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London filming day


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our filming diary up London, A2 Media

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London filming day

  1. 1. London filming day Max and Jack both met at Shenfield station at 10:45 to get the train to Romford to meet Grace, we met Grace at 11 o’clock and then we continued our journey to Stratford station where we met Elliott at 11:45. We then got the central line to Oxford circus station where we thought it would be a suitable starting location for our music video, here is where we started our shot where it looks like the camera videoing was on a tripod taking a photo, and we then decided to use this idea in most locations we went to. Unfortunately it started raining heavily and so we decided to get something to eat at Angus steak house. While we was eating in there we discussed and finalised locations that we was going to visit, we also discussed a backup plan for if it did rain all day. We left Angus steak house at about half 1 and then got the train to Piccadilly circus where we filmed some shots, we also decided to walk to Trafalgar square, Jack filmed me and grace walking there as well to add to our video. Once we got to Trafalgar square, Jack filmed a panorama shot to get all monuments and different views. We did go through some trouble as our main actor Grace was reluctant to look passionate and enthusiastic while lip syncing which was frustrating as you needed to be due to the context of our song. Soon after, we persuaded her to lip sync again. After Trafalgar square we went and filmed in Camden, we planned to go and film in the market in Camden where there are food stalls and clothes stalls but made our video look aesthetically pleasing. We started to film along the Thames near Tower Bridge, that whole market was shut off for repairs so we had to improvise and go somewhere else in Camden. We chose to go to the canal in Camden and that’s where we first filmed the chorus to our chosen song. After a while at Camden, the weather turned sour and so we decided to leave. At this point, the group moral was low due to the weather and small arguments. We then got on the train to go back to Oxford circus but we got on the wrong train which was heading to London Bridge. This mistake actually led to us making our video much better, the weather cleared up and the views, lights and huge buildings it was now dark out so the lights looked amazing on the buildings and especially Tower Bridge, the Continued to use the idea of making it look like the camera was on a tripod taking a picture. We left London Bridge at 5:30 and we decided to go back to Piccadilly Circus to film the final scene, we decided to go there because of the Christmas lights and also we thought the big TV screens would look good in our video. Overall we was up London for quite a while due to problems arising while we were there such as the weather and our actor but we noticed the more we filmed at night the better our video looked.