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Rainseed Dossier


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Zed Rainseed is a residential campus that offers a spread of nearly 11 acres of softly undulating land. It is set on a crest and commands a nice view of the rolling lands on all sides.

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Rainseed Dossier

  1. 1. ZEDM y s o r e , K a r n a t a k aAn unhurried city beckons . . .
  2. 2. ZEDM y s o r e , K a r n a t a k aAn unhurried city beckons . . .
  3. 3. ZED Habitats Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL)#397, 13th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore, India 560080.Call: +91 99010 54321 || Email:
  4. 4. Rainseed, the fount of lifeIts an ancient town, a royal city. And over thelast ten years it has grown gracefully to becomethe second largest income-earner after Bangalore.When we set out to create the third campus inMysore, we looked for a name. Rainseed waslong in our mind, in Sanskrit, Girija, or the fountof life in any seed. To us, Rainseed would be theseed of growth in your life, of prosperity, ofhappiness in life. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 ~
  5. 5. ZED Rainseed—like ZED Expanse and ZEDWildgrass in Mysore—is at the core of many ofthe values that statesmen of another timeconceived for this stately city of Mysore—theexpansive tree-lined avenues, the carefullycrafted domes, arches, trellises and other finerarchitectural elements that reect far-sightedthinking. We can only pay our humble tribute tosuch outstanding work with our effort to blendtraditional wisdom with contemporaryknowledge.
  6. 6. We dont need to tell you that we have fewergreen spaces in our cities today. Mysore has,mercifully, still retained its old splendour. But thepang of a small-town-growing-big is posing athreat to the citys tree population, and the city’scapacity to be living, and liveable.And in our personal lives, we have forgotten thesoft warble of the sparrow or the koel. Its longsince we silently applauded the spectacle of thesun rising, or setting.ZED Rainseed will offer the quiet and stillness, andthe exciting buzz of the Green Hub that lies nextdoor. When the Ear gives Pain Clitoria [Koyal]. The mixture of the juice of the leaves with green ginger is applied on various parts of the body to check fever. The juice warmed with salt[not directly, but in hot water] is used for swollen glands around the ear when you have an ache. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 ~
  7. 7. For a quieter life . . . In a quiet cityMysore has been witnessing a major growth forthe last decade. There’s a major overhaul in thecity’s road, power, water and wasteinfrastructure. Mysore is set to double inpopulation by 2030 though the 500-year-old citycontinues to wear a leisurely air about it. Its widecanopied boulevards, graceful heritage buildings,and the unhurried pace make the city ideal for aquieter life. Gifted with high education levels, thecity has always been a haloed seat of learningwith its university and research centers that makethe city ripe for further growth.Any investment in a city of this size—with asmuch potential for growth—can only berewarding to an early investor. ZED Rainseed isan opportunity to hedge your future with aninvestment that is guaranteed to grow in capitalappreciation.ZED Rainseed is a residential campus that offers a
  8. 8. spread of nearly 11 acres of softly undulatingland. It is set on a crest and commands a niceview of the rolling lands on all sides.We dont offer you a mere property. We offer youa lifestyle that brings harmony. And all it takes isa 20 minute drive from the Mysore Palace toreach the campus.Your place at ZED Rainseed assures you of apeaceful lifestyle that is far removed from the dinand bustle. The campus will help you make thatjoyous transition from making a living, to living. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 ~
  9. 9. The ZED deep-eco journeyBiodiversity Conservation India (BCIL) wasfounded in the early 1990s when green was stilla word for the colour, and not for ecology. Thecompany, comprising of consummateprofessionals, has relentlessly driven sustainabledevelopment, under the brand name ZED, to steerand createinnovations inthe buildingindustry of ascale andextent neverdone beforeglobally. Theconsistent success in creating solutions thatenhance customer comfort, product reliability,and cost-effectiveness has won the companyadmiration and awe of customers, architects andall building professionals. Nearly a thousand
  10. 10. home-owners who swear by the investment theymade in homes and ZED Habitats properties thatare vibrant, alive. After 18 years ad 2 million sq.ftof such deep-eco homes, were now set to offer ahost of new choices.Under the ZED stable, the services offered fallunder four broad categories eco-smart homes at ZED Habitats, hard Consulting inputs at the ZED Practice, a luxury range of furniture and eco- smart home appliances at ZED Enviro and farm- friendly products at ZED Harvest. At ZED habitats, fromthe past are...TransIndus, T-ZED Homes, ZEDCollective, ZED Earth and ZED Woods inBangalore; Wildgrass and Expanse in Mysore. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 7 ~
  11. 11. In the coming future, we have...ZED Zone, ZEDRitu, ZED Geist. These projects will either beelegantly designed residential layouts like ZEDRainseed, or deep-eco apartments and villas thatare nearly 100 per cent grid free and offer yougurantees on water supply and power. The ZEDjourney will take us to Chennai, Coimbatore,Hubli-Dharwad, Vizag, and other towns into thefuture. ZED Homes aspires to be the only solutionin the future which enables cities to be livable. Cool it, Man! Lemon. A glass or two of lemon juice a day helps lower body heat, and gives tone and vitality to the body. Use the juice externally for corns, warts, burns, dandruff and as a dis-infectant.
