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ZAG NY Pitch Guide


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If you have an idea for ZAG New York, this PDF will help you with the process.

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ZAG NY Pitch Guide

  1. 1. THE ZAG PITCH GUIDE New York September 2010
  2. 2. Those of us who work in creative positions have an interesting by-product... other brilliant ideas. Some of these ideas are so brilliant we quit our job and focus solely on there development. But most of the time we don’t quit our job and these brilliant ideas never see the light of day. The advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty changed that when they invested in ZAG, offering refuge for brilliant ideas. Previously agency employees have been the genesis of these ideas, and now we are opening the new product pipeline to people outside the agency. Pitching to ZAG allows people to share their brilliant ideas and see if something great comes from them.
  3. 3. WHAT IS ZAG? BBH is one of the most respected ad agencies in the world, and ZAG is the brand invention group within. On the surface ZAG’s remit is simple and clear: ZAG searches for “Brand Lag” areas where consumer behavior outpaces brand development – we look to fill the white space with new offerings. If you have found a Brand Lag worth investigating, this guide will provide all the information needed to pitch the idea to ZAG. After identifying the Brand Lag, the ZAG team will analyze the potential business opportunity. If the opportunity proves ripe, ZAG will build a commercial plan which includes; developing the brand, engaging potential investors, manufacturers and distribution partners, and tapping the talented individuals of BBH to create messaging and marketing materials for the product launch.
  4. 4. WHAT IDEAS INTEREST US? ZAG is selective about the type of partnerships we will engage in. Our team is small, and the brand building process is extensive, so we focus on the opportunities that provide the most reward for those involved. We get excited about new ideas that have the potential to become significant game changers. We are attracted to ideas that are both relevant and different. 1 2 RELEVANT RELEVANT We are attracted to ideas that solve consumer tensions. BUT NOT AND We are attracted to ideas that are insight based and have inherent energy and potential for brand momentum. RELEVANT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT We are attracted to ideas that can be executed in a reasonable fashion. 3 4 We are attracted to ideas that we can bring to market in NOT RELEVANT DIFFERENT 12-18 months. AND BUT NOT NOT DIFFERENT RELEVANT DIFFERENT
  5. 5. WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT? Most people that pitch ZAG have an idea spark, but other times ideas are more baked. This variable makes it hard to have one standard that fits every situation. Our goal is to provide a platform where people who pitch to ZAG are treated fairly for their involvement. Each project is unique and each project requires a different ZA level of ZAG involvement. Typically, our deals specify that GB ran 10% of profits (which are made from brand inventions) are dS { distributed to those involved with the project. ZAG also plit provides spot bonuses for extraordinary accomplishments = and milestones. Ide aS par Each year ZAG determines the profit split based on the k+ variables of the individual project. We want the profit split to Ven t ure work for everyone, including you. Cap i tali sts +R &D +B ran d Ma nag em ent + BB H }
  6. 6. WHAT IS THE PITCH PROCESS? ZAG’s new product evaluation happens three times a year. We will open our doors to people who want to pitch their ideas in the first week of March, second week of July and the first week of November. We suggest scheduling the pitch a month in advance. Pitches can be in person or over the phone. Pitches must be 30 minutes or less. ZAG will then take 15 minutes for Q&A. After the pitch, ZAG will spend up to 45 days evaluating the market and any potential business opportunities. If ZAG Green Lights the project, we will establish a partnership and see the idea come to life.
  7. 7. HOW DO WE EVALUATE A PITCH? 1. THE ARTICULATION OF A CLEAR IDEA Does it have a consumer tension that makes the idea relevant? Does it fill a consumer need or solve a problem? Does your idea have a clear way to make money in today’s marketplace? 2. IDENTIFICATION OF A CLEAR BRAND LAG BRAND LAGS Are people discussing the need for this idea? Does the product already exist in the market place? Are there any true brands playing in this space? Could another brand swoop in HIGH TALK HIGH TALK and steal the idea? AND AND 3. IDEAL PARTNERS FOR MASSIVE SUCCESS Can ZAG find partners for distribution? What partners could CONSUMER TENSION MANY BRANDS NO BRANDS lend credibility to the product? Who would be the ideal manufacturing and distribution partners? 4. COMMERCIAL CONSIDERATION How extensive are the research and development cost? What LOW TALK LOW TALK is the size of the current and potential market? What ongoing management will be needed to continue operations? What is AND AND the margin potential? MANY BRANDS NO BRANDS DECREASING # OF BRANDS
  8. 8. WHO DO I CONTACT? BBH ZAG Idea: Erin Riley 32 Avenue of the Americas 19th Floor New York, NY 10013 t: 212.812.6621 f: 212.242.4110 e: