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An Introduction to Live Tweeting


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Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It's an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you are interested in.

Following the insightful tips in this ebook will ensure that you have enough of a grasp on livetweeting that in practice, you become a livetweeting ninja!

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An Introduction to Live Tweeting

  1. 1. An Introduction to Live Tweeting An introductory guide to Live Tweeting and how to succeed at it.
  2. 2. Contents The Basics The Rules Types of Tweets Tools & Apps Analytics The Process Follow Up Glossary Conclusion b Introduction J s G v g o fD
  3. 3. Live Tweeting Introduction B Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It's an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you are interested in. Following the insightful tips in this ebook will ensure that you have enough of a grasp on livetweeting that in practice, you become a livetweeting ninja! Owethu Makhathini
  4. 4. Chapter 1 The Basics b
  5. 5. The Basics Bb TOP TIP: Remember the 5 W’s: Who, what, where, when and why. Your live tweeting should start by you describing who you are- either yourself or the brand you are representing, where you are tweeting from, what the event is actually about, what the atmosphere is like and showing others why they should be interested in what you are covering. 5W’s Who? When? What? Where? Why? Live tweeting can be beneficial in a multitude of ways depending on the intention behind it. Live tweeting can be used for: . Even to overthrow a dictator as we saw with the Arab Spring in 2011. Entertainment Sports Politics W X
  6. 6. The Basics Bb Correct device(s) In order to tweet effectively, you need to have these devices. Do not leave the house without fully charged gadgets, your charger and your personality. It does not matter how brilliant your tweets, powers of observation and lightning fast your wit is if your battery is low. Take heed. n JjMobile & Tablet devices PC & Laptop rbl
  7. 7. The Basics Bb Create a memorable bio Bio: A short personal description of 160 characters or fewer used to describe who you are on Twitter. It is important to include everything about yourself/business in the bio, this includes accolades or awards and clearly stating who you are and what you do. Be sure to include a link that you can track. A bio can also be tongue-in-cheek and show some personality. TOP TIP: using the background of your Twitter profile is great for marketing purposes.
  8. 8. The Basics Bb Discover sources The Twitter journey only really begins when you discover the sources that will add the most value to your Twitter experience Following people in the same industry, businesses/people you admire, public service accounts and people you know is a great start.
  9. 9. Chapter 2 The Rules J
  10. 10. The Rules BJ Twitter can be a fun and informative place but in order for the platform to be accessible for all, certain rules have to be followed. You are not allowed to: • Impersonate • Threaten violence • Publish private information • Infringe copyright • Phish • Spam • Pornography For more information visit the official Twitter help site. The Rules
  11. 11. The Rules BJ Appropriate punctuation There's no one perfect way to define appropriate punctuation on twitter. Using Brackets Brackets aid in clarifying the intention and content of the tweet. A link or YouTube link needs to be in brackets in order to notify your followers of the source of the content. Single Quotation Marks = Italics Twitter does not allow for text formatting which makes italics impossible. On Twitter single quotation marks take the place of italics in order to be grammatically correct. Follow the quirky and funny @APStylebook for daily tips on style, grammar and usage.
  12. 12. Chapter 3 The Types of Tweets s
  13. 13. The types of tweets Bs Commentary Reporting Verbatim Refers to additional information that is related to the topic previously shared by speaker eg: previous interviews, blog posts ect. Commenting on the atmosphere of the event. Filling people in on what is happening. There are different types of tweets you can use at an event depending on the l event you’re covering and whether its from a personal or professional account. Refers to tweeting word for word. This involves tweeting exactly what the speaker is saying exactly as it comes out. The types of Tweets
  14. 14. The types of tweets Bs Commentary Crisis Management Live tweeting can get pretty hectic with mistakes happening. From mentioning the wrong person to tweeting obscenities. Here is how to fix it. 1. Timing: tweeting a tweet late. When the moment has passed, let it. 2. Make sure that the account you were tweeting from is the right account if tweeting from a business account, especially. 3. Mention: make sure you are using the correct handle to mention the relevant people. When you have made a big error be sure to respond to it • In time • With care • Be open • Be honest The option to deleting a tweet is not so simple. Deleting a tweet may look suspect if people notice. The best thing to do is acknowledge the mistake and apologize before things get out of hand.
  15. 15. Chapter 4 Tools & Apps G
  16. 16. Tools & Apps BG Commentary Tools & Apps You can make life a little easier for yourself when live tweeting at an event by using a monitoring tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to track hashtags and key phrases. Grouptweet is a fantastic tool to use when there is more than one person tweeting on one account for the same event. Bitly - Bitly is a URL shortening and bookmarking service owned by Bitly, Inc., a Betaworks company.
  17. 17. Chapter 5 Analytics v
  18. 18. Analytics Bv Commenta ry Tools & Apps Analytics are extremely beneficial for tracking hashtags, keywords and users making your live tweeting event run as smoothly as possible. Topsy is a social search and analytics company based in San Francisco, California. The company is a certified Twitter partner and maintains a comprehensive index of tweets, numbering in hundreds of billions, dating back to Twitter's inception in 2006. Twitalyzer provides one-click access to the richest body of metrics for Twitter accounts available today. By combining basic Twitter measures with demographic data, widely used metrics like Klout, and our own proprietary scores, Twitalyzer is a "one stop shop" for all of your Twitter analytics needs.