  12. 12. We call it zero energy development. You’ll call it indispensable...We realise we cant change the world, but we caninspire good living with design and creation ofcommunity-based residential enclaves that giveyou freedom from the city grid and relief fromthe grim truths of energy and water shortage. Wecreate systems that enable neighbourhood values,and reect sensitivity in the use of every resourcearound us. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 9 ~
  13. 13. In the last decade of creating and designingenclaves, we have learnt an important value. It’sinconceivable for us to create homes without aspecial relation with the land. We have revivedseveral traditional business practices that reectthe traditional with a contemporary face.As a group, we have won discerning acclaim forour path-finding work in implementing theseZero Energy Development practices thatpowerfully impact city living for you. Even as wewrite this in 2012, we have been conferred 3
  14. 14. awards in just the last 30 days of June-July from 3countries - Singapore, France and India. Thatmakes for an enviable haul of 24 awards from 9nations in 8 years. And what have ZEDcustomers gained while we’ve become the mostawarded realty company in India? Massivesavings for residents in the recurring costs ofmaintenance of a house, water and energy bills.In every enclave, we have managed the landsresources responsibly. We have worked towardsdemonstrating as many proven technologies aspossible, in the areas of building materials anddesign, energy generation and consumption, andwater resource planning and conservation. Toyou, as a Rainseeder, we serve as a creativegateway for the financial resources youprovide—in a manner that takes care of all yourneeds for living. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 1 ~
  15. 15. EcoBazaar: The Green HubMysore has had a tradition spanning 20 years oforganic produce through weekend melas, andmany green stores. EcoBazaar is now the excitingnew organic centre that has come up next to theZED Rainseed campus. In a land expanse that ZEDhas donated and dedicated for reviving organicfarm practices. The Green Hub helps farmerswith ZED systems for increasing crop productionand saving cultivation water.
  16. 16. The hub will draw the city’s discerning andfarmers in the outhing district with vitalinformation on crop patterns, technologies andmarket pricing, all of which is aimed atincreasing farmer incomes.The green hub offers... Powerful, successful demonstrations of systems and technologies to support farmers with technology or information. Friendly extension services, market disintermediation services to break the stranglehold of middlemen. Bring technology to farmers on weather data, seed quality and types to use.The ZED EcoBazaars professionals will helpsmall and marginal farmers with proven demopatches of a variety of crops with 50-200 per centhigher productivity and reduction in cultivationwater of over 50 per cent. Visit the hub. You’ll geta fascinating glimpse of the future of farming. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 2 ~
  17. 17. All that you wanted to know but...Home building:01. Is it necessary that we contract to build the houseonly with ZED? Can we appoint an architect of ourchoice, and take up construction on our own?Of course you can, it is not necessary to use ZEDservices for your construction requirements. TheZED Practice will offer design services at adiscounted rate for you if you do choose to workwith us, on design and construction of yourhouse. We will ensure that you get the bestpossible solutions and design options optimizingthe maintenance costs. We must say that with
  18. 18. ZED, buying the land is just the beginning. Otherthan consultancy on design and services, ZEDEnviro also offers a range of energy-saving homeappliances that are as grid, and ever better.Urban Design:02. What are the key features of urban design at ZEDRainseed?Water for your homes. We have provided for ourunique ZED rainwater harvesting systemssolutions for theentire campus, thisreduces sharply yourfresh water demandfrom the state watersupply grid.It can be as mush as20 million liters out of the total 35 million liters.There will be energy-efficient lighting systems forroads and general amenity areas. For individualplots, waste management and plug-play systemshave been installed for services. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 5 ~
  19. 19. Roads:03. What about roads? Are they good and wideenough?Mysore is a city of broad avenues. It was almostan aesthetic necessity to reflect the masterly effortof planning by city planners and forefathers. Wehave ensured a geometrical road design, wherethe main road swells to 12 meters. The clusterlanes are 10 meters wide with easy-accesspedestrian pathways leading into each of theclusters. The roads are designed to be breathingwhile ensuring that they are load-bearing andenduring.
