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Vitamins To Maximise Your 24


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A little bit of insight into those things that seem to take up all our time...

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Vitamins To Maximise Your 24

  1. 1. Vitamins to maximise your 24<br />A wise person once made an observation. He said that time is the stuff that our lives are made of. If that is the case for every one of us, every second and every minute that passes by takes us one second or one minute closer to the day of our death. We may not like it but that is the reality of the situation. Our lives are spent in seconds, minutes, hours, and days before years.<br />Time is one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable gifts that God has given unto us. What we in turn do with this gift is what He will be judging us on after we die. So the question is what ARE we doing with our time? Are we busy with nothingness or are we spending our time meaningfully?<br />I believe that a lot of us have challenges with time optimisation at one point or another in our lives. For some of us it is a chronic problem. We wake up in the morning and twelve hours later or eighteen hours later we wonder what we have actually achieved during those hours or we ask ourselves where the time went. For most of us, this happens once in awhile, but when it happens too many times in a row we need to begin to consciously check what we do with our time.<br />Experts in the field of time management have come up with what is called the time management quadrant. The theory is a simple one that says that all the things we do with our time can be divided into 4 main categories:<br />1. Urgent<br />2. Important<br />3. Not urgent<br />4. Not important<br />All the things that we do at any one point in time come under at least one of these categories. The quadrant is therefore as follows (with examples)<br />A majority of us spend a large percentage of our time on either category 1 activities or category 4 activities. We are either busy trying to deal with important emergencies or we are doing things that are neither urgent nor important. Out of these four quadrants, the one category that can help us maximise benefits is quadrant 2 activity. If we will do what is important in time, they will never become urgent. The important things are what will help us realise our dreams and plans.<br />So this year, decide and plan to keep to important issues most of the time. Do not allow them to become emergencies. Spend some time with those you love. Do that assignment now. Go over those study notes today. Finish up that presentation or proposal. Whatever it is, don’t wait till it becomes urgent. Act now and you will realise you have become more productive because of it.<br />