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one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of industrial pipe & fitting ........Makknow Industries

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Makknow industries

  1. 1. Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Pipes and Pipe Fittings<br />Mr. Shailendra LathNo. 317, Rishabh Complex, 3rd Floor, M. G. RoadRaipur, Chhattisgarh - 492 001, India Telephone:  +(91)-(771)-4025914<br /><br />
  2. 2. <ul><li> One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Pipes and Pipe Fittings
  3. 3. Well-equipped infrastructure and a team of experts
  4. 4. Best possible range of products in Industrial Pipes and Pipe fittings
  5. 5. Established a Research and Development department within our premises
  6. 6. We strive hard to maintain quality standards across our range of products
  7. 7. We believe in long lasting relationships and hence value our existing customers at the same time garnering new clients and markets</li></li></ul><li>OUR PRODUCTS<br />Pipes and Fittings<br />HDPE Pipe<br />MDPE Pipes & Fittings<br />Drip Irrigation System<br />Sprinklers Pipes Fittings<br />PVC Pipe<br />
  8. 8. HDPE Pipe<br /><ul><li> We offer HDPE pipes, which are manufactured using 100% virgin grade HDPE compounds.
  9. 9. HDPE Pipes manufactured from Grades PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100, in 20mm to 355mm  OD
  10. 10. an ideal replacement of GI and CI Pipes as a medium of convey portable water, gases, chemicals, electrical and telecommunication ducting, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.</li></ul>Salient features of our range are as follows:<br /> <br />·        Light weight - Benefits in handling storing & Hauling.·        Good performance in aggressive soils.·        High Impact and breakage resistance<br />·        Very high resistance to direct sunlight<br />·        High resistance to chemicals<br />·        Corrosion resistant- Does not rust, not or corrode.<br />·        Resistance to decaying and abrasion<br />·        Easy installation and transport·        Leak proofejoint- Heat  fused joints create a homogenous monolithic system.<br />
  11. 11. MDPE Pipes & Fittings<br /><ul><li>Size Range: From 20 mm OD to 355 mm OD
  12. 12. Pressure Rating: From 2.5 Kg/sq. C.m. to 16 kg/ sq. cm.
  13. 13. Temperature: -40 Deg. Celsius to + 60 Deg. Celcius
  14. 14. Raw Material Grade: Available in PE 63/ PE 80/ PE 100 grade
  15. 15. Colors: Black with Blue Strips, Blue, Yellow
  16. 16. Working life: 50 Years for Water Application
  17. 17. Available in Straight Lengths or Rolls/Coils up to 110 mm OD or as per Customer requirements.</li></ul>Applications:<br /><ul><li>Suitable for Drinking Water
  18. 18. Gas Application in Industries
  19. 19. Residential Colonies
  20. 20. Housing Societies
  21. 21. Jal Boards
  22. 22. Corporations etc.</li></li></ul><li>Drip Irrigation System<br />Catering to the need of Agriculture Industry, we are offering quality range of Drip Irrigation System. Designed as per international quality standard, our range is mainly used for irrigation purpose. It effectively provides water, fertilizer to crops and helps in the rapid growth of the plants. This system provides gradual distribution of water required to nearby roots of the plant and to avoid unnecessary split of excess water around the surface, which will lead to the growth of weeds that may inhibit the growth of plant.<br />Advantages of Drip Irrigations System:<br />•This Drip Irrigations Systems enables 50% - 70% water saving than other traditional or conventional system<br />•The Drip Irrigations Systems can be successfully installed on any uneven land surface.<br />•Drip Irrigations Systems provides uniform distribution of fertilizers, pesticides & manures proportionally to the plants without wastage of fertilizers, pesticides, manures, water & time. This system is economically beneficial.<br />•This system provides gradual distribution of water required to nearby roots of the plant and to avoid unnecessary split of excess water around the surface, which will lead to the growth of weeds that may inhibit the growth of plant.<br />•Drip Irrigations Systems not only provide the better quality of crop but also yield more crop by 1 ½ to 2 times.<br />•Efficient use of water, fertilizers and electricity in irrigation of a variety of crops like Banana, Grapes and Oranges etc.<br />
  23. 23. Sprinklers Pipes Fittings<br />A color clamp spin on collaring nut bolt with the help of lock system gives easy connection & disconnection. The tail piece and couplers are welded with the pipes and are available in various sizes and designs.<br />Salient features of our range are as follows:<br />·        Easy to handle<br />·        Light in weight<br />·        Corrosion resistant<br />·        Robust construction<br />
  24. 24. PVC Pipe<br />Our range of pipes is manufactured using qualitative PVC compounds and reduces frictional losses and scaling due to its smooth inner wall. Displaying chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions, these pipes are widely used in adverse environment.<br />Salient features of our range are as follows:<br />·        Light in weight<br />·        Easy to handle & transport<br />·        Corrosion resistant<br />·        Sturdy<br />Application Area<br />·        Irrigation<br />·        Rain water disposal<br />·        Bore well casings<br />·        Ducting<br />·        Drinking Water transportation<br />·        Drainage<br />·        Sewerage disposal<br />·        Residential places<br />·        Offices<br />·        Factories<br />
  25. 25. Contact Details<br />Makknow IndustriesMr. Shailendra Lath  ( Manager )No. 317, Rishabh Complex, 3rd Floor, M. G. Road,Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492 001, India<br />