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report for Future Concept Lab.
Rights preserved by Shen Yuwei

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Icons project report

  1. 1. Genius LociBenedetta AnghileriElisa BerzuiniGui JialeGökçe YükselShen YuweiTRENDS REPORT
  2. 2. 1.Research objectives.........................................2.Milan trend & icon............................................3.Generational Targets & Icons..........................4.Target interview...............................................5.Home diaries....................................................6.Reaction to Swatch..........................................7.Conclusion........................................................Content
  3. 3. For the Icons project we decided to carry out the interviewsand mind builders.In our investigation we took lot’s of photos. We paid attentionto the domestic environment in order to understand thematerialcultureinthesetwogenerationgroups.Thenwecarriedout a Coolhunting in Milan considering the topics style, food,wellbeing, technology and places.to develop a new possible trend and to propose a new project.interviews as an outcome. We wanted to identify new trends forfurther product/project development that are associated withwanted the focus on the brand“Swatch”. We analized the brandthrough a desk research in which we came out with brand’swhich we would like to develop for our two generation groups.Finally we reached our aim by proposing a project and comingto conclusions with above mentioned groups.ResearachObjectives
  4. 4. DYNAMIC Sport iconFashion iconMarket iconINHERITED Historical iconCraft iconCultural iconPIONEER Design iconInfo iconLuxury iconMILANTrend
  5. 5. DYNAMICSport iconSan Siro Stadium Fashion Week Senigallia marketFashion icon Market iconAssociazione Calcio Milan established in 1988. The spirit of AC milan rooted in this city deeply.For Milanese , San Siro Stadium is the holy land of Carnival. Milan fashion week is one ofthe top 4 fashion week in the world. Meanwhile, The Senigallia in Porta Genova has a longtradition. All these features consist of a dynamic image of Milan.MILANTrend
  6. 6. Historical iconDUOMO Craftmen Luini-panzerottiCraft icon Cultural iconMILANTrendINHERITEDMilan has inherited lots of culture and custom,its with strong italian sear. Italy is a countrywith a long history. There are many craftmen, especially in leather industry. In addition,italian food are astonishingly welcome in all over the world. Milan is a representive city ofthese features. With the development of its own identity, this city absorbed a lot from italianhistorian and culture.
  7. 7. Design iconDesign week ZERO magazine La RinascenteInfo icon Luxury iconMILANTrendPIONEERAs the hotbed of innovation, Milan is the pioneer in a lot of fields. Milan design week in April isone of the most famous design event in the world. It’s a really point of fresh design idea aroundthe world. At the same time, magazine ZERO which is the top fashion media is originated fromMilan. La Rinascente, the Stage of Luxury products is found in Milan as well.
  8. 8. Lively KidsPosh TweensExpo TeensLinker PeopleUnique SonsSense GirlsMind BuildersSingular WomenPremium SeekersNormal BreakersFamily ActivistsPleasure Growersfamily clothes Cameo MUU-MUUMcdonaldsenergy drinkforeign foodBABASUCCOvegeterianbrunchActivia yogurtMichelin Star RestaurantTimbuk Toysjewellery for cellphonePlants vs ZombieWhatsappGoogle glassesKindleGoogle CalenderNike+ipodLexiusBershkaTokidokiFreitag/ Vans/ JeansOakleyCath KidstonBorsalinoStefanelBurberryISSEY MIYAKECLARKSEtro Heineken tennis Imetec massagerBrilla Six God geriatric cellphonespice taste-leaf book osho quick dry backpack Vernissag@vava.milanoEsselungaAl PasciàLUNA STARBalotelli hairstyleKIKObicycle fixedvirgin GymLUSHCreedstone massageSpawatching VIOLETTAJustin Bieber’s concertDiscoSantaria/Frida BarPandenus/PaveMarina Abramovic showBreracooking courseGolf clubSTYLE WELLBEINGTECHNOLOGYPLACESFOODGenerational Targets & Icons