  20. 20. 04. Will there be an assurance that heavy downpourswill not inundate roads ? What are the measures takenfor this?Roads have been cambered to take care of waterlogging. Storm water drains and connectingsawn-off drains that flank the roads are featuresthat are built into the design, to overcome naturalwear and tear.Street lighting:05. What about street lighting? Will it be energyefficient?We have provided street lamps that are custom-designed to lend elegance to the overall aesthetics Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 7 ~
  21. 21. at ZED Rainseed. Campus street lighting spreadsout both sides of the road, with the placingdesigned to alternate on either side to ensureequal spread of light. The selection of street lightsensures minimum energy expenditure.Landscaping:06. Are there any plans for landscaping inside ZEDRainseed?Yes, ZED Rainseed has landscaped parks insidethe campus. We have planted a tree on everyplot. A tree that will grow with your home.07. How green will the roads look, say 4-5 years fromnow?We have planted large canopy trees along theroads. These trees are expected to grow to 15ft -30ft tall creating a canopy. Shaded roads, withcolorful seasonal flowers will adorn theseavenues.08. What work has been done on planting trees so far?So far, we have used local plants, which seek lowwater consumption. Tree species have been
  22. 22. chosen from indigenous varieties that reflect theserene splendour of old Mysore. The fruitingtrees attract all sorts of birds, who will visit ZEDRainseed and even nest there.09. What are the varieties of saplings you intend toplant? What are the criteria for your selection?The Mysore tableland belongs originally to thefabled Dandakaranya forests. Until 1990, averdant green cover with a profusion of lakescharacterised this undulating plateau. Bearingthis in mind, we have directed our effortstowards recreating some of the lost green glory,by recommending species that are endemic tothis region. Endangered species which were anintegral part of this ecosystem in the past are alsopropagated for regeneration.10. As part of being eco-friendly, are you sticking toorganic fertilizers?The entire ZED Rainseed campus will bechemical-free. Organic manure is beingexclusively used in all plantation programmes. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 1 9 ~
  23. 23. Power:11. Will we have supply of electricity from ElectricityBoard ? Do we have any option to reduce energydependence?We have provided individual homes with powerconnections from CHESCOM with meters that youwill secure on your own when you build yourhouse. If you wish to reduce energy dependence.The ZED Practice schemes offer exciting solutionsto enable you to go off the grid with innovativesystems. Please check with ZED officers when youbuild your home.Water and Drainage:12. How have you ensured that we have adequatewater in the years to come?The total daily requirement for water for ZEDRainseed is estimated to be 60000 liters (at fulloccupancy) for domestic consumption. It isestimated that the land area receives as much as50 million liters of rain water every year. If wemanage to harvest even 20 per cent of this
  24. 24. volume, we would we able to harness 10 millionliters (depending upon the maintenance). All thedetails of geological reports will be shared withthe association.13. Will there be water supply and undergrounddrainage facility from Karnataka Urban Water Supply& Drainage Board?The community can be totally self-reliant forwater by proper harvesting of rainwater and itsproper utilisation and alsoby reuse of treated sullagewater. However we willsecure sanction of watersupply and createunderground drainagefacility with clearance fromKarnataka Water Supply & Drainage Board.14. What about sullage water?A centralized sewage treatment system isprovided to treat sullage water (bath and kitchendish water). Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 2 1 ~
  25. 25. 15. Do you envisage a situation when we will not needto be dependent on fresh water for gardening?Yes. With the treated water from centralizedsewage treatment plant, all that treated water canbe reused for gardening and landscaping.Doing up the Environment:To our understanding, ZEDs strengths lie inproject execution and implementation, the appealto us has been the aspects of environmentmanagement.16. Who are the architects of these plans? And what istheir own exposure and insight into environmentrelated issues?
