. The importantcondition of effective use of fins is the tight contact with the basicpipe (lack of air gap) and rational fins distribution. Finned heatexchangers are widely used in drier installations, heating systemsand as economizers.Coil heat exchangersHeat surface of coil heat exchangers composes of a number ofconcentric coils, which are jacketed and fastened in thecorresponding heads. Heat carriers are moving in the tube andshell side. Coil heat exchangers find wide application in highpressure equipment for separation of gas mixtures by deepchilling. These heat exchangers have a self-compensation ability,which is sufficient for perception of deformations due to thetemperature stresses.–Equipment for boiler houses and heat supply stationswater heatersteam-water heater for heating systemsboiler–––
  16. 16. 29Liquid filtersFilter (French “filtre”, Late Latin “filtrum”, ad verbum “felt”) is adevice for splitting, concentration or defecation of heterogeneoussystems with solid and liquid (gaseous) phases by use of filterbaffle. Liquid filters are designed for complete or partial splittingof the liquid heterogeneous suspension systems into fluid phase(filtrate) and solid phase (sediment). Filters can be used in allindustries without exception, especially in petroleum and naturalgas industry, in oil-and-gas processing industry, as well as in food,chemical, woodworking, textile, glass, engineering, electronic,mining, metallurgical, cement, coal, recycling and nuclearindustry.Application28Liquid filtersFilter is designed to protect pumping equipment and otherfitment of processing plants in the sphere of petroleum refiningindustry, petrochemical and natural gas industry. This filter isused for liquids, in which the size of mechanical impurities solidparticles does not exceed 200 mkm.Main characteristicsMain groupsThe main groups of equipment produced by LLC“Promatomexport” are the following:Mesh drainage filtersMesh drainage filters are designed to protect pumping equipmentand other fitment from the mechanical impurities duringpipeline transportation of liquid at temperature from - 60°Сto + 300°С in processing plants of petroleum refining,petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas industry. The range offilters delivered is 80 - 500 mm (Du), pressure is 1.6 – 4.0 МPа(Ru).The filter body can be made of low carbon, alloy, stainless steel oraluminum.
  17. 17. 31Non-standardized equipmentIn addition to products manufactured from the drawings fortypical product lines, LLC “Promatomexport” producesexceptionally a wide range of equipment according to individualdrawings and designs:Individual designs30Non-standardized equipmentmetal supporting structures.block collectors.racks, scaffold.installation tools.diffusers.compensators.devices for different applications and other equipment.–––––––
  18. 18. 32ContactsNew York, USA+1 631 880 2326info@promatomexport.comOzersk, Russian+7 922 2056036+7 351 9077065info@promatomexport.comDubai, UAE+971 506 366 769info@promatomexport.comGuangzhou, China+86 159 208