  9. 9. TARGETInterviewINTERVIEWwithFernando & Mattia
  10. 10. Mind Builders Linker PeopleBorsalinoBrunchCreedGoogle CalendarBreraFreitagForeign FoodBicycle FixedWhatsappSantaria/Frida
  11. 11. FERNANDO LOMBARDI52 years oldPhotographerSpend more time at home because he work at homelive with his wife and his dog32 years oldCopywriterFew hours spent at homelive with Matteo, his flatmate for 4 yearsMATTIA PIAZZANOMind Builders Linker People
  13. 13. BEDROOMEspecially for sleep , rest , reading , doing yoga or pilate , work on computer, Notelevision only music .have privacy . Its a open bedromm with tatami on thefloor. I have some magazines, newspapers, personal souvenir and art objectsaround the bed.• Personality : Gandhi• Main spot : tatami bed• Emotion : warm, calmKITCHENIndustrial, open to living room and dining table. All steel, lots of kitchen toolsalong with personal items (pictures / books / vintage items).• Personality : Charles Bukowski• Main spot : objects• Emotion : cleanBATHROOMModern rational, open, bright, with vintage sofa to sit, lay clothes.• Personality :Wood Allen• Main spot : vintage sofa• Emotion: intimacyLIVING ROOMLarge room with picture window, comfortable sofa , large bookshelves ,television. Its main spot of my house.• Personality : Iris Arpfel• Main spot : bookshelves• Emotion: memories and your living styleGARAGE / GARDEN / STORAGE ROOMGarden / atrium furnished with a large bed, plants, objects of religiousBEDROOM #1This room is mine, I sleep there and my stuff is there as well. Any part of it hasits own functionused for listening to music, sleeping and storing clothes. ItsComfortable, lots of staff that could be packed into a tablet.BEDROOM #2Roomie’s room, aka flat’s shared room. Its used for eating and watching sportson rojadirecta. It was once the local subsidiary for a brand.There are Lots of tramvibrations but easiest room to clean.KITCHENNot so big, Its mostly used for cooking, sometimes for eating.There are moreknives than forks or spoons, several ways to enjoy a cup of coffee Kitchen.BATHROOMMore plumbers paid visit to the bathroom than lovely guests.GARAGE / GARDEN / STORAGE ROOMNone of them.
  14. 14. inspiration and mirror.• Personality : Ibrahim Ferrer• Main spot : Red brick wall and religious objects.• Emotion: fantacyPERSONALITY & EMOTIONAny room has its own personality related to who spend more times in it. Objectsare a consequence even if they are located there just few days ago.SPECIFIC / FAVOURITE / SIGNIFICANT SPOTSFirst things I show to new visitors are the stuff I’ve found on the street. Maybe ifyou wanna impress someone, just show them what you got for free.GARDENLIVING ROOMDINGING ROOMBEDROOMCLOSETBATHROOMBEDROOM #2BATHROOM KITCHENBEDROOM #1LIVINGROOMBATHROOMKITCHENPATIO STUDIO150 m²(approx), dining room, open kitchen, atrium,garden, 1 bedroom with bathroom, 2 walk-in closets, 1small service area, small office with bathroom and loftbedroom. Outside parking place (courtyard)45 m² (approx), 2 rooms, kitchen and bathroom. No gardennor garage