  19. 19. Analytics Bv Commenta ry Tools & Apps Viralheat is a social management platform that empowers enterprise businesses to use the social web to listen and learn about customers in order to build meaningful, deep, and relevant business connections across multiple social networks. Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses grow their social media presence. The web application integrates with multiple social networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands.The application also offers team or individual engagement and publishing tools with in-depth analytics, brand monitoring, competitive insights and social CRM features
  20. 20. Chapter 6 The Process g
  21. 21. The Process Bg Commenta ry The Process Research Create a hashtag Selective hearing Focus Judgement Live Tweeting
  22. 22. The Process Bg Commenta ry The Process Research The best thing you can do before embarking on the treacherous path of live tweeting, is doing thorough research. It is absolutely essential to know and understand the topic as far as possible. This of course excludes livetweeting crazy random occurrences happening on your way to work- that is a whole other ebook. Understanding the topic will enable you to effectively apply ‘selective hearing’ which will be further explained. Create a hashtag Creating a unique hashtag for the specific event makes it easy to find and come up in searches where people have a similar hashtag.
  23. 23. The Process Bg Commenta ry The Process Selective hearing Everything about the event/ speech is important but not everything needs to be tweeted. Once you understand that, you are less likely to be overwhelmed. Capturing every single word spoken is impossible and quite unnecessary. Based on your research, you should be able to sift out what is important and educational and pass on that information to your followers. Focus This may sound very Rocky-eye-of-the-tiger-esque but it is important. Live tweeting is engaging because it follows a streamlined process. The key behind its popularity is sequence. The event will follow a certain sequence and breaking this sequence will be detrimental to your ‘flow’. Adding pictures is acceptable if it follows along the sequence of the event. It is important then to be focused on what is happening in order to have the most accurate depiction of events as possible.
  24. 24. The Process Bg Commenta ry The Process Judgement You have to decide which part of the event/ speech is most likely to get engagement in the form of retweets, favourites and replies. Certain things can be tweeted in order to add context to the event but the focus should be on tweeting retweetable/sharable content.
  25. 25. Analytics Bg Commenta ry The Process Tweeting at an event It’s really exciting to live tweet an event, especially when you notice other people getting involved, but remember you have followers who aren’t there and might not be too keen on their timelines being flooded with your tweets. This applies if you’re tweeting from your personal account. Tweeting at an event will gain you followers, but keep in mind: saturating their timelines might turn others off. Retweets are a great way to see that other people are participating in the event. Save retweets for direct mentions and accolades. You have a hashtag to make sure the conversation is trackable, so there’s no need to retweet everything that’s being said. Retweeting everything will lead to newsfeed saturation and loss of followers.
  26. 26. Chapter 7 Follow up o
  27. 27. Follow up Bo Commenta ry Follow up Not everyone who wants to engage in your live tweets will be able to do so on the day of your event. Having a hashtag means people will still be able to follow and engage the conversation a couple of days after the event. Be sure to maintain interaction. Tools such as Tweetreach actually help you track hashtag reach and lets you play around with other fun stats. 5 steps to twitter success RepeatShareRetweetReplyFollow
  28. 28. Glossary D
  29. 29. Glossary BD Commenta ry Glossary @ -The @ symbol is placed before a username to link to an individuals profile. When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomes a link to a Twitter profile. It is known as a mention API - An Application Programming Interface. Contains all Twitter data. Is commonly used to build applications that access Twitter Avatar - An avatar on Twitter refers to a profile photo. DM - A DM or Direct Message is a private thread of tweets between two users Favourite - Making a tweet a favourite means clicking on the yellow star on the bottom of a tweet. This will go directly into the favourites in your profile.
  30. 30. Glossary BD Commenta ry Glossary Geotagging - adding your location to your tweet. Handle - A handle is a Twitter users username. It is preceded by the @ symbol. Hashtag - The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. One follows a conversation or thread of tweets through hashtags. Interactions - refer to engagement from other Twitter users in the form of retweets, replies and favourites. Retweet - A Retweet is a tweet that appears on your timeline when someone forwards a tweet from another user Trends - A topic / subject that is the most popular at the time due to the amount of engagement. It is algorithmically determined.
  31. 31. Conclusion f
  32. 32. Conclusion Bf Commenta ry Conclusion When you have finished with a session of live tweeting, make sure to send a tweet acknowledging this. This ends the event well and encourages people to share their feelings about the event in order for you to ascertain the true value the event had.
  33. 33. About ZA Social Media B Commenta ry Your Strategic Social Media Business Partner We are dedicated to help businesses acquire customers, retain profitability and stay ahead of competitors on social media. If you are ready to transform your business with the help of social media, Please feel free to contact us or request a social media strategy audit for your Business. Contact details Email: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Written by: Owethu Makhathini Designed by: Sandile Mayambala