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  • The Amateur Gourmet – it’s personal, like a blog post. Interesting and draws you in. list of recent posts & places to connect
  • The hive-2013 newsletter-marketing

    1. 1. Using Newsletters ToStrengthen Your BrandTiffany MuehlbauerNo Ordinary Homestead -- live the life you
    2. 2. A Little About– my blog about life, love & the pursuit– marketing & business growth agencyAmerican living in Germany since 2001, I started working in Internet Marketing in 2000. Ibegan blogging in 2006 and love supporting entrepreneurs and local businesses.2Find Me & Instagram: @t_muehlbauer
    3. 3. Why Have a Newsletter? Creating newsletters is fast and easy Newsletters help you further develop your brand Your mailing list is the ultimate way to communicate with your target audience Newsletter subscribers = money in the bank (when done properly) A newsletter is NOT SPAM!What you need to know:3
    4. 4. Why newsletters are great01
    5. 5. Communicate with ReadersYourReadersYour Blog/ WebsiteYouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookG+Pinterest5
    6. 6. Email is the missing linkReach your readers directly via theirpreferred email address Email is constant People usually keep their emailaddresses for a LONG time They WANT to hear from you6
    7. 7. Newsletters are fastTakes 10 min or less to writeOnce you have a template set up, it should only take a few minutes tocreate a newsletter and send it out.Schedule or send immediatelyWhether you are planning ahead and prepping several newsletters atonce, or do them individually, a good mailing list system makes mailingsquick & easy.Reach readers & customers almost instantlyMost people check their email multiple times a day. After you’ve sentyour mail, you should see opens within a few minutes.7123
    8. 8. What to use newsletters for02
    9. 9. Build Your Authority & BrandPersonalized communication Let readers know you’re an expert ona topic and can help them by sharingyour knowledge This is your chance to make sure you& your audience are sharing thesame views Track your results Get them to take action when youneed them to9
    10. 10. The Viral Effect10
    11. 11. Cash Generation MachineSubscribers = Revenues It’s ok to ask people to buy from you Learn to “launch” and buildanticipation via your list Use strategic auto respondermessages to inform readers aboutyour products11
    12. 12. How to start your newsletter03
    13. 13. Newsletter Services01. AWeberFirst 30 days $1 for up to 500subscribers. Then $19/month. Usedby marketing pros.What do you need from a mailing list provider?TIP: Don’t try to just mail from your own server – it will result in your domain gettingblacklisted!1302. MailChimpFirst 2,000 subscribers free for up to12,000 monthly emails or$10/month to 500.03. Constant ContactFirst 500 for $15/month. Free 30day trial. Many additional servicesfor promotions.04. GetResponseFree 30 day trial. First 1000subscribers $15/month.
    14. 14. Create a FreebieNowadays, you need to bribe people if you want them to give you their email address. Belowis an example of what happens before and after a good freebie is implemented.Make it AwesomeIt’s ok to feel like you’regiving away just a littletoo much.Do Your ResearchTarget popular searchterms leading to your sitePromote YourselfLet them know aboutyour other services &products14
    15. 15. Encourage SubscriptionsPippity for WordPress Easy & attractive forms thatencourage clicking Customize to specificcategories, pages and posts Easy Split Testing Quick to update & personalize Integrates with most email services15
    16. 16. Branding & Your VoiceMake the reader your friend Use similar language & feel to yourwebsite/blog Slip in personal tidbits Ask questions & expect responses Don’t forget the welcome message! Take time to reply & keep theconversation going16
    17. 17. Three Keys for SuccessHelp ThemReaders want solutions to theirown problems.Each newsletter should includetips & tricks to make their lifebetter & easier.The first 5+ emails should beyour absolute best ideas tokeep readers salivating.We each get 100’s of emails aday – and you want them tokeep reading yours.If you have more to say, createa blog post from it and directthem to your website.You’ve only got about 30seconds to make an impression– be sure to make the rightone!Newsletters are marketing tools– so don’t forget to ask for yourreaders to interact.Ask questions, solicit aclick, send them to socialmedia sites, get those readersmaking connections with you.Always include some sort of callto action, even if it’s a smallone.Keep it Brief Call to Action17
    18. 18. A Few ExamplesThe AmateurGourmet“The Dash” fromLaura RoederNo OrdinaryHomestead18
    19. 19. Learn moreI could go on forever about Newsletter Marketing -- but now it’s time for your questions!Visit www.ListMarketingPro.comGet a free ebook with tons more tips onNewsletter Marketing!19