  15. 15. what’s in your fridgecupboards, food, drink, almost no frozen foodwhat’s in your medicine cabinetmedicines, leftover weight loss programs or detoxifying never finished.what’s on your bookcase / shelves/ wallsmany image books, costume, architecture and design.what’s in your cd / dvd rack/ smartphone/ tabletevery kind of music.Very few Italian music, lots of CD because unlike the musicfiles download are palpable objects.what’s in your fridge:it depends on my bank accountwhat’s in your medicine cabinet:aspirinewhat’s on your bookcase / shelves/ wallsbooks and dvdswhat’s in your cd / dvd rack/ smartphone/ tabletLP’s
  16. 16. 1. What is/was your favourite book, comic book,cartoon, garment, gadget, accessory…?book: Sulla fotografia”Susan Sontag”comic book:Tintincartoon:The Jetsons ,garment: blue skirtgadget: Doll in fabric of Frida Kalo ,accessory: Silver Ring1. What is/was your favourite book, comic book,cartoon, garment, gadget, accessory…?Mad Magazinesmy recordsmy cameras
  17. 17. 2. Are there any objects outside this house that youespecially like? (buildings, shops, monuments…)A wooden boat3. If you had the money, what would be the objects,clothes, devices… that you would like to own?Faster Internet , a temperature controller in the kitchen , a complete DVD library, an English butler.2. Are there any objects outside this house that youespecially like? (buildings, shops, monuments…)Trams, bicycles3. If you had the money, what would be the objects,clothes, devices… that you would like to own?More Mad Magazines, more records, more cameras25℃
  18. 18. 4. What’s on your walls? Have you got any art,posters, photos, stickers… hanging/attached on theroom’s walls? How long have they been there? Andwhy?some important paintings and a lot of author’s photos on the walls4. What’s on your walls? Have you got any art,posters, photos, stickers… hanging/attached on theroom’s walls? How long have they been there? Andwhy?Mostly movie posters
  19. 19. 5. Have you got a secret diary, agenda or“memory”box?The house is crammed with memory .. In the kitchen, in the bathroom,everywhere.6. According to you, what’s an icon? Please, giveme a definition and some examples present in youreveryday life experienceItems such as a chair by MiesVan der Rohe, books by authors such as Avedon,Newton, a car like the old Mini, the Berkel slicer5. Have you got a secret diary, agenda or“memory”box?Small boxes where I store work related documents6. According to you, what’s an icon? Please, giveme a definition and some examples present in youreveryday life experienceAin’t no icons, only useful or not useful items
  20. 20. 7. What’s the difference between a fashion and anicon? Please, give me an example of a fashion and anexample of icon, in general and in your house…Fashion - eat Bioproducts, and so many clothes in the closetIcons - the old All Star, the old Mini8. Are there any icons that you remember fromwhen you were a child that have disappeared or beenforgotten? Why? Or any favourite icons which havegained a different meaning / influence nowadays?Beatles9. Are there any icons related to the history /contemporaneousness of your country? Has yourcountry produced any icons in the past or recently?The Havaianas, yellow t-shirt of the Brazilian national team.7. What’s the difference between a fashion and anicon? Please, give me an example of a fashion and anexample of icon, in general and in your house…Ain’t no icons, only useful or not useful items8. Are there any icons that you remember fromwhen you were a child that have disappeared or beenforgotten? Why? Or any favourite icons which havegained a different meaning / influence nowadays?When I was a kid icons were football players and directors. Nowadays icons arestill football players and directors that were not when I was a kid. Mostly becausethey weren’t yet born9. Are there any icons related to the history /contemporaneousness of your country? Has yourcountry produced any icons in the past or recently?None.
