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Orange Labs R&D 2011


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Published in: Technology
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Orange Labs R&D 2011

  1. 1. Co-innovation and Free and OpenSource Software If that was not only the release or code but of an entire community? Yves MIEZAN EZO Directeur Smile Training Secrétaire Général CHALA - Bureau FOSSFA Bureau Apreli@ - Vice Président ISOC France
  2. 2. SOMMAIRE● Principles and issues in OpenSource● From the theory of benefits to the common good● From the federation of ideas to the rising of community● Contribution ? Community to value creation
  3. 3. Principles and issues of OpenSource● Definitions and principles of freedom● Concepts of sharing and acceptance principle ● The individual perspective ● Point of view of companies
  4. 4. Definitions●Free software : software that can be used, copied, studied, modified andredistributed without restriction.●Definition of Open Source Initiative (OSI): ● freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 1); ● freedom to study how the program works, and adapt to your needs (freedom 2), and for this, access to source code is required; ● freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 3); ● freedom to improve the program and release the improvements to make the whole community benefits (freedom 4);●A software that not fit completely one of these freedoms is called proprietarysoftware by foss advocates.●Endorsed by the OSI
  5. 5. Examples● Most known FOSS : ➢ Linux, ➢ Apache, ➢ PHP, RoR, python, ➢ MySQL, PostgreSQL, ➢ OpenERP, TinyERP, Dolibarr, ➢ Alfresco, Drupal, ➢ Etc.
  6. 6. Concepts of sharing and Interests● Ease of Use● No proprietary stress (cost of license and renewal)● Adaptation of applications to the specific needs of the organization● Acquisition facility (Internet download)● Multiple applications● International Technical Support (community)● Reliability and security software● Homogenization of application code (World Wide Web Consortium)● Runs on all platforms
  7. 7. Individual motivation● Technical challenge● Belonging sense● Legitimacy and financial autonomy
  8. 8. Organizations Motivations● Independence / Reliability / Technology Interaction● ROI / Cost of acquisition / Possession● Scalability / Sustainability
  9. 9. ● Modeling approaches of OpenSource ● Different models ● Valuing community
  10. 10. Different models● The community model● The model "Services"● The model "freemium "● The model "coalition" on the middleware● The model "cooperative customers"
  11. 11. Different models Motivation Segment Modèle économiqueCommunity Technics, passion application, nicche R&D, volunteeringServices Financial whole Expertise, software, support Middleware, functionnalFreemium Prodcut, finance Double licencing application Middleware, functionnal Expertise, integration, servicesCoalition Sharing production costs application model Independancy, capacityCooperation whole building
  12. 12. ● From the federation of ideas to the emanation of communities ● The specificity of developping countries ; African examples ● African Community Or African Communities
  13. 13. Key figures●Annual OpenSource estimated tunover : 18 billions $USD●Estimated structural growth : 60%●Consumption models : ➢ USA : ex. RedHat - 523 M$ ! ➢ Europe : ex. Smile – 25M€ ➢ Afrique : ex Assistweb - 2M€●According to the Gartner Group, 90 % of the organization will use FOSS by 2012.
  14. 14. Contibution ?
