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2013 06 04_5806_case_manager_implementation__(1)

  1. 1. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager IBM Case Manager How is Advanced Case Manager deployed? The ECM Lab Services offering A comprehensive set of services to help out our customers and partners in securing their ECM solutions / platform building, management and operation
  2. 2. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager Solution vs Products delivery: Why ? Because customers are looking for Solutions, and not for Products: –Looking for additional business value, in term of business goals / needs fulfillment –Demanding an operational relief, expressed in term of risk management –Expecting fast and sustained financial gains: Right size the WHOLE investment Beyond initial justification, to mine enterprise wide additional value (eg : shared platform) –Requiring that IBM provides a comprehensive solution made of : 1) The right set of products … 2) …properly assembled to render expected functions/features + required integration with the customer's Infrastructure ... 3) … delivered via the proper project approach respecting the customer‟s capabilities & leveraging IBM's best practices … 4) … and of which lifecycle will be properly handled end-to-end, namely up to its decommission time.
  3. 3. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager IBM‟s Prescriptive Advanced Case Management Journey and Offerings Discover - Pilot - Project - Program Solution Implementation Project Quick Win Pilot Business Transformation Program Enablers broaden your capability and drive Self-Sufficiency Proven path to realize fast value, foster case management adoption and create transformational impact Consulting & Guardian Assistance Solution Checkpoint Solution Mentoring Training COE Design/ Execution Program Journey Stage Succeed with an Initial Project Establish a Program Adopt within LOB/Enterprise Identify Business Challenge & Value 2 Customers Goals Case Manager Solution Workshop
  4. 4. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager Proven Prescription for Adopting Advanced Case Management IBM offers the fastest and most cost effective approach to successfully navigating your ACM journey. 3 Journey Stage Customers Goals&Context Succeed with an Initial Project Establish a Program Adopt within LOB/Enterprise Identify Business Challenge & Value Maturity Time •Where do we begin? •How do we get started? •How do we incorporate a solution-focused approach? •How do we become self- sufficient on multiple projects? •Can a CoE help us and how can we develop one? •How do we scale up to meet company-wide demand, while avoiding risk of falling short? •How do we ensure the transformation is sustainable? MaturityChallenges •How can I drive immediate business value? •How do we build skills & become self-sufficient? •How do I train my LOB and IT by role & function?
  5. 5. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager IBM Case Manager Solution Workshop (including the QWP Discovery Workshop)
  6. 6. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager 5 Workshop in a Nutshell …? A 3-5 day collaborative journey with your LOB / analyst to a (partial, initial) design & mockup, showcasing the value of Case management and rapid solution development. The focus of this workshop is on providing a common understanding of Advanced Case Management (ACM) terminology and reference services. It also focuses on exploring, understanding, and defining in a customer‟s business context a specific solution pattern for an ACM-based solution. This is typically delivered in 3 on-site days with interactive sessions including a walk-through of the existing flow of work, required case artifacts, roles, tasks, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) coupled with a brainstorming of possible approaches addressing these areas. The output is typically a mock-up of the ACM-based solution using IBM Case Manager. The workshop can be augmented with a QWP Discovery Workshop that enhances the discussions to extract a view of your project requirements, scope and priorities so a phase 1 delivery plan can be proposed.
  7. 7. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager What‟s in it for YOU? • Deeper understanding of IBM Case Manager -Concepts -Capabilities -Speed of implementation -A Better way of designing and delivering applications • Articulation of a specific solution area – so it‟s easier to comprehend • Understanding of broader applicability of IBM Case Manager to other parts of the business • See how the business and IT can collaborate on new solutions • Nothing up our (the IBM) sleeve – “it works, it‟s real and they did it right in front of us” • Jointly develop with IBM a preliminary delivery / implementation approach for your project with a focus on Phase 1
  8. 8. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager IBM Case Manager Delivery Approach & Practices
  9. 9. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager The question is NOT: Can We Include It? The question is: Should We Include it? Is It Valuable To Do It Now (within the current timeline and budget)?
  10. 10. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager 9 What Is The Focus of a Quick Win? 1. Collaboration across IT and LOB 2. Requirements & high level solution design 3. Emphasis on business value - prioritization of requirements 4. Foster user ‘buy in’ with frequent feedback 5. Setup of case solution (process, content, tasking model) 6. Configuration of core business functionality 7. Setup of key metrics & dashboards or business rules 8. Installation of basic infrastructure (1 dev env) 9. Basic testing to showcase use case(s) 10.Business and Technical walkthrough of solution
  11. 11. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager 10 Overview of the Quick Win Pilot (QWP) A known price, known duration, known work-plan  Successful Outcomes:  Deliver a successful „first experience‟ to your LOB - a pilot (production ready) solution in 10 weeks  Jumpstart collaboration & agile development between LOB and IT using IBM Case Manager  Establish a platform for growth and mitigate major perceived project risks  Build business sponsorship and awareness of solution with all the stake holders An IBM-led 10-week delivery project leading to a successful initial solution that establishes an operational platform for case management and your associated content and process capabilities.
  12. 12. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager Development Test Go- Live Define Implement Definition TBD Phase 1: Quick-Win Pilot for Advanced Case Management Demonstrate tangible value with your “quick win” within the first 10 weeks! 11 Quick Win Pilot – 10 weeks to a Deployable Solution (2 weeks) (2 weeks) • Finish remaining UI functionality with look and feel. • Implement basic exception handling and error proofing. • Complete reports and dashboards. iRUN 3 •Goals and critical success factors. •As-Is state. •Solution and case analysis. •To-Be state. •Solution definition. •Forms and custom objects •Scope and Plan for Pilot iRUN 0 (6 weeks) • Install & configure infrastructure • Model case and process flows. • Create property definitions. • Define document classes • Define roles and in- baskets • Define initial set of tasks. • Configure UI (role & page layouts in mashup). iRUN 1 • Implement complex tasks in Process Designer • Build integration components and services. • Incorporate external service integrations. • Create content mgmt components (eg. custom objects, security templates, etc.). • Review data to build analytics reports iRUN 2 Part of U.A.T. Pilot Complete  Deliver a Tangible Initial Release  Jumpstart Team Enablement  Build Business Sponsorship  Establish Platform for Growth Key Outcomes
  13. 13. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager 4/16 4/27 4/30 5/11 5/14 5/25 5/28 6/8 6/11 6/21 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration 4 Delivery Team and Project Deliverables Go Live iRun 0 QWP Installation; Custom Code; Rules; Dashboards Technical Specialist Project Management (Part-time) Configurations and Customizations Developers Design, Execute, Deploy Solution Designer TestDevelopDefine • High level Requirements & Design Document • Pilot Project Plan • Status Report • Iteration Acceptance Document • Final Design Document • Pilot system • QWP Acceptance Doc Deliverables • Status Report • Iteration Acceptance Document • Status Report • Iteration Acceptance Document iRun 1 iRun 2 iRun 3 W O R K S H O P TBD
  14. 14. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager Deployment to a full-scale Production What will be added in the Deployment project to be chained to the QWP ? Functional Enhancements Scalability Enhancement Performance Testing UAT Testing Operations Documentation Deployments Administration Production Infrastructure Architecture Review HA/DR Installations
  15. 15. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Case Manager The Team : A set of local highly proficient products / project experts that rely on an extended world-wide team 14 Thank You !!!!!