  21. 21. VINTAGE/ELEGENTItems such as a chair by MiesVan der Rohe, books by authors such as Avedon,Newton, a car like the old Mini, the Berkel slicer. He also want a wooden boat.MASHUPHis collection is various and rich.HIGH QUALITY AND HEALTHY LIFEHe want a temperature controller in the kitchen and an English butler. Almost nofrozen food in the fridge. His leftover weight loss programs or detoxifying neverfinished.CONTEMPLATIVEgood sense of life. He provide each room a personality with famous people. Healso do yoga or pilate in his bedroom.HUMOROUSHis description about Bathroom: "More plumbers paid visit to the bathroom thanlovely guests."EXTRAVAGANT/DISORGANIZEDthings in the fridge depends on his bank account.SIMPLY BUT PASSIONATEIf he have money, he will buy what he like. Mad magazine, records, carmera.PRAGMATISMAin’t no icons, only useful or not useful items.TRAVELER:bicycle and tramComparison
  22. 22. HOMEDiaries SCATTERED HUMORCOLLECTING MOMENTSFURNISHING ENJOYMENTSELF PAMPERINGIntimidating iconsRefidden (refined + hidden) iconsCynismIntellectual enjoymentOverstockTaking careUsefulnessAestheticDelight iconsSoul-care iconsForget-me-not iconsSanctified iconsDust-cover icons / Dethronized iconsMeaningful iconsPersonal tasteHealthy life
  23. 23. Scattered humorVALUESCynismIntellectual enjoymentIcons that furnish different stories by decomposing, recomposingthings which exist and we know so far: icons that excite, arouse a fe-e¬ling. Nowadays, we don’t need anything more, humor remains theonly way to trigger the attraction towards an object. Contradictinglangua¬ges and paradoxes can help to rediscover the narrative ca-pacity in a scorched world by the virtual hypertechnology.ICONSIntimidating iconsRefidden (refined + hidden) iconsHOMEDiaries
  24. 24. Intimidating icons“Don’t be fucking late”in bathroomWeighting scale with superheros’nameFreezer with vodka and organsRemarkable humor behaviour anticipatesthe personality of the landlord. These iconshave the attitude to make a host feel embar-rassed and/or uncomfortable.Scattered humor
  25. 25. Refidden (refined + hidden) iconsThe humor in this house is not ostentatious.It is mild, polite, hidden. It was like a treasurehunt and was also like an experience whichmakes you feel“you re-search something.”Art piece in bathroom“Strictly no smoking”signboard aside to cigarettesQueen Elizabeth say goodbye to guestsScattered humor
  26. 26. Items usually tell you something about people and placesfrom many years ago. They prefer not to record someone’s lifechro-nologically but rather record them by the objects theycollect. It’s taking slower-paced life to focus on the little thin-gs, to find details within the chaos. The important thing is howmemories are hinged to special icons.VALUESOverstockTaking careICONSForget-me-not iconsSanctified iconsCollecting moments HOMEDiaries
  27. 27. Forget-me-not iconsMonthly classifiershelf of the bedroomCorona’s flamingoThe house looks like a big storage. The inhabi-tant of this house is strongly attached even to themost simple things and the landlord chooses toaccumulate in an“organized disorder”.Collecting moments
  28. 28. Sanctified iconsReligious iconography from BrazilCollection of Borsalino and other hatsFernando’s deskInterpreting and living the house as amuseum: not because every object is pla-ced behind a glass, but because he paysattention and he takes care of each me-mory as if it was a treasure.The house grows with its inhabitants.Collecting moments
  29. 29. People enjoy furnishing a space, characterizing strongly, re-ferred to their own personality. All of us can be interior desi-gners of our house. We live in a space grows during our per-manence.VALUESUsefulnessAestheticICONSDust-cover icons / Dethronized iconsMeaningful iconsFurnishing enjoyment HOMEDiaries
  30. 30. dust-cover icons /dethronized iconsIn this case, the icons are dethroned. Thetendency is about purchaseing an item con-sidering not only its importance to the cul-tural and fashion fields, but also its functio-nality. So, items like the ashtray by Enzo Mariwill be surrounded by anonymous glasses ,just like other staff.Ashtray by Enzo MariVintage TelephoneMay Day by Konstantin GrcicFurnishing enjoyment
  31. 31. meaningful iconsPenelope AKA Penny (Labrador dog)with Charles Eames chairToio Lamp by Achille CastiglioniLC3 Armchair by LecorbusierSurround yourself with precious objects with culturalmeaning and aesthetics.The aesthetic and meaning value of these icons are alsoevidents to a guest who visit this house for the first time.Furnishing enjoyment