  15. 15. Opportunity for Africa ?● Easy access to Information● Dramatically reduce the cost of technology acquisition● Increased educational opportunities = massive education● Capacity building in technical skills and technological knowledge● Multiplication of skills● Participation in the development of the global FOSS industry● Affirmation of the African particularity● Reliability and durability of specific and local applications
  16. 16. The @frican Community● Finding n°1 : Socio-professionnal category ➢ Developpers Community ➢ Teachers Community ➢ Scientist or Researchers Community...● Finding n°2 : Language Community ➢ French speaking communities ➢ English speaking communities ➢ ...● Finding n°3 : On the road to the new deal ➢ Continental and transcontinental projects
  17. 17. ● Contribution ? ● Several concrete projects and initiatives ● CHALA & FOSSFA ● Example of a continental project : RIF ● Example in education: Apreli@ ● Example in health : OpenYalim ● Example in telecoms : Emerginov
  18. 18. South countries initiatives● Several public and private initiatives to develop actions aiming toreach the millenium goals and reducing the numerci gap ●FOSS strategies in Tunisia, South Africa, Vietnam, Brazil, … ●Infrastructure and acces strategic policies in Senegal, Côte dIvoire, Kenya, ,...● Ressources Éducatives Libres : more than 4500 GFDL (GNU FreeDocumentation Licence), coming from 350 University● Campus numériques in more than 60 countries (Burundi, Haiti,Bulgarie, Moldavie, Maroc, Algérie, Madagascar, Comores, Cambodge,Vanuatu, ...)➢
  19. 19. National communities● Business Consortium ● CHALA - Club des Hommes et femmes dAffaires du Libre en Afrique ● FOSSFA – Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa ● AFRINIC - African regional registry for IP addresses ● AFNOG - Group of African networks operators ●…● Users consortium ● Réseau African des Logiciels Libres – Panafrican FOSS Association ● The CJK Initiative China, Japan and Korea Consotrium ● Software Livre – Latin american consortium● Political Initiatives ● Russie : plan for the transition of federal executive bodies and agencies for the use of free software for 2011 - 2015 years. ●Seneclic – Senegal : reducing the numeric gap by FOSS based educative equipment ● Linux Educacional 2.0 – Brazil : 54 000 research laboratoies computers and servers on GNU/Debian KDE ● Government Open Source Software Resource Center - Afrique du Sud : fournir à tous les niveaux de gouvernement (du local au national) un centre de ressources sur les logiciels libres et OpenSource.
  20. 20. The RIF Project RIF – Ressources Internet Francophone● Mirror sites for FOSS● Initialized in 2001 by the IFN, Institut de la Francophonie Numérique, in collaboration with IRD Montpellier (Institute for Research and Development) and national FOSS associations.● Goal : ● Easy downloading of FOSS through mirror sites proximity in south countries ● Burkina Faso, ● Cameroon, ● Côte dIvoire ● Madagascar ● Mali
  21. 21. Screenshot
  22. 22. ...Apreli@ Association pour la Promotion des Ressources Educatives Libres @fricaines● Awareness of the production of African Open Education Ressources and pedagogical innovations ● initial and continuing training of teachers, ● capacity building, ● educational reform and conciliation in the course of African education systems ● integration of local languages and cultures● Promote the development and coordination of partnerships and networks, especially for the collaborative creation of resources● Create a space for information, dialogue, exchange, sharing, support and assistance to facilitate the readability, coherence and synergy initiatives on Open Education Ressources in Africa.● Support or implement projects using or producing Open Education Ressources in Africa
  23. 23. ...Apreli@● My CM2 class : Creating a curriculum of academic CM2 courses ● Workshop content production expertise that capitalizes on CM2 exercices ● Students accustomed to the use of the computer perform better regard- less of the type of media without taking care of the type of support "● E-Jumlegage : Apreli@ e-Twinning educational network ● deployment of the Reli@ project (Open Educational Resources for africans teachers ● Mermoz-Sacré Coeur of Dakar and Aprli@ and the Citty of St. Maur des Fosses (France) ● E-twinning for Ziguinchor (Senegal) and City of St. Maur des Fosses (France)
  24. 24. ...OpenYalim● Fact : The imaging medical specialists are in big cities ; therefore an application oftelemedicine to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas is needed● 2 doctors, from Côte dIvoire and Togo create a free software for transmission ofmedical imaging : ● provide a platform adapted to the context of telemedicine in developing countries ● provide an adapted environment for development of telehealth networks ● Furbish available an integrated online e-health soft, easily configurable to be adapted to the needs of telemedicine projects ●Furbish to telemedicine projects an 24/7 available technical support
  25. 25. ...Emerginov● An Orange Labs project aiming to : ● provide an OpenSource infrastructure for IP Multimedia subsidiaries in developing countries and connecting infrastructure to the local production telecom network ● Stimulate the creation of micro-telecom services to link the GSM worlds (voice, SMS, USSD) and Web worlds with local partners in innovation ● Building together a library of business applications under a free license and generate local content CHALA is one of the Emerginov special Partner To see further :
  26. 26. Contact Information : Yves Miezan EzoLOpenSource en @miezanezo