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The Zed Earth campus has zero dependence on the water supply board, no lines connecting to the Sewerage Board, and relies only 20% on the power grid. Zed Earth homes offer deep-eco villas with spaces ranging from 2000 to 6000 sqft.

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Zed Earth Brochure

  1. 1. Creating green E A R T H Touch the Earth. Feel it.
  2. 2. I know why I picked this place. I now have a reasonto wake up every morning.Manoj Cheriyancheri: ZED TransIndus
  3. 3. Indias first two Platinum‐rated* buildings—indeed the worlds first—were designed and created by ZED. ZED ratings are secured both at intent stage and after completion. Most buildings don’t stand the test of the rating after it’s completed. ZED homes do. We rate them after as an ethical practice.ZED Earth When you buy a home at ZED Earth, you dont buy a home that thinks. These homes are built to be naturally cool, with a combination of elements that are woven into the campus at large, and in a way that these zero‐energy homes are built to avoid heat gain. ZED Earth homes hug the landscape, offer sober and earthy tones that blend with the green around. As the trees lining the avenues gain height and foliage over the next few years at this campus, the houses will be discovered rather than looked at. These pages offer you a tour of what these homes offer—in terms of handpicked construction material, what it means to you as a long‐term resident, and in looks and aesthetic appeal. * The Indian green Business Council’s building rating system offers Platinum rating as the highest rating for energy efficiency of a residential building.
  4. 4. The Setting Every leisure space at the ZED Earth campus is a quiet, social space designed to encourage conversation. To the northwest, beyond the campus, is a centuries‐old, placid lake. To the far end of the property is shrubland which will remain as derelict land forever—the way it has remained for hundreds of years. The gardens in each home are carefully designed to include only indigenous plant species that are water‐efficient, absorb high carbon levels, are pleasant to the eye, and purify the air.
  5. 5. A whole new Set on a land sprawl of twentyfive acres, ZED Earth is our most ambitious green residential enclave yet. Designed to rely little on the outside degree of world for energy, water or waste management, ZED Earth is a world in itself. It offers freedom from power and water shutdowns of the city grids. Wake up each morning in a quiet, verdant oasis that celebrates the unique flora and fauna of North Bangalore. ZED Earth Homes are designed to freedom offer vaastu‐compliant exquisite spaces, with high ceilings, interesting gabled roofs, terraces and backyards that offer promise of pleasant barbecue evenings, split levels that accentuate spaces, private nooks that are designed for personal comfort .
  6. 6. ZED’S own inhouse architects, designers, water, waste and energy technologists work on the unique range of ZED systems. All of them are drawnOur Shade from the best of schools the world over. ZED domain expertise has won global acclaim. Our construction methods and quality regime are obvious with the world‐class finishes ZED homes offer. These zero energy designs offer the best of comfort and convenience –including air conditioning– , and yet secure independence from the grid of Green for power and water. The ZED Earth campus has zero dependence on the water supply board, no lines connecting to the Sewerage Board, and relies only 20 per cent on the Power Grid. Thats our shade of green.
  7. 7. Local eco‐grid that powers water‐ Light‐weight roofs and super structure Daylighting: Passive lighting heating and lighting, fans and reduces materials used, and brings efficiency systems that achieve a all appliances. in steel and concrete use high daylight factor of 15%Rainwater harvested for meeting one‐fifth of home needs. Ozone‐friendly AC systems that Non‐toxic paints that is great save 50% energy at home with for asthmatics . state‐of‐the‐art systems. Energy‐efficient, heat‐stopping walls–no bricks, no clay tiles/ Floors that are FSC/ FSI/ LEED blocks, no concrete blocks.rated and natural/composite floors in semi‐open spaces. Unique ZED ‘Grow Your Own Water’ loop that ensures fresh water 24x7 with long‐term security on source Energy‐efficient Lighting and supply. and fans. Wet waste from kitchens used Use of renewable, green‐rated for campus composting. wood for doors/windows–non‐ forest plantation timber only. • All systems are low on skill and low on maintenance. Zed Aftercare maintains for a full year from handover, at subsidised Localized chemical‐free water costs. treatment systems that enrich soil • Eco‐scaping that lowers ambient heat outside with a blend of nutrients in your home gardens. pool/ water body and local species of plants. No geysers at all in Water‐efficient home appliances. homes—with solar‐based hot water. Taps and ZED water systems that save • Homes that rely little on power from outside! Water without up to 105,000 litres a year for every home. Municipal Water connection. No Sewerage Board connection to the outside. Anatomy of a ZED Home
  8. 8. The roads at ZED Earth are built to last, with zero maintenance for at least the first 15 years! They are high on recycle and upcycle of used material resources. Farm to table. The joy of food on the table that’s grown off the campus is hard to measure! The ZED Food Miles plan ensures that up to 20 tonnes of fresh, organic vegetables are enabled with ZED practices. Havana grows 80% of its needs within the city. Toronto made this law in Jan 2011. Be part of a future that is here and now at ZED Earth. ZED Silent Spring Enjoy access for a lifetime for you and your family. To Recreational green lungs this exquisite set of spaces that celebrates the best of as parks with wooded cultivated leisure, arts, reading, and culinary crafts. areas. A finely crafted restaurant, playing spaces, an Every plant is chosen first to recognizeN expansive space that doubles at once for a birthday its home at the campus. Local species bash or for a sober business meeting is part of this are more water‐efficient. Edibles, quiet getaway at the campus’s edge. You could even medicinals, and aromatics are crafted sit down and enjoy a move with friends at a private into spaces. A triple canopy of shrubs, nook designed just for such a need. plants and trees cascade down the gently descending lands of ZED Earth.Master Plan ZED EARTH PHASE I & II
  9. 9. The plants in your personal home gardens and in the vast expanse around are carefully chosen to see that some species exude ozone, all absorb carbon and the leaves serve to absorb dust. ZED Eco fest A first‐of‐its‐kind Energy‐Water Park with interactive models that open the world of ZED and green practices for a whole new generation of children. Open Air Theater You need to experience it, to know how magical an evening can be at this amphitheatre.Every ZED Earth villa comes with aprivate garden —eco‐scaped withcarefully chosen native speciesthat is water‐ efficient GOLF A 5‐hole‐1‐bunker Golf range for the passionate player.
  10. 10. The ZED Earth homes are grouped in theme‐based clusters ‐ Ashlars, Corbels, Gabions, Icon Classics and Casablancas . . . each retellingListening to the winds, the story, gently blending with the natural habitat. The streetscape in these clusters have an identity that is distinct, personal. Each home responds to its unique position in the cluster—with deference to its neighbours and to the cluster space, its particularthe skies... directional orientation, or an unusual shape of the plot. All ZED Earth villas are designed to have your home meld into the landscape. At the campus, there is a return to old‐fashioned values and traditional technologies that blend with the experience and understanding of contemporary thinking—where porches invite leisurely chats; courtyards offers quiet nooks to take in the breeze; and terraces offer that space in the evening for you to unwind over the grand spectacle of a sunset.
  11. 11. Corbel is the dressed stonework jutting out of a wall to carry any weight. The technique of corbelling,where rows of corbels deeply keyed inside a wall support a projecting wall or parapet, has been used formany centuries. The Corbel cluster at ZED Earth sets a distinct tone to the streetscape by defining villaentrances and arrayed street benches. Corbel as a metaphor represents the three stages of life. It, inessence, celebrates life. These deep‐eco villas offers spaces ranging from about 3000‐3400sqft. CORBEL
  12. 12. Ground Floor Plan 15X23 2104.00 Sq. Ft. K E Y P L A N32 Homes101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135,136, 138,139.
  13. 13. First Floor Plan Roof Plan15X23 15X231962.00 Sq. Ft. 290.00 Sq. Ft. Corbel Offers flowing spaces, raised ceiling on both floors that lend volume to every room. The wraparound verandahs accentuate the connect with the outdoors. The french door and glass balcony on the upper level entice you to conversations on the cool verandah. Walk‐in closets, separate shower areas and cosy book corners are part of the blueprint.
  14. 14. AshlarHere life is not merely meditative, but fully awake.
  15. 15. Ashlar is a tribute to the timeless beauty of this form of dressed stone work. From Ashlar street benches topaved pathways and entrances to the villas, this ZED Earth cluster revolves around the leitmotif. Ashlarsignifies symbolic metaphors for progress, with the play of rough undressed stone to smooth dressedones. These deep‐eco villas offer spaces ranging from about 3000 sft to 3400 sft. ASHLAR
  16. 16. Ground Floor Plan 18X15 1600 Sq. Ft. K E Y P L A N32 Homes116,117,118,119,120,121,134,137,138,139,140,141,142,143,144,145,201,202,203,204,254,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,263,264,265.