  26. 26. We are professionals who have worked to createsolutions for human settlements for over twodecades. BCIL, ZED projects have been renownedfor being compatible to the interests of localecology. Our main interest as environmentanalysts has been sustainability, localisedgeneration and development of two keyresources—water and energy. Our formindabletrack records speaks for itself—over seven millionsquare feet of conscious buildings that havereceived worldwide acclaim, with 18 awardsfrom 8 nations, for innovation, quality andthought leadership. These awards go a long wayto fuel our commitment to the cause of ourpatrons, and we like to offer solutions at everystage of your dwelling experience. To us,business is not about profits. Profit is a part-reward for our commitment to your cause ofmaking the happy transition from making aliving - to living.We hope this answers some of your questions Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 2 3 ~
  27. 27. and queries. If you have any more, do feel free toget in touch with us. When the Mouth Burns Flame of the Forest [Dhak]. The gum of the tree, brewed with hot water, is useful for checking cough and inammation of the inner side of the mouth. When the seeds are pounded with lemon juice, they cure the "Dhobies itch.
  28. 28. What’s in and around ~ 2 5 ~
  29. 29. The Masterplan Existing 12 m wide road 127* Plots (sft) Nos 126 125 124 123 122 121 1200 31 ide road ide road 10 m w 114* 115* 1500 40 116 117 118 10 m w 119 120 2000 35 113 112 111 2300 18 110 109 3000 03 10 m w ide road 103* 127 104 105 106 107 d 108* m wide roa 102* 101Areas rounded off to the nearest hundred Sq.feet. 100 99Please check specific size with ZED officers. 95* 98 97 96 Existing 12 ide road 10 m w 85* 86 87 road 88 ide 89 10 m w 90 84* 91 92 83 82 93 94* 81 80 79 78 77 76 75 ad 74 ide road 72* 73 10 m w wide ro 59 60 61 ide road 62 63 10 m w 64 65 10 m 66 58 57 67 68 69 56 55 46* 71* 70 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 ide road 47 10 m w 33* 34* 35 36 road 30 37 m wide 29 38 39 10 40 41* 42* way 32 43* 31 44* 45* wide road 3 m path 28 27 ide road 10 m w 19* 20* 18* 21 17* 22 Existing 12 m 23 24 14 25 13 26 16 15 e road ide road Premium & Corner Plots 10 m w 6* 7* 10 m wid 8 9 10 11 1200 07 12 5 4 3 2 1500 06 1 ide road 10 m w 2000 16 ad From Ring Ro 2300 06 3000 03 Areas rounded off to the nearest hundred Sq.feet. Out of 127... 38 Please check specific size with ZED officers.
  30. 30. Guidelines to the community Good fences only make for bad neighboursZED Rainseed is built around the central idea thattogether we can create a small community ofpeople, all of them seeking an alternativelifestyle: one that makes for an idyllic environ.The foundation of this rests on two plans—localized power generation and energyefficiencies; and water management withtraditional, sustainable technologies. This, morethan anything else, has been the idea that makesZED homes a dynamic one-of-a-kind model in theworld. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 2 7 ~
  31. 31. The power and water solutions we have devisedfor ZED Rainseed mean little unless backed bycare on usage by all members of the community.Achieving the balance is never easy. A lotdepends on you as members. We can only installthe systems. How they are used will depend onthe concern you show collectively as residents.And on how you design and build your house,with sensitivity and responsibility.WaterWith water, it is easier still for all of us to take itfor granted. We turn on a tap and there it is. Fornow, we have assumed it will always be there,and we use this precious gift with little thoughtsfor its limits.The ZED plans help to manage to arrest therainwater on the Rainseed land area, in order tohelp strengthen the aquifers. Contour bunds,percolation pits and tanks, collector drains andpits are elements which will be established tocontain the water and help change the landsshallow aquifers.
  32. 32. Minimal usage of fresh water for watering ofplants/gardens is planned since we will beproviding systems for such watering with anetwork of sub-soil distribution channels for ineach of the common land areas.Construction of your homeWhen you build your house it is mandatory thatyou install—1. Open well of 1 meter diameter and 10-15 meterdepth for recharge of rainwater.2. No borewell in your house plot. This is Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 2 9 ~
  33. 33. essential to achieve a water-positive campus, asmultiple borewells drain the groundwater levels.3. Water-efficient fixtures with taps under 6 litersper minute (2 pm), showers under 10LPM anddual flush tanks of 3-6 in every toilet.4. Rainwater harvesting system for terrace watercatchment and re-use, with 1000 liters (1 cubicmeter) static storage tank in your plot set-back area.5. Rainseed residents’ association should ensurethat there is proper recharge of all percolationpits, campus borewells and campus shallowwells in all years into the future.For the plotsEach plot will be bio-fenced, and naturallydemarcated using a variety of attractive hedgesand trees. While we respect your need fordemarcation of your land areas, we only requestyou to employ creative options such as treatedoutdoor timber fencing, bamboo trellised fences,or merely hedges that can be simple, elegant andfunctional.
