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Zed Woods Brochure


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Zed Woods is the best yet, from the ZED group over the last two decades of building deep eco homes.

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Zed Woods Brochure

  1. 1. Creating green True green
  2. 2. The pool and leisure space at ZED Woods. Subdued elegance.The cascade of water adds a soothing touch.
  3. 3. Apartments are claustrophobic. They are built choc‐a‐bloc. You rarely get to seeing your neighbour, and often dont want to know them.Bring home ZED Woods breaks this stereotype in astonishing ways. Its expansive, and leafy, courtyard is open to sky while not inviting the heat. Its so private that this deep‐eco apartment has found people who are quiet, private, and will share a sensitivity that is rare. the leader They make great neighbours. And the campus has a 100‐years old stud farm overlooking to the south, and the serene green of ZED TownsEnd to the east. It’s a veritable paradise of quiet and green expanse. ZED Woods is an apartment that is Platinum‐rated, at a dizzy 65 points on the green scale... makes it the highest so far in the world! It is one of only five such smart buildings in the world—three of them are from the ZED stable!
  4. 4. Indias first two Platinum‐rated* buildings—indeed the worlds first—were designed and created by the ZED group. At ZED, ratings are secured No sore both at intent stage and after completion. Most buildings don’t stand the test of the rating after it’s completed. ZED homes do. We rate themskyrise this once again after construction in order that we deliver benefits to the occupant. Here is a low‐slung set of 60 apartment homes with a ground floor and 3 upper floors. It hugs the landscape, offers sober and earthy tones that blend with the dense vegetation around. * The Indian green Business Council’s building rating system offers Platinum rating as the highest rating for energy efficiency of a residential building.
  5. 5. The ZED There are as many as 20 of these apartments that are as good as independent homes, with no common walls with the next door apartment.Sky villa The ZED Sky villa is a luxury you can well afford. ZED Woods is the best, yet, from the ZED group over the last two decades of building deep eco homes. You don’t buy a pretty piece of property when you buy a ZED apartment... You buy into a home which does not get any greener, anywhere in the world!
  6. 6. ZED’S own inhouse architects, designers, water, waste and energy technologists work on the unique range of ZED systems. All of them are drawnOur Shade from the best of design schools the world over. ZED domain expertise has won global acclaim. Our construction methods and quality regime are obvious with the world‐class finishes ZED homes offer. These zero energy designs offer the best of comfort and convenience –including air conditioning–, and yet secure independence from the grid of Green for power and water. The ZED Woods campus has zero dependence on the water supply board, no lines connecting to the Sewerage Board, and relies 50 per cent, less on the Power Grid. Compact to the regular. The saving you energy is massive, month after month for years. There is nothing comparable. Thats our shade of green. It’s a true green.
  7. 7. Daylighting: Passive lighting systems that invite sunlight without inviting heat into your homes and the basement.Rainwater harvested for meeting one‐fifth of home needs. Ozone‐friendly state‐of‐the‐art AC systems. Non‐toxic paints that is great for asthmatics . Energy‐efficient, heat‐stopping walls–no bricks, no clay tiles/ blocks, no concrete blocks. Floors that are FSC/FSIrated and natural/composite floors Unique ZED ‘Grow Your Own Water’ in semi‐open spaces. loop that ensures fresh water 24x7 with long‐term security on source Energy‐efficient lighting and supply. and fans that save 80 per cent ZED Magic water 30 litre systems in over regular. homes (optional) that make water from air–for all high hygiene needs Use of renewable, green‐rated of kitchen and drinking. wood for doors/windows–non‐ forest plantation timber only. • All systems are low on skill and low on maintenance. Zed Wet waste from kitchens usedWith finishes that are unmatched Aftercare maintains for a full year from handover, for campus composting. by most regular apartments. at subsidised costs. • No geysers at all in homes—with solar‐based hot water. • Homes that rely little on power from outside! No Municipal Localized chemical‐free water Water connection. No Sewerage Board connection treatment systems that enrich soil Water‐efficient home appliances. to the outside. And energy bills that fall a minimum nutrients in your home gardens. Taps and ZED water systems that save. 40 per cent over regular apartment despite every home being air‐conditioned. What a ZED WOODS Home offers