  17. 17. First Floor Plan Roof Plan18X15 18X151481 Sq. Ft. 308 Sq. Ft. The compact square footage of this plan exudes warmth and expanse. There is plenty of open space and amenities to please even the most demanding. The high ceiling spaces lend volume to the interiors, while adding organic flow to the external view. The Great Room serves as the houses heart and soul. Ashlar The upper floor offers a delight for kids, a master bedroom that you will hate to leave, a washroom that invites natural light and celebrates the traditional. The stairway leading up to the upper floor is crafted and designed to finishes that will invite your friends’ envy. The roof plan is punctuated by greens that are easy to maintain even if they seem beyond reach and access. The views of the great outdoors to the distant hills that frame the horizon is an invitation to long hours of reflection, and reading. The solar array, the 1KW vertical windmast, the collector panels that work 24x7... make for green features at the cutting edge of expertise.
  18. 18. GabionWorking a simple element of traditional architectureto offer poise and elegance.
  19. 19. Gabion is a fascinating form of stonework where a fine metal mesh cages reclaimed stone. Thestonework is accentuated with carefully picked small boulders to give a mosaic quality. The concept ofthe old building encircling the new one is evoked by the Gabion vocabulary that is reflected in this villacluster. An equally significant metaphor here is that the old serves as a foundation for the new.These deep ‐eco villas offer spaces ranging from about 3000‐3400sqft. GABION
  20. 20. Ground Floor Plan 18X12 1503 Sq. Ft. K E Y P L A N26 Homes113,114,115,127,128,129,130,131,132,133,135,136,240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,251,252,253.
  21. 21. First Floor Plan Roof Plan18X12 18X121369 Sq. Ft. 313 Sq. Ft. The front door opens into the high ceiling great room with the family/dining area beyond. This is designed for the Gabion contemporary family and is created to fill the space with natural light. The family room beckons the outdoors with the bayed opening to the green exterior, lending poise to the house. On the upper floor, the master suite offers the quiet you need, combines a private study, offers a secluded bath and an elegant walk‐in closet. The kids’ room offers a private nook—safe, a loveable hideaway and a space to study. The open‐to‐sky shower area is a treat you rejoice.
  22. 22. Casablanca Celebrating some of the finest values of the future from anancient past—of not just construction, but of Life and Living.
  23. 23. The Casablanca cluster is a result of our search for a timelessness in form and language that capturesthe essence of harmonious living amid nature. The Casablanca villas rise striking white against the bluesky. Their soft lines have marked such architecture for over 2000 years. They blend seamlessly with theZED Earth landscape. CASABLANCA
  24. 24. Ground Floor Plan 19X15 1665.00 Sq. Ft. K E Y P L A N 16 Homes 266,267,268,269,270,271,272, 273,274,275,276,277,278,279, 280,281.* Please refer to ‘Casablanca: A Perspective’ for further details.
  25. 25. Basement Floor Plan First Floor Plan19X15 19X15954.00 Sq. Ft. 1337.00 Sq. Ft. The free flowing floor plan offers an experience of the outdoors within the comfort of the indoors. The living room Casablanca and the dining room overlook a lily pond, forming the soul of the house. Walk into bright sunlit spaces that exude warmth indoors. The double height ceiling acts as wind shafts that naturally ventilate your home. The master suite brings poise and elegance in the sun‐dappled spaces and the private study that it offers. The children’s room offers an open‐to‐sky shower. The basement offers a cozy den that would offer you state‐of‐the‐art entertainment at home.
  26. 26. Icon Classic.The extravagance of space and the warmth ofneighbours who share values, sensibilities.
  27. 27. The Icon Classic cluster in its Spartan spatial lines exudes a subtle reform in sustainability where luxury meetssensibility. The cluster exudes a contemporary expression stylized with wood‐toned panels amidst whiteplastered walls that gives a wooden finish to the façade and lends warmth with its earthy tone and texture. ICON CLASSIC
  28. 28. K E Y P L A N 20 Homes 205,206,207,208,209,210,211, 212,213,214,215,216,217,218, 219,220,221,222,223,224.* Please refer to ‘Icon Classic: A Perspective’ for further details.
