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The Power of Learning Partnership: Communicating with 0-6 year olds


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What if all you needed to know about leadership you learnt from the home? This presentation illustrates how respect for self and others is a leadership skill that can be developed in collaboration with your children.

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The Power of Learning Partnership: Communicating with 0-6 year olds

  1. 1. intentional parentingthe poweR of leaRning paRtneRship P20 Talks 2012 San Diego, California, USA
  2. 2. intentional parentingleadership insightsfrom your home tribeRaisinginspiRedchildRen
  3. 3. the poweR of leaRning paRtneRship
  4. 4. from my childRen’s P.O.V.
  5. 5. actions speak loudeR than woRds
  6. 6. ‘...tell us what you think, Mummy!’
  7. 7. my childRen aRe gReat miRRoRs foR me
  8. 8. What if ....all you needed to know about leadeRship you leaRnt fRom home?
  9. 9. behaviouR is highest foRm of communication
  11. 11. Running It Role Modelling TheRe-Organise 7R’s Respect of Parenting Review/ Rules Reflect Routine
  12. 12. Respect Respect self ... expRess how I feel
  13. 13. Respect Respect otheRs ... get theiR P.O.V.
  14. 14. Respect leaRn fRom my childRen
  15. 15. paRenting is paRtneRing
  16. 16. paRenting is leadeRship
  17. 17. due for StaRt release 01 Sep 2012 Kidding YouRselfleaRning leadeRship fRom paRenting by DR Yvonne Sum eCourse
  18. 18.