  8. 8. Your own sky garden Each apartment has its own terrace. Homes at ZED Woods are far cooler than any regular home. Experience it. Don’t take our word for it! Fitness zone The community center provides a well‐equipped gym, and a roof top gazebo. Great for the odd party you want to host.Spacious parkingZED Woods carries an expansive naturally‐lit basement with asmany as 94 parking lots. The spacious basement offers the luxuryof greater maneuverability and greater space for turning in. ZED Lite roads Roads at ZED Woods have been made using construction debris. This is a proprietary technology that offers roads that need zero repairs for 15 years at least. Biowall screen Fresh air circulation in the entire building, with a vertical landspace offering fresh air‐producing plants. Breathe in deeply at ZED Woods: the air quality is far superior. The plants are carefully chosen—some exude ozone, all absorb carbon, and leaves serve as a sponge for dust. Community lounge N Enjoy a quick and cozy dinner with your loved ones or be part of a big birthday bash by the elegant swimming pool. It’s wide. It’s expansive
  9. 9. Landscaped podiumAn acre’s rich spread of plants that cool and filter air. Greatplace for chatting up neighbours. And for kids to grow up. Urban farming Farm to table. The joy of food on the table grown off the campus is hard to measure. Be prosumers. The campus terraces offer space for rooftop farming and rain water harvesting for the whole community. Thoughtful features like shelf gardens for kitchens with drip irrigation—for fenugreek, spinach, coriander, okra, chilli, turnip, radishes—enable you to become prosumers rather than mere consumers. Water treatment plant Rainwater harvesting and water treatment systems that reduce freshwater demand by 40 per cent. No waste water ever leaves the campus. Roof top rainwater harvesting feeds the domestic water tanks and supplements the fresh water needs. Runoff water from campus is redirected into percolation pits to recharge the deep aquifer. ZED homes are world leaders in such water management. For the differently abled Carefully designed corridor spaces and common areas that are sensitive to needs of the elderly and differently abled.
  10. 10. About 2800+ Sft. These ‘sky villas’ are ‘independent’ and have no common walls. They all have a pleasant outdoor view while offering privacy.The Sky Villa luxury
  11. 11. About 2600+ Sft. There’s just one common wall and so offers ample light and ventilation all round. They all have a pleasant outdoor view while offering quietness.The 3 bedder expanse
  12. 12. About 1500+ Sft. Again many of these apartments have only one common wall and so offer ample light and ventilation. Plus they overlook the great greens while offering privacy that is unmatched by regular apartments.The warmth of the 2-bedder . . .
  13. 13. About 800+ Sft. The perfect solution for a small family. Elegant touches and relaxing areas.Studio Compact
  14. 14. We believe that each one of you who becomes a part of the ZED Woods community share a sensitivity that isZED Fitness Centre rare. Start a conversation with your neighbour over a rigorous workout at the leisure centre’s well equipped gym or a conversation over a cup of chai at the roof top gazebo. Enjoy an evening of gregarious fun and laughter at the pool, relish a quiet candlelight dinner at the deck, overlooking the waters. The zen lines of the crafted spaces stir a sense of stillness. It is reflected in the architecture, with emphasis on frames that celebrate the outdoors.
  15. 15. Here’s a listing that is staggering–without parallel in any gated apartment enclave anywhere in the world! You pay nothing more for nearly all of it: Only the ones with a star are optional. Rest is at no cost. ZERO IMPORT OF WATER: 1. Rainwater harvesting to capture every litre for reuse at the campus. This means about 30,000 litres to every home of water reused. 2. Growing your own water without import of BWSSB water and with ground water recharge and retention systems 3. 24x7 high‐quality treated fresh water available in taps 4. Low‐flow fixtures that curtail the net water demand by as much as 30,000 liters a year of fresh water saved 5. Taps with aerators to reduce the unit quantity of water for a given pressure, though tanks that are dual. Flush based; showers that floor 50 per cent of regular showers. 6. Drip irrigation for entire landscaping 7. Further reduction in demand by re‐looping of treated waste water for landscape needs 8. Solar hot water system that saves 30 per cent energy. ZERO EXPORT OF WASTE: 9. Effluent waste management with in‐house tertiary waste water systems 10. Grey and Black water segregation at source and treatment also done separately 11. Solid, wet waste management 12. Vermi composting for organic manure generation 13. Responsible disposal of clinical and electronic waste 14. Localised scientific landfill for clinical waste ECO‐SCAPING FEATURES : 15. Promotion of Zero Food Miles: kitchen garden to grow veggies that are organic. ZED programme help you grow greens, gourds, legumes and corn (among cereals) 16. Indigenous species chosen that are water‐efficient and maintenance‐free 17. Chemical‐free fertilizers used in entire campus 18. Treated black water for irrigation 19. Recycled plastic containers pot the wide range of plants, including treesThere’s nothing like it anywhere...
  16. 16. 20. Low‐energy, indigenous and water‐efficient hardscaping 21. Medicinal plants and aromatic plants used for therapeutic cures 22. Plants that enhance air‐quality and increase oxygen and ozone levels in the campus microregion 23. Green vertical curtains as visual screen or external walls 24. Lush green lawns laid over the rich acre of podium offering serene ambience, in front of every ZED home 25. Kids play area done with natural elements with a friendly theme 26. Lawn lighting done with upcycled PVC pipes 27. Engineered masonry blocks that cool the home ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY MATERIALS 28. Natural daylight‐based basement that saves on CO2 emission in construction, and artificial lighting in day 29. ZEDlite internal roads that use no fresh quarry stones for sub‐grade, and use very lean concrete ratios 30. Maintenance‐free external plaster 31. Gypsum‐based cement plaster for interiors 32. Wood waste‐based flooring that are green certified 33. All internal doors in plantation wood that are forest–free and last a lifetime 34. Low‐VOC paints to avoid any toxic emissions 35. Manufactured sand in place of river bed sand which saves 1 sq km of river bed for every 10 lac Sft of construction 36. Optimised reduction in quantity of concrete used, with only composite cement used 37. Flyash–based cement used for non‐structural purposesThere’s nothing like it anywhere...
  17. 17. 38. Optimised reduction in quantity of steel used 39. No tile cladding on steps and stairs 40. No energy‐consuming ceramic wall‐tile cladding in bathrooms (If you insist on tiles, it comes with a deterrent cost) 41. Natural stone compound wall 42. Heat‐reflective coat on terrace resulting in 15 per cent reduction in cooling loads 43. Pre‐fabricated, chajjas that replace concrete and reinforcement ENERGY‐EFFICIENT COMMUNITIES 44. Energy‐efficient indoor lighting schemes that save 70 per cent on energy bills 45. Energy‐efficient landscape lighting scheme 46. Energy‐efficient external lighting that saves 80 per cent on energy bill 47. Energy‐efficient pumps 48. Lighting energy reduction thanks to motion‐sensors installed 49. Energy efficient fans that save 40 per cent on energy bills 50. Energy‐efficient exhaust fans that save 40 per cent on energy bills ADD‐ONS 51. Building automation systems covering a range of smart facilities—saves on energy bills* 52. Energy conscience meters to record energy use* 53. Weather station to record solar radiation, rainfall, wind‐speed* 54. Creation of suitable ecological cycle to attract birds and butterflies 55. Water conscience meters to record water consumption* 56. Data loggers to record temperature, humidity and light intensity.*There’s nothing like it anywhere...
  18. 18. Air to water|Water harvesting from moisture Wind power | Vertical axis wind turbine for your home Green air conditioner | Low energy air conditioning systems Sustainable lifestyle products that change the way you look at modern day amenities, ‘Air to Water’ machines that Lifestyle harvest drinking water straight out of thin air is but one of many products. In another time, such capabilities would be considered wizardry! Personal wind power generators that harness technology to offer freedom from innovations grid and convenience that’s rarely experienced. Condition the air, with 100 per cent fresh air. ZED provides all these wonderful products and more with a singular momentum of making sensitive ecological choices, more accessible and easily available to eco‐conscious citizens across India and beyond. These don’t come with your ZED Woods buy. You could pick options as additional accessories.
  19. 19. Linkin g Airp What’s in and around ZED Woods . . . ort ro adZED Earth The drive to city: Yelahanka ‐ 10 minutes International Airport ‐ 20 minutes Hebbal Flyover – 20 minutes MG Road – 35 minutes The neighbourhood is abuzz... ZED TownsEnd ZED Collective  The 6‐lane elevated road between Hebbal and Yelahanka bypass to facilitate smooth traffic to and from International Airport. ZED Woods  The subway to Airport offers a major station at Yelahanka, and a 10‐minute ride to MG Road.  Bangalores biggest mall with a built up area of 1.68 million sq ft is coming up near Hebbal.  A 1 million sq ft luxury mall, that is coming up at Yelahanka.  The existing Bangalore Turf Club (Race Course) is proposed to be shifted close to Yelahanka.  Bangalore International Airport Limited ‐ Information Technology Investment Region (BIAL ITIR) is a mammoth 12000‐acre project coming up at Devanahalli.  Aerospace Park coming up near Devanahalli on 252 acres.  Manipal Education is setting up a 200‐acre campus at Devanahalli.  KSIIDC has proposed commercial development on a 309‐acre sprawl. Hebbal Lake  The government of Karnataka has proposed the setting up of an entertainment park, ‘Space City’ along the lines of Disneyland. Getting there . . .
  20. 20. ZED, #397, 13th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore ‐ 560 080 Phone: +91 80 4018 4018, Fax: +91 80 4018 4019 Creative: ZED Design team Email: Web: www.zed.inThis brochure is conceptual, not a legal offering. The promoter reserves the right to change, alter, add or delete any of the specifications mentioned herein without prior permission or notice.