  29. 29. Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Terrace Floor Plan Roof Plan15x28 15x28 15X28 15X282372.00 Sq. Ft. 2319.00 Sq. Ft. 1090.00 Sq. Ft. This plan offers spatial interplay of varied scales, animated by light, texture and wafts of fresh air from the outdoor. Every room has its own private garden and green terrace and/or a balcony. Helps cool every space. Icon Classic The luxurious private all‐your‐own poolside offer earthy wooden decks. The lily pond and motif of biowalls blend beauty with privacy. The seamless flow of space from the dining area onto the pool area, bring the pool to be a part of the interior in all its aquamarine splendour. Flexible space for yoga, tai chi, gym, home theatre and multimedia, dance ...
  30. 30. ZED HomesA community where you wake up each morning in a quiet, verdant oasis.
  31. 31. ZERO IMPORT OF WATER: ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY MATERIALS 1. Rainwater harvesting to capture every litre for reuse at the campus. 28. Natural daylight‐based basement that saves on CO2 emission in construction, and artificial lighting in day 2. Growing your own water without import of BWSSB water and without borewells, and 29. ZEDlite internal roads that use no fresh quarry stones for sub‐grade, and use very lean concrete ratios.with ground water recharge and retention systems. 30. Maintenance‐free external plaster in stone grit 3. 24x7 high‐quality treated fresh water available in taps. 31. Gypsum‐based cement plaster for interiors 4. Low‐flow fixtures that curtail the net water demand by as much as 30,000 liters a year of 32. Wood waste‐based Laminate flooringfresh water saved. 33. All internal doors in rubber wood 5. Taps with aerators to reduce the unit quantity of water for a given pressure. 34. Zero‐VOC paints to avoid any toxic emissions 6. Drip irrigation for entire landscaping. 35. Manufactured sand in place of river bed sand which saves 1 sq km of river bed for every 7. Further reduction in demand by re‐looping of treated waste water for flushing. 10 lac Sft of construction. 8. Solar hot water system that saves 30% energy in ZED homes 36. Optimised reduction in quantity of concrete used, with only composite cement used.ZERO EXPORT OF WASTE: 37. 33% flyash content in cement used for non‐structural purposes 9. Effluent waste management with in‐house tertiary waste water systems. 38. Optimised reduction in quantity of steel used 10. Grey and Black water segregation at source and treatment also done separately 39. No tile cladding on steps and stairs. 11. Solid, wet waste management 40. No energy‐consuming ceramic wall‐tile cladding in bathrooms—Water‐repellant paints 12. Vermi composting for organic manure generation 41. Natural stone compound wall 13. Responsible disposal of clinical and electronic waste 42. Heat‐reflective coat on terrace resulting in 15 percent reduction in cooling loads. 14. Localised scientific landfill for clinical waste 43. Chajjas that used minimal concrete and reinforcement.ECO‐SCAPING FEATURES : ENERGY‐EFFICIENT COMMUNITIES 15. Promotion of Zero Food Miles concept: kitchen garden to grow veggies that are organic 44. Energy‐efficient indoor lighting schemes that saved 70% on energy billup to 30 tons a year of greens, gourds, legumes and corn (among cereals) 45. Energy‐efficient landscape lighting scheme 16. Indigenous species chosen that are water‐efficient and maintenance‐free. 46. Energy‐efficient External lighting that saves 80% on energy bill 17. Chemical‐free fertilizers used in entire campus 47. Energy‐efficient pumps 18. Treated black water for irrigation. 48. Lighting energy reduction due to motion‐sensors 19. Recycled plastic containers pot the wide range of plants, including trees. 49. Energy efficient fans that save 40% on energy bills 20. Low‐energy, indigenous and water‐efficient hardscaping 50. Energy‐efficient exhaust fans to save 40% on energy bills 21. Medicinal plants and Aromatic plants used for therapeutic cures. 51. Bio‐fuel for Gen‐sets to reduce diesel use by 40% 22. Plants that enhance air‐quality and increase O3 and O2 levels in the campus micro region ADD‐ONS 23. Moss poles‐based green vertical curtains as visual screen or external walls 52. Building Automation System covering a range of smart facilities—to save 30% on energy bills 24. Lush green lawns laid over mezzanine podium offering serene ambience, in front of 53. Energy conscience meters to record energy useevery ZED home. 54. Water conscience meters to record water consumption 25. Kids play area done with natural elements with a friendly theme. 55. Data loggers to record temperature, humidity and light intensity. 26. Lawn lighting done in with upcycled PVC pipes. 56. Weather station to record solar radiation, rainfall, wind‐speed 27. Engineered masonry block that cools the home 57. Creation of suitable ecological cycle to attract birds and butterflies.Eco FeaturesBuying a regular home with a regular builder can only have youdiscuss location, cost and house plans. Our story is remarkablylong. For you to actually know of all that we offer, you’ll need afull hour at the least! Here is a listing. It is bland, we admit. But it’sjust the start. It’s incredible what ZED homes offer at no extra cost!