  34. 34. For powerWe recommend using only CFL lamps andelectronic chokes for tube lights and electronicregulators for fans.The use of motor-based electrical appliances(fans, mixers, grinders, washing machines and soon) increases the impedance factor andadversely affects the power generation ratio. Werequest every resident to do his/her best tooptimise the number of such appliances installed:the fewer they are, the easier it is on generation.Construction of your home:1. Use home appliances that are only BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rated. This includespumps, mixer grinders and microwave ovens.Avoid electrical stoves and geysers that consumemore than 0.5 KW of power.2. Only solar water heater without electricalbackup and with 0.5KW geysers in toilets toensure hot water on cloudy days. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 1 ~
  35. 35. 3. We recommend installing a grid-tie with a1KW solar station to increase power quality andavailability. ZED professionals can offer technicalguidance to you when required. Dal That Heals A decoction of Lentil [Arhar dal] can also be good for ulcers of the mouth when gargled or mouth washed. Drink the brew once a week to keep respiratory ailments in check. The decoction is a useful dewormer.
  36. 36. This is only a prototype of the Agreement that will be executedupon being a Rainseeder. Please go through the following pagesto understand the covenants that we will mutually stand by.AGREEMENT TO SELLTHIS AGREEMENT TO SELL is made andexecuted on the _______________day of _________Two Thousand Twelve (________/_______/2012)at Bangalore.BETWEEN:M/S. BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION (INDIA)PRIVATE LTD., a Company incorporated underthe provisions of Companies Act, 1956, having itsregistered office at No. 397, 13th Cross,Sadashivanagar, Bangalore-560 080, representedby its authorized signatory Mr.________________,_________ hereinafter referred to as the VENDOR.AND:Mr/Ms ____________________________________,s/d/w/o Mr. _______________________________age of_______ years, residing at__________________________________________________________. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 3 ~
  37. 37. Mr/Ms ____________________________________,s/d/w/o Mr. _______________________________age of _____ years, residing at __________________________________________________, hereinafterreferred to as PURCHASER/S.The VENDOR is the owner of the lands describedin Annexure I appended herein and all the landsare free from encumbrances and charges.The VENDOR has prepared a DevelopmentScheme for the formation of a residential layout inlands described in Annexure I, and named as ZEDRAINSEED. The same is duly approved andsanctioned by the Bangalore Mysore InfrastructureCorridor Area Planning Authority (BMICAPA),vide its Sanction bearing No. BMICAPA/101/VAVI/930/2011-12 dated 30.06.2012, clearlyidentifying the Residential Sites, Parks and PlayGround Areas, Civic Amenity Areas, including thePathways and Road Areas in the said layout, as perits rules.
  38. 38. The PURCHASER/S are interested in purchasingthe residential plot bearing No._______________,hereinafter referred to as Annexure II Property.The VENDOR agrees to sell and thePURCHASER/S agrees to buy the said AnnexureII Property for a sum of Rs.__________/- (Rupees______________________________________ only),to be paid as per the Schedule in Annexure III.The PURCHASER/S hereby agrees to purchasethe Annexure II Property and the same is subject toterms and conditions expressed in Annexure IVand the agreement.Both the VENDOR and PURCHASER/S agree thatany dispute or disagreement shall be resolved inaccordance with the Arbitration and ConciliationAct 1996 of India at Bangalore and as per disputeresolution clause in Annexure IV.The parties acknowledge that this agreementsupercedes brochures, letter of offer/payment/plan, any prior agreements and representations Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 5 ~
  39. 39. made by and between the parties, whether oral orin written form. It is further agreed by the partiesthat there shall not be any variance or amendmentto this agreement and terms agreed upon in thisagreement are final and binding.This Agreement is executed and duly signed byboth parties on requisite stamp paper. ThePURCHASER/S shall hold the original copy and aduly signed copy of the said agreement, attested byboth the VENDOR and PURCHASER/S, shall bewith the VENDOR.
