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Peanuts types and processing presenstation


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our company presentation about peanuts types and precessing

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Peanuts types and processing presenstation

  1. 1.  Groundnuts is 7600 years older crop in the world.  Groundnuts seeds(kernels) contains 40-50% oil and 10- 20% Carbohydrates.  Its is one of the most popular and universal crops cultivated in more than 100 countries and six continents.  Major groundnut producing countries are china 40%, India 16.4% , Nigeria 8.2%, USA 5.9% and Indonesia 4.1%  India about 75% of the groundnut are lies in a moderate rainfall zone cultivated  India peanuts is due to their “Nutty taste”  Peanuts production Indian States in top in Gujarat
  2. 2. Khariff: Khariff is seasons of cultivation seasons in this seasons 80% cultivated in Khariff in the month of June to September. Rabi: Rabi seasons is post rainfall cultivation in the month of October to march. Groundnuts Khariff Rabi
  3. 3.  Key markets of Indian peanuts: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines. Other exporting countries: US and Argentina this two countries more exporting in EU Countries. Major producing states in India: Gujarat, TN, AP, KA and MA
  4. 4. S.No Famous Varity Indian Varity 1 Runner Bold 2 Spanish Java 3 Valencia Java long 4 Virginia
  5. 5. Bold Origin: Gujrat Count: 40/50,50/60,60/ 70,70/80 Skin: red skin and wrinkles, easily remove the skin in that Shape: oval and bulge Oil: high Uses: Salted peanuts snacks, candy, chocolate etc. Java Origin: Tamil Nadu Count: 50/60,60/70,70/ 80,80/90,90/100 Skin: Pale pinkish and skin is not removed easily Shape: small round and bulge Oil: less Uses: Oils , Snacks, candy, chocolate coatings. Java long Origin: Tamil Nadu Count: 40/50,50/60,70/8 0,80/90 Skin: Pale pinkish and skin is not removed easily Shape: long oval shape Oil: less Uses: Oils , Snacks, candy, chocolate coatings. Kalyani Origin: Tamil Nadu Count: 110/120,120/130,13 0/140,140/150,150 /160 Skin: Pale pinkish, Wrinkles and skin is not removed easily Shape: small size in java Oil: less Uses: Oils .
  6. 6.  Uses of Peanuts: Oil, Peanut butter, Peanut powder, Sweet Candy, Cooking Purpose, Shoe polish, shampoo and Medicine, Soaps.  Custom of products and processing: Blanching • Uniformity of colour. • Less foreign material • Fewer splits Cleaning and sizing • Greeter uniformity is provided • Removal of defects and foreign material Flavourings • Customized coatings for flavours like salt and roasted
  7. 7. Gate Pass Computer weighment check(In and Out) • Compare weighment in supplier weighment • Put lorry empty weighment check Random sample check in vehicle in cargo Unloading cargo in warehouse Product Processing Quality check Packing Put Fumigation in Container Stuffing into Container Ready to shipment
  8. 8. • Remove splits • Remove foreign material • Remove sprouts Scoring • Removal of shelled peanuts Round Shaker • Removal of stones • Removal of splits and foreign material De-stoner • Removal of weight less peanuts • Removed splits and damaged nuts • Remove mold peanuts • Insect damaged seed Gravity • Missed splits, stones and foreign material removed in this section Conveyer belt process • Its optional one if gets before in this process what we expect and to direct packing. Suppose if not get. • Again sorting another final machine we put it in that Sorting • What customer asked in that packaged customized like weight, printing logs • Type of packaged like jute pack, pp bag and vacuum bag • Packed bags to verify the grades and loading the container Packing and Loading
  9. 9. Count of peanuts to classify grades:  Standard weight:28.5g count the peanuts  10 to 15 times to check the samples in this weight and get the average from that its fixed  Moisture content is <8% below is good and after 8%> is wait for dry from the packing process before.  Weight age of Per bags(Net weight and Gross weight) Country policy  Health Certificate and Aflatoxin levels Check certificate.
  10. 10. Challenges of Peanuts Export  Alfa toxin level  Forex Price  Competitors price /quality  Licensing issues/ government tax  Market conditions of international market Season and peak time of market for export:  Before Ramzan (if buyer stockings are sold and continue after ramzan also continue)  Before charismas and after Christmas  Moderate in normal days  If possible to international market slow down is also affect the market
  11. 11.  Alangudi is famous for peanuts producing area in Tamil Nadu. Its traditional way of auction is done in alangudi. Around 40 miles at alangudi.  Auction Timings: 8.00am to days) 18 hrs in season time(Jan to apr)  Working days: Mon to sat Sun(leave)  Formers side: Auction before the day evening formers came to the village trader mills for removed shells in peanuts. Each former bags having 40kg of shelled peanuts. (small calu:120kg shelled peanuts put into shell removing machine. after its gets 90kg nuts will comes. get some times 100kg to 110kg in season time in the month of January).(100g shelled peanuts gets 75g its good quality).
  13. 13. Auction • First check the peanuts and quality, quantity and moisture check • Trader to allowanced the basic rate. • Buyer can increase the rates to purchase the product with competition Jute bags distributed • After wining places from the trader side to asked the jute bags for packing • Number of Count jute bags to gave the slip and we count and give. Collection of peanuts • Wining areas from place to collected the packed peanuts and counting for loading • Each bags having 81.5kg(Net weight) and 80kg(product weight) Marking and loading • After packed bags to Check the one bags to verify the products • After packed bags we put the marking for our identification and count the bags(Best, Medium best , Medium)
  14. 14. We Paid For Alangudi: Pricing of peanuts: Price fixing is depend upon the counts of peanuts (eg:40/50) in the market rate of Chennai and Gujarat local price of the market.(Rs1350)(50-60) Forex prices: Forex pricing is an dollars rate to conversation of Indian money. Fright charges: Concern customer port to deliver charges Note: Local charges price = Forex charges price = Fright charges price = Pay for Amount 1 Trader Charges Rs.50-55(per pur bag) 2 Loading charges Rs.10(per bag) 3 Lorry Charges(16 tons per vehicle) Rs.1000(per ton)