  32. 32. Air to water|Water harvesting from moisture Compact sewage plant | Individual sewage treatment solutions Wind power | Vertical axis wind turbine for your home Green air conditioner | Low energy air conditioning systems Lifestyle Sustainable lifestyle products that change the way you look at modern day amenities, ‘Air to Water’ machines that harvest drinking water straight out of thin air. In another time, such capabilities would be considered wizardry! innovations Compact sewage treatment plants at your own home, and personal wind power generators that harness technology to offer freedom from grid and convenience that’s rarely experienced. Condition the air, with 100% fresh air. ZED provides all these wonderful products and more with a singular momentum of making sensitive ecological choices, more accessible and easily available to eco‐conscious citizens across India and beyond.
  33. 33. We believe that each one of you who becomes a part of the ZED earth community are people who are looking for a third space, which would serve as a center to promote and conserve some of the finest forms of art and culture that exist right here in Bangalore. The open air theatre and the Moon pool bay, in the heart of the campus would be a place for children to come and play, for cultural get‐togethers. Every space isZED Silent Spring designed to encourage convivial conversation. Elsewhere, the campus provides for pockets for urban farming, a 5‐hole putting range, a bay for basketball and any number of parks for children to let their hair down. ZED Silent Spring, the club house, nestles in a serene part of the campus. The zen lines of the crafted spaces stir a sense of stillness, a value that captures the spartan spirit. It is reflected in the architecture, with emphasis on frames that celebrate the outdoors. It offers indoor spaces for play, a ZED Garden that speaks of serenity, a library and wi‐fi center, a restaurant overlooking the woods supported by a fully equipped kitchen. Silent Spring offers, too, a quiet meditation retreat to heal the body, a well‐equipped gym for the rigorous workout. The mirror pool soothes with its limpid water body.
  34. 34. ZED Earth What’s in and around ... The Drive to City: Yelahanka ‐ 10 minutes International Airport ‐ 20 minutes Hebbal Flyover – 20 minutes MG Road – 35 minutes ZED CollectiveZED Woods The neighbourhood is abuzz...  Proposed 6‐lane elevated road between Hebbal and Yelahanka bypass to facilitate smooth traffic to and from international Airport.  Bangalores biggest mall–Kirloskar mall—with a built up area of 1.68 million sq ft is coming up near Hebbal.  RMZ Galleria, a 1 million sq ft luxury mall, is coming up at Yelahanka.  The existing Bangalore Turf Club (Race Course) is proposed to be shifted close to Yelahanka.  Bangalore International Airport Limited ‐ Information Technology Investment Region (BIAL ITIR) is a mammoth 12000‐acre project coming up at Devanahalli. This project has drawn all corporate majors. Over 55 multinational IT companies have signed up their interest in IITR.  Aerospace Park coming up near Devanahalli on 252 acres.  Manipal Education is setting up a 200‐acre campus at Devanahalli.  KSIIDC has proposed commercial development on a 309‐acre sprawl.  The government of Karnataka has proposed the setting up of an entertainment park, ‘Space City’ along the lines of Disneyland. Getting there . . .
  35. 35. Come, be part of ZED Earth.Please feel free to write to ceo@zed.in . We’ll be glad to learn from you.
  36. 36. ZED Habitats, #397, 13th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore‐560080 Phone: +9180 4018 4018 E‐mail: simran@zed.in Creative: ZED Design team Web: www.zed.inThis brochure is conceptual, not a legal offering. The promoter reserves a right to change, alter, add or delete any of the specifications mentioned herein without prior permission or notice.