  40. 40. UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED(___________________) (__________________)Authorized signatoryBiodiversity Conservation India Ltd., (__________)VENDOR PURCHASER/SWitnesses:1.____________________ 2.__________________ _____________________ __________________ Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 7 ~
  41. 41. ANNEXURE I VENDOR’S LAND TITLES AT ZED RAINSEEDWHEREAS THE VENDOR is the absolute ownerby right, title and interest, and is in peacefulpossession and enjoyment of contiguousimmovable properties situated in Sy. Nos. 213measuring 28 Guntas, Sy. No. 214/1 measuring 2Acre 24 Guntas, Sy. No. 214/2 measuring 4 Acre 6Guntas, Sy. No. 214/3 measuring 1 Acre 18 Guntas,Sy. No. 214/4 measuring 4 Guntas, jointlymeasuring 9 Acres of Land. The VENDOR hasobtained the permission for the use of theagricultural, land for the non-agricultureresidential use, by virtue of the Government orderNo. BMICAPA/19/BUB/447/2010-11, Bangaloredated 12.10.2010 duly converted by the order of theDeputy Commissioner, Mysore, and bearing No.ALN (1) CR/101/2010-11 dated 28.07.2011. Thishas been acquired by the VENDOR by virtue ofRegistered Sale deeds as detailed below:-
  42. 42. 1. Sale Deed dated 10.10.2011, registered asDocument No.MYN-1-13910-2011-12 of Book-Iand stored in CD No. MYND-292, Registered in theOffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North, Mysore,for the land measuring 28 Guntas in Sy. No.213,executed by Sri. C. A. Kariappa, and same has beenacquired by him by virtue of registered Sale Deeddated 17.01.2006, bearing Document No.MYN-1-17220-2005-06 and stored in CD No.MYND70,dated 17.01.2006, Registered in the office of theSub-Registrar, Mysore North Taluk.2. Sale Deed dated 10.10.2011, registered asDocument No. MYN-1-13908-2011-12of Book-Iand stored in CD No. MYND-292, Registered in theOffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North, Mysore,for the land measuring 2 Acres 24 Guntas in Sy. No.214/1, executed by Sri. C. A. Kariappa, and samehas been acquired by him by virtue of RegisteredSale Deed dated 17.01.2006 bearing DocumentNo.MYN-1-17206-2005-06 and stored in CDNo.MYND70, dated 17.01.2006, Registered in theoffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North Taluk. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 3 9 ~
  43. 43. 3. Sale Deed dated 10.10.2011, registered asDocument No. MYN -1-13902-2011-12 of Book-Iand stored in CD No. MYND-292, Registered in theOffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North, Mysore,for the land measuring 4 Acres 06 Guntas in Sy. No.214/2, executed by Sri. C. A. Kariappa, and samehas been acquired by him by virtue of RegisteredSale Deed dated 17.01.2006 bearing DocumentNo.MYN-1-17212-2005-06 and stored in CDNo.MYND70, dated 17.01.2006, registered in theoffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North Taluk.4. Sale Deed dated 10.10.2011, registered asDocument No. MYN-1-13913 of Book-I and storedin CD No. MYND-292, Registered in the Office ofthe Sub-Registrar, Mysore North, Mysore, for theland measuring 1 Acres 18 Guntas in Sy. No. 214/3,executed by Sri. C. A. Kariappa, and same has beenacquired by him by virtue of Registered Sale Deeddated 17.01.2006 bearing Document No. MYN-1-17215-2005-06 and stored in CD No.MYND70,dated 17.01.2006, Registered in the office of theSub-Registrar, Mysore North Taluk.
  44. 44. 5. Sale Deed dated 10.10.2011, registered asDocument No.MYN-1-13916-2011-12 of Book-Iand stored in CD No. MYND-292, Registered in theOffice of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North, Mysore,for the land measuring 04 Guntas in Sy.No.214/4,executed by Sri. C. A. Kariappa, and same has beenacquired by him by virtue of registered Sale Deeddated 17.01.2006 bearing Document No.MYN-1-17208-2005-06, and stored in CD No.MYND70dated 17.01.2006, registered in the office of the Sub-Registrar, Mysore North Taluk. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 1 ~
  45. 45. ANNEXURE IIResidential plot, bearing No. ____________situated in ZED RAINSEED, measuring East toWest :____________ sq. ft. and North to South:__________ sq. ft. measuring in all _________ sq.ft.,bounded by:East : _____________________________West : _____________________________North : _____________________________South : _____________________________
  46. 46. ANNEXURE III Payment ScheduleThe PURCHASER/S agrees to pay the saleconsideration of Rs._____________/-(Rupees_______________________________________ only)in the following manner:a) Rs.______________/- (Rupees ______________________________________________________only)on ______________ at the time of booking.b) Rs.______________/- (Rupees ________________________________________only) on ___________c) Rs.______________/- (Rupees ______________only) on ____________d) Rs._______________/- (Rupees ______________only) on ____________All payments shall be made by crossed cheque/DD in favour of BCIL - RAINSEED Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 3 ~
