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Hive NYC Community Call - PASE Spread and Scale Deck April 2015


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Summary of Partnership for After School Education's (PASE) Planning for Spread and Scale Roundtables led for Hive NYC member agencies who received grants from the Digital Media and Learning Fund at The New York Community Trust (November 2014-January 2015)

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Hive NYC Community Call - PASE Spread and Scale Deck April 2015

  1. 1. 1 Planning for Spread and Scale Roundtables Hive Community Call Share Out 120 Broadway, Suite 230, New York, NY 10271 Ph: 212-571-2664 Fx: 212-571-2676 @BrathwaiteYM @PASEsetter Yvonne Martínez Brathwaite, PASE Associate Executive Director April 7, 2015
  2. 2. 1. What changes can/must be made to an existing program to make it more viable as it expands? 2. What role(s) can/should the organization as a whole play in the spread or scale of programs? 3. What role(s) can/should Hive NYC play in assisting its member agencies in their growth? 4. How do organizations evaluate and assess their work? How will this be affected by expansion? Roundtables Overview Essential Guiding Questions
  3. 3. Roundtables Overview REFLECTION, REVIEW AND PLANNING
  4. 4. • Total attendance: 155 • Unique Individuals: 63 • Participation Rates: – Nearly 40% attended at least half of the sessions – 32 organizations were represented – 20 organizations sent multiple staff over the course of the roundtables Roundtables Overview Attendance
  5. 5. 5 A Look Back at the Roundtables
  6. 6. 6 A Look Back…
  7. 7. 7 A Look Back…
  8. 8. 8 A Look Back…
  9. 9. 9 Storyboards
  10. 10. There is clear value to scaling or spreading • Can do more of what you do in support of your mission • Can reach and benefit more children and youth • Offers opportunities to help staff grow professionally • Opens the door to new partnerships • Potential for new funding Build from strengths in your organizations • Asset based approach – strong program models • Committed, knowledgeable and experienced staff • Great students • Thoughtful partnerships Roundtables Learnings Things to keep in mind if you want to spread or scale
  11. 11. Scaling and spreading are complicated and layered • Need to understand why and for whom you’re taking that step • Organizational readiness and capacity are huge factors • Fidelity to program needs consideration • Clarity on outcomes is critical • Marketing is influenced by audience, brand recognition, budget Scaling and spreading are doable and can be very successful • Clear plan in place • Support at all levels in the organization • Strong partnerships can add to success • Clear and open communication Roundtables Learnings Things to keep in mind if you want to spread or scale
  12. 12. • Learning from Colleagues: Participants enjoyed the opportunity to learn from others in the room, their projects and gain new ideas. • Networking: Participants enjoyed meeting so many colleagues and connecting with them in person. • Materials/Resources: Self-assessment checklists and planning forms, pre- reading, PASE’s Youth Outcomes Inventory, and other documents were helpful. Some wanted more tools and sample materials (curricula, lesson plans, budgets, and business plans). • Presentations: Participants appreciated hearing from presenters who had undertaken spread/scale projects at their organizations. Some wanted more detail and more opportunities to discuss the issues raised. • Process/Structure: Participants liked the variety of activities (presentations, large and small group discussions, individual and cohort planning). Some wanted more opportunities for small group discussions and individual work. Feedback During the Roundtables Plusses and Wishes
  13. 13. To what extent do you agree with the statements below? % Agree or Strongly Agree % Disagree or Strongly Disagree Overall, I was satisfied with the roundtables 93 0 The roundtables prepared me for my work with spreading and scaling 88 8 I shared the knowledge gained in roundtables with colleagues 86 8 I had opportunities to network with colleagues 96 0 I analyzed our current program design to best assess our ability to spread/scale 80 4 I identified key factors that have been successful in our program design 88 0 I understand what guiding questions we need to address in preparation for spreading/scaling 76 4 I identified potential challenges to spread/scale 88 0 I explored solutions to potential challenges 72 4 I began to plan our spread/scale models 84 0 I learned from the ideas, challenges, and strategies shared by colleagues 93 0 Final Evaluation Feedback - Overall
  14. 14. Topic % Who Learned Some or A Lot about the Topic Curriculum Development 80 Capacity to Scale and Spread 95 Outcomes, Evaluation/Assessment 92 Marketing 71 Action Planning 100 Final Evaluation Feedback - Content
  15. 15. Agenda and notes for each session on Etherpad: • • • • • • Checklists and forms in dropbox: Links and Photos: Hive Minigroup Where to Find More Information Notes, Readings and Action Planning Forms
  16. 16. Subscribe to PASE e-News Follow us Like us Visit our website Stay Connected with PASE Yvonne M. Brathwaite, Associate Executive Director 120 Broadway, Suite 230, New York, NY 10271 P: 212-571-2664 F: 212-571-2676 E: