231 244 the last spreads


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2012 Yearbook Ads

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231 244 the last spreads

  1. 1. Rethink timewww.nooka.com© 2012 Nooka Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. We salute the Art and Design High School Class of 2012 Parents & Family “Making the memories last.” Portrait photographer for your yearbook.Thornton Studio Photographers 150 West 25th Street, Storefront New York, NY 10001 www.thorntonstudio.com Telephone: 1-212-647-1966 Mention this advertisement for a discount on your portrait order
  3. 3. 7 HIGHOFART lations7 & Senior Life tu 0127 a 2 r f g o n s s Co aCl“You are the Spark to Make the World Bright and Beautiful” www.artdesignalumni.com Alumni Ad Design by Judy Ou Class of 2012 • 233
  4. 4. Congratulations to the Class of 2012 Congratulations to the Class of 2012 from the Class of 1960 – from the Class of 1961 – the last class to graduate from the first class to graduate from the School of Industrial Art the High School of Art and Design in the building on East 79th Street. in the building on Second Avenue. In memory of George Kuchar, Class of 1960 – One of the most prolific and inventive American filmmakers In memory of Antonio Lopez, Class of 1960 – of the past half-century, and perhaps the most eccentric.The innovative fashion illustrator whose drawings appeared in His campy yet ardent low-budget movies inspired undergroundVogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Interview, the New York Times, directors like John Waters and David Lynch in the 1960s, andand advertisements for Bloomingdale’s, and whose work was helped kindle the do-it-yourself moviemaking aesthetic exhibited in galleries all over the world. now ubiquitous on YouTube.
  5. 5. Congratulations to the Class of 2012, the 75th graduating class of Art & Design From the Class of 1973: Go forth and take on the World! Congratulations Class of 2012 HUDSON RIVER PILOTS ASSOCIATIONTwenty years ago, we stood on the ground you occupy now. Congratulations to Congratulations class of 2012! the Class of 2012! Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams - Henry David Thoreau Yvonne Fitzner Class of 1960 Alumni President, High School of Art & Design June 1990 - June 2007 Class of 1992 - 20th Anniversary
  6. 6. Congratulations & Best Wishes Class of 2012 & Happy 75 th Anniversary High School of Art and Design From The Class of ’72, 40 th Reunion Planning Committee Carmen Vega-Rivera- Chairperson Sharon Burke Cavagnolo Phyllis Busell Ralph Cava Susan Gomberg Mai Keklak Hillary Mager Gladys Martinez Diane Silverstone-Moffat S.Jerry Reinleib, Al Perez, Peter Barry, Chuck Nagy, Bob West. Robert Tan (The person between Al and Peter is Herman Margolis.) Class of ’63 – “The Photo Five”   Class of 1962 Senior Council Back row: Anita Rutch, Alan Alpert, Marcel Fitzner, Arthur Blake and Dennis Parlante. Front row: John DeRosa, Marilynof 1962unknown ???, Emilio Ruiz and Margery Carol Kaan. Class Chipkin, Senior Council Congratulations to the Class of 2012 from the Class of 1962 Celebrating our 50th Reunion ~ Wishing you the best and most successful years to come!238 • Class of 2012
  7. 7. Cong ratu latio ns c lass of 2 012Congratulations Class of 2012 soCiety of illustrators www.soCietyillustrators.org Thank you for the memories and the friendships. Class of 2012 • 239
  8. 8. Dear Class of CONGRATULATIONS and 2012 CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES applause applause Citywide Council on High Schools Evelyn Rodriguez The BRONX caps.gowns@aol A huge embrace to *VIKTORIYA* May Peace and Light surround you always Love, Mom Love, Tutu and Grandpa; Aunts, Uncles and CousinsCongratulations! “Mom’s Blessing” CONGRATS ANA!Jean-Lemke,You have made a veryimpressive start up theladder of success.I wish you all the bestthe rest of the way.Stay Strong and Focused!I am very Proud of You!! You continue to make us proud,With Love, Always, we love you so much! Love Daddy, Olivia, Tati & Charlie LoveraMr. Richard“Congratulations” CONGRATULATIONSJean-Lemke, SHAWN!In your young life youhave accomplished somewonderful things. I amexcited to see what thefuture holds for you.Keep your eyes on the May GOD continue toprize. I’m so proud of you. Bless and watch over you Your family is so proud of you! Stay Focused & in Prayer. Good luck in college.Love, Follow your heart. We love you!Uncle Kevin –Mom
  9. 9. 777 HIGHOFART& The Last Page* I would like to take this opportunity, once again, to thank the Thanks to Principal Strauss and Ms. Reingold for allowing members of the yearbook club for all their help in making this me the opportunity to work on the Class of 2012 yearbook. book great. Without their assistance, this book would lack A special thanks goes to Mrs. Desouza, who ended up the student perspective that every yearbook should contain. listening to most of my deadline related rants, and Mr. After all, teachers and administrators see four years of school Bencsko, who saved the day with his special, graphic quite differently than the students. For example, it was the design related powers and his color laser jet printer. Last yearbook staff who made the superlative section work. but not least, we should all thank Yvonne Fitzner, an Art and Design alum who has always done whatever she I would like to thank all the senior art teachers and their could to support the yearbook. Without out her and the students for contributing work in a mostly-timely matter. advertisements she helped acquire, this book would have With all those other deadlines flying about, I know it’s hard ended up having significantly less pages (and photos). to make time to for yearbook matters, but most of you came through with flying colors. Kudos to those of you who were able to paginate their own section (more points to those of you I hope this yearbook brings you happiness today, who did it well!) I’d also like to thank the students, teachers tomorrow, and years from now. and faculty who contributed photographs to the yearbook. We Good luck, good bye, and be well, had the most contributions from non-yearbook club members this year than yearbooks prior. One of the most difficult tasks Mr. Pasetsky of the club is to see that everyone in the class is represented. *(Cover spoof was created by Sahve Greeff, Your contributions were of a great assist in that endeavor. who is dangerously proficient at this sort of thing). Class of 2012 • 241