  47. 47. FAILURE & FORFEITURE:The total cost of the Annexure II Property, alongwith aforesaid cost, has to be paid by thePURCHASER/S to the VENDOR in installments asset out in Annexure III, with demand letter forpayment from the VENDOR.In the event of any default or delay in payment ofthe installments by the PURCHASER/S, theVENDOR, at its option shall be entitled to either:A. Charge Interest on the defaulted installments atthe rate of two per cent per month from the date ofdefault till the date of payment.OrB. issue a notice to the PURCHASER/S, either byregistered post or by courier, giving 30 days time tomake the payment of amounts due. In the eventthat the PURCHASER/S fails to make suchpayment, within the said period, the VENDORshall forfeit a sum equivalent to 10 per cent out ofthe of the part of sale consideration of the
  48. 48. Annexure II Property paid by the PURCHASER/Sto the VENDOR as liquidated damages and cancelthis Agreement. Such cancellation shall be finaland irrevocable. On such cancellation of theagreement, VENDOR shall be entitled toallot/transfer/alienate the Annexure II Propertyto any other person on such terms and conditionsas they deem fit and PURCHASER/S shall nothave any right in or over the Annexure II Propertyon such cancellation of agreement. The VENDORshall refund the remaining part of the paymentmade by the PURCHASER/S after deducting theaforesaid amount to the PURCHASER/S within 2weeks. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 5 ~
  49. 49. Annexure IV Terms, Conditions and CovenantsOF PURCHASER/S:1. The PURCHASER/S has/have verified thetitle deeds and documents of the propertiesmentioned in the Annexure I and II and is/are fullysatisfied the VENDORs ownership of the sameand that the same are free from encumbrances.2. The PURCHASER/S is/are entitled to use thecommon facilities like roads, passages, pathways,electricity, drainage, water connections and othercommon amenities as per the sanctioned plan.3. That the PURCHASER/S is/are not entitled toclaim any right over Annexure II property, untilthey fulfil and perform all their obligations andcompletes all payments as per Schedule AnnexureIII herein and the monies to be paid under theAgreement .4. That the PURCHASER/S shall not be entitled
  50. 50. to transfer/assign or create a right in or overAnnexure II Property and/or the rights under thisAgreement, in favour of any other person orpersons, except, with the prior written consent ofthe VENDOR.5. In view of the Scheme formulated, it is agreedby the PURCHASER/S that they shall have noright to terminate this Agreement withoutforfeiting their rights;OF VENDOR:1. That the VENDOR is the sole and absoluteowner of the Annexure I and Annexure IIproperties and the title to the same are good,marketable and subsisting.2. That the VENDOR agree to do and execute orcause to be executed all acts, deeds and things asmay be required by the PURCHASER/S, for morefully and perfectly assuring the title of thePURCHASER/S. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 7 ~
  51. 51. 3. That the VENDOR shall pay all taxes, rates andcesses in respect of the Annexure II Property up tothe date of the completion/handover of the sameto the PURCHASER/S.4. The sale of the Annexure II Property in favourof the PURCHASER/S shall be free from anyencumbrance, court litigation or acquisitionproceedings or charges of any kind.5. The VENDOR undertakes to obtain all suchsanctions, deviations and other permissionsrequired, from the competent authority from timeto time, to effectively formulate the residentiallayout. A copy of the approved layout plan isannexed to this agreement.6. That the VENDOR agrees to do and execute orcause to be executed all acts, deeds and things, asmay be required by the PURCHASER/S, morefully and perfectly assuring the title of thePURCHASER/S to the Annexure II Property
  52. 52. 7. That the VENDOR has delivered a set of dulycertified photo copies of the documents of titlewith regard to the Parent Deeds of the Annexure IProperties as what is agreed to be conveyed is onlya portion of the larger property to thePURCHASER/S and the PURCHASER/S herebyadmits, acknowledges and confirms receipt of thesame.MAINTENANCEThe VENDOR shall take care of maintenance theAnnexure I Property for a period of one year. ThePURCHASER/S and VENDOR shall enter into anagreement of maintenance. The PURCHASER/Sagrees to pay to the VENDOR a sum Rs. 50/- per Sqof Annexure II Property towards the cost ofmaintenance before or at the time of registration ofsale deed of property as Corpus fund. Out of thesaid amount a sum of Rs. 25/- per square feet shallbe utilized by the Vendor/nominee towardsmaintenance of ZED RAINSEED for the first year.The balance Rs. 25/- per Sq. Ft will be transferred Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 4 9 ~