  32. 32. Pampering, in this case, means to be satisfied by whatsurrounds us. It’s about taking care of themselves andleading a healthy life. It consists of sth following theirown desires and own tastes of the moment.VALUESPersonal tasteHealthy lifeICONSDelight iconsSoul-care iconsSelf pampering HOMEDiaries
  33. 33. Delight iconsDirty glassesFavourite DVDs moviesPersonal skateboardThe priority is certainly about personal ta-ste and present an important meaning.Passions and pleasures are directly con-nected with the leisure of these users.Self pampering
  34. 34. Soul-care IconsBathroom productsMusic CDsPhotographs on the groundNowadays, more and more people have deve-loped a stronger awareness of taking care ofthemselves, through a balanced diet, a healthierlifestyle and our own passions as well. (like mu-sic and photography). The house is a mirror ofourselves and it is also a place where we spenda lot of time, or would like to spend most of ourtime. We need a high quality environment withselected products, where makes us feel comfor-table and peace.Self pampering
  35. 35. SWATCH is just an example for us to discover how it can be improvedthe new market strategy of a brand. we chose swatch because it isone of the best brands in the world and it is worlwide famous. otherreason is that swatch is a brand which really apreciates the marketanalysis and this is why swatch launched its "accessories & jewellery"side in the market because through its successful analysis they sawthat they have to make something innovative to stay on the race. sowe show them that they have to pay attention to the needs of thenew generation groups to stay as a good brand!REACTIONto Swatch
  36. 36. A GOOD BRANDbut why ?- There is history behind- Strong brand identity- High quality of each piece of the product- Always easy recognizable; maybe beacuse of its color,its look (shape, size) or its plastic- Versatile as a design to be worn with almost everythnig- Accessibility to a boarder range of people- Usability in every occasion- A way to communicate to express yourself belonging to thisspecific consumer group
  37. 37. which watch can be for Fernando and Mattia?The watches below are the ones which are the closest demanded by them
  38. 38. to identfy why both Fernando and Mattia are not satisfied withtheir watches here is the SWOT analysis of SWATCHNew StylingHigh TechnologyVariety of ProductsEffective Marketing StrategyRepositioning into the Fashion MarketPricePossible Market inDeveloping CountriesBehavioral Switch of Customersfrom Luxurious to AffordableInnovative change in E-CommerceResearch and Developments with aCombination of New MarketingStrategiesWeak Employee ProductivityDue to fragmentation in the sectorDifficulty in PromotionIncrease of the Counterfeit inWatch MarketExpectation of Consumers in termsof Unpredictable ChangeIncrease of the Cost ofthe Raw MaterialStrengthOpportunitiesWeaknessThreats
  39. 39. why don’t they buy it?reason is the missing feeling of UNIQNESSconsidering their trend approacheshow can the compatibility be determinedappealing to both generation groups?considering the SWOT analysis; the oppotunity of the brandhighlighted above can be the solution of the threat identifiedthe suggestiondevelopment is making the watches compatible“MAKE YOUR OWN SWATCH WATCH”
  40. 40. 1.Milan is a city willing to accept all kinds of new things. Butit also means everything is updating fast. In that contest,historical icons are well stored but more valuable for the oldand tourists.2.For young generation, the icons in Milan cultivatedtheir feature, meanwhile they are exploring further iconsworldwide.3.Tomakeanimprovementofabranditissignificanttomakean analysis of a brand and a deep investigation of addressedconsumer group regularly to communicate them betterand in a useful, innovative way in terms of consumption offuture.4.Atthebeginning,weclassifiedFernandoasamindbuilders.Duringandafterourresearch,wenoticedthatsomefeaturesand some of the values of his behavior: the healthy pleasure(found for example in the kitchen, no frozen food), he livescontinuosly stimulated by new horizons, new passions andnew intellectually stimulating experiencesSo, there is a link between his actions as a mind builder and his future behavior as apleasure grower.CONCLUSION
  41. 41. Thanks