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EUNIS 25th anniversary


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A short remembering of the origins of EUNIS, the European University Information Systems Organization.

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EUNIS 25th anniversary

  1. 1. 25TH ANNIVERSARY EUNIS 1993 - 2018
  2. 2. ONCE UPON THE TIME In a continent where: •Networks were at their beginning •Few peole knew what email was •The web did not exist •Nobody would imagine something like a smartphone
  3. 3. IN 1990 In a time where a number of you did not care about IT… OECD started a research project about IT issues for Higher Education.
  4. 4. IN 1992 The project ended with a seminar in Paris at OECD and the first opportunity to meet HE IT Leaders from all around Europe Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London Higher Education Policiy Series
  5. 5. The main conclusion: •Very poor knowledge of what exists in different countries •No means of exchange of information •Urgent need of communication and exchange channels
  6. 6. •Beginning 1993: a short meeting at SURF, Amsterdam, to decide about a follow-up: •Call to organize a meeting in April in Paris, at UPMC, to create an organization.
  7. 7. April 1993: • New organization named EUNISAttendees: Mike Collin (UK) Yves Epelboin (France) John Heap (UK) Chris Hendriks (Netherlands) Jan Knopf (Germany) Pentti Korhonen (Finland) Robin Mc Donough (UK) John Moriarty (Ireland) Bruno Paternostre (Belgium) Ole Carsten Pedersen (Denmark) Kristel Sarlin (Finland)
  8. 8. First actions • A meeting twice a year for information exchange. An organization limites to Western Europe. • First congress: Düsseldorf 1995. EUNIS open to all European countries • Incorporated in France: 1997