  53. 53. to the Residents Association on it formation. Themaintenance period of one year will commencefrom the date of completion of the infrastructure asper the sanctioned plan and same is intimated tothe PURCHASER/S.INDEMNITY:The VENDOR agrees and binds themselves to keepthe PURCHASER/S fully indemnified andharmless against any loss or liability cost or claim,action or proceedings that may arise against thePURCHASER/S on account of any defect in orwant of title of VENDOR or on account of any thirdparty claims for the property.DELIVERY OF POSSESSION:VENDOR shall complete the development as persanctioned plan on or before ___________________with a grace period of six months subject to forcemajeure. VENDOR shall hand over the possessionof the same within the said period. In the event anydelay in handing over possession of the property
  54. 54. described in Annexure II herein to thePURCHASER/S, the VENDOR shall pay Rs. 4 persq. ft per month as compensation amount to thePURCHASER/S. Sale deed shall be registered oncompletion of development and uponPURCHASER/S paying the entire saleconsideration as per schedule of payment inagreement.INDULGENCE:Any delay tolerated or indulgence shown by theVENDOR in enforcing the terms of this agreementor any forbearance or giving of time to thePURCHASER/S by the VENDOR shall not beconstrued as a waiver on the part of the VENDORor as any breach or non-compliance of any of theterms and conditions of this Agreement by theVENDOR nor shall the same in any mannerprejudice the rights of the VENDOR.CANCELLATION:In the event of the PURCHASER/S canceling their Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 5 1 ~
  55. 55. booking prior to registration, then 10% of the totalsale consideration shall be deducted ascancellation charges, and the balance, if any shallbe refunded to the PURCHASER/S within 30 daysfrom the date of sale of Annexure II property to anyother party. If the total payments made by thePURCHASER/S are less than 10 per cent then thePURCHASER/S shall pay the balance amountwithin 30 days from the date of cancellationDISPUTE RESOLUTION:In the event of any dispute or difference arisingbetween the parties hereto in regard to any matterrelating to or connected with this Agreement, thesame shall be referred to Arbitration as per theprovisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act1996. Dispute shall be referred to an arbitrator bymutual agreement of the parties hereto. The seat ofarbitration shall be at Bangalore and the awardpassed by the Arbitrator shall be final and bindingon both the parties. Jurisdiction for any litigationrelating to this agreement shall be Bangalore.
  56. 56. STAMP DUTY & REGISTRATION CHARGES:The PURCHASER/S have paid the Stamp Dutytowards the agreement. It is agreed by andbetween the parties that the stamp duty andincidental charges relating to the registration ofsale deed in respect of Annexure II Property shallbe borne by the PURCHASER/SSERVICE OF NOTICE:All notices to be served on the PURCHASER/S ascontemplated by this Agreement shall be deemedto have been duly served if the same is/are sent tothe PURCHASER/S by Courier or Registered Postto the address of PURCHASER/S mentionedherein above.MEANING OF THE EXPRESSIONS USED:VENDOR means M/s. BiodiversityConservation (India) Private Ltd., represented byits authorised signatory and persons dulyauthorised by a resolution of the company. Z E D R a i n s e e d ~ 5 3 ~
  57. 57. PURCHASER/S shall mean and include all thosepersons being legal representatives, successors,heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and suchother persons claiming an interest throughhim/her/them.Sanctioned Plan shall mean plan of developmentof the ZED RAINSEED residential layout approvedand sanctioned by Bangalore MysoreInfrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority(BMICAPA) vide its Sanction bearing No.BMICAPA/101/VAVI//930/2011-12 dated30.06.2012‘Stamp duty and Registration charges mean thestamp duty and registration charges prescribedand mandated by Government of Karnataka ofGovernment of India as the case may be and as areapplicable on the date of registration of theschedule property in favour of thePURCHASER/S.
  58. 58. DISCLAIMER:Whilst we endeavour to make our sales details accurate they should notbe relied on as statements or representations of fact and do not constitutepart of an offer or contract.Please contact the office before viewing the property. If there is any areawhich is of particular importance to you we will be pleased to check theinformation for you and to confirm that the property remains available.We would strongly recommend that all the information which weprovide about the property is verified by you on inspection, feel free tocontact SIMRAN on 99010 54321 for any further questions.
  59. 59. z e d . i n +91B i o d i v e r s i t y C o n s e r v a t i o n I n d i a L t d .Dedicated to promote core environment initiatives.# 3 9 7 , 1 3 t h C r o s s , S a d a s h i v n a g a r, B a n g a l o r e 5 6 0 0 8 0