Limelight III Issue


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Zone 6 released our 3rd Issue of newsletter "Limelight" on the ocassion of World Rotaract week.Expecting ur feedback or suggestions.

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Limelight III Issue

  1. 1. LIMELIGHT III Issue on 18 th March 2012 ZONE 6WORLD ROTARACT WEEK SPECIAL NEWSLETTER Zone 6 ZRR – Rtr.Yuvabala - 9884559630 Send Ur Feedback to:
  2. 2. ZRR MESSAGE Warm Rotaract Greetings Zone 6 Family Wishes you a Happy 44th Year of World Rotaract Week And Wish you a Happy Women’s Day. We are happy to release our 3rd Issue of Zone 6 Newsletter LIMELIGHT. This newsletter is very special as we are releasing on World Rotaract Week.In this issue We can go through the special Content Like DRR Message DRRE Message ZONE 6 President Experience This year District mainly focused on Cleanliness. Zone 6 took an initiative and conducted Poster competition we distributed Prizes too. We presented the Cleanliness Poster. MONTH SPECIAL - History of World Rotaract Week. DID YOU KNOW? - LinkedIn Join Community Based Club – AD Zone 6 Photo Gallery.I would like to appreciate and thank each and every club from Zone 6 for their wonderfulsupport,. They are the Pillars of Zone 6 without their support its very tough for me toconduct Zone 6 Poster Competition, Limelight Newsletter and District activities too. All theclubs are doing fabulous projects.We have only 3 Months remaining it’s a time to identify your club President Elect and teamand transfer your leadership qualities and guide them in a good manner.Once again I would like to thank all of them for their wonderful support. Keep Rocking.Together we can and celebrate the difference.Regards,Rtr.YuvabalaRotaract club of ZenithZONE 6 ZRR
  3. 3. DRR MESSAGE DRRE MESSAGEDear All, Dear Rotaractors, Warm Rotaract Greetings!! My Heartiest and Warm Wishes to all my rotaract friends ! I am extremely happy to note that Zone 6, ably led by Rtr PP Rotaract clubs around the world Yuvabala is launching the 3 rd are celebrating World Rotaract Week, 12-18 March, honoring issue of the quarterly newsletter the chartering of the first club in titled ‘LIMELIGHT’ which North Carolina, USA. attempts to bring out the projects that is being done During the week, Rotaract clubs rd during the 3 quarter of the are asked to partner with theiryear. Zone 6 is the only zone which has initiated the rd sponsor Rotary clubs to complete a service projectnewsletter and is successfully launching its 3 issue. together, attend each others meetings, and encourage aWe need to use this newsletter to establish deeper connect nearby Rotary club to sponsor a new Rotaract club in itswithin the team and hence I require each of you to spend area.sometime going through the newsletter and try to bringatleast two issues at the club level. The same can be Rotaract enjoys a 42-year legacy. In the late 1960s,nothingdistributed among Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs and the sucess of the recently formed interact program,forsponsors which will enable one and all to understand the youth ages 14-18, the R.I Board realized the need towork that is being done by Rotaractors. provide adults no longer of interact age. The nameI feel really happy that the support that we are getting from Rotaract(derived from “rotary in Action”) was selected toclubs from Zone 6, towards the district has been show the program’s close affliation with both Rotary andtremendous. Zone 6 is the only zone to timely report interact clubs.projects to the district and to submit the database of all theclubs. I think Rotaract is a place where all people from – Different backgrounds – Different Communities – Different CountriesMy compliments to the ZRR Rtr Yuvabala, for the efforts tobring out this newsletter which is a worthy attempt to get the opportunity to work, learn and enjoy togetherstrengthen the internal communication within the zone. I which helps in building long term relationships of respect,am sure that this e-bulletin will be circulated to others also. peace and mutual understanding amongst our differencecBest wishes to the Clubs for doing worthy projects during (Backgrounds, Communities, Countries, etc) and despite the ththe 44 World Rotaract Week celebrations. The focus of the differences. Rotaract which keeps us bonded together withdistrict being Cleanliness, I urge clubs to create as much of each other as we accept our differences and adjust withawareness on cleanliness so that the general public’s civic each other in each aspect of life. Just like a Symphony is asense could be improved. combination and blend of a voice,drums, guitars, bass,Focus for the clubs: keyboard and other musical instruments. World Rotaract Week in celebration of that Together We Can  Actively participate in the district programmes like Conference I wish to sincerely appreciate the laudable efforts taken by  Report projects on time to the district EB Team Rtr.YuvaBala ZRR and All the Clubs in this Zone 6 for  Do joint projects within and outside the zone making this newsletter PossibleLets celebrate differences and move forward in the positive Its high time to select your next year President. Hope youdirection. Do circulate this issue to your parent club and to all know ADETS around the corner. Make use of thisyour college management. It will be good to get opportunity.testimonials from the college based faculty members sotheir feedback can be published in the next edition. Regards, DRRE.Rtr.Afser AliLets continue to celebrate differences. +919841623060 "Proud 2 be a RCCian"Yours truly,DRR PP Manikandan
  4. 4. ZONE 6 – PILLARS EXPERIENCE the year and have also been able to convert this into a opportunity for all members toRtr.Nivedha – President RC of Sri contribute to their fullest. We have been ableKanyaka Parameshwari College: to do more projects and ones which we thought were not possible by a small groupHi Rotaractors, too. I am glad I have members who understand myThis year is my wonderful year for me ideas and share a whole host of ideas andbecause I travelled in Rotaract Life. Before projects. I have had all the members help mesharing my experience I would like to thank in different projects - by taking the lead andmy faculty co ordinator Mrs.Rajshree and my initiative to plan, get members and resourcesZone mentor Rtr.Yuvabala helped them and together and execute the projects. Thereby Isupported us for doing a project. did not always have to be in the fore front butRotaract is a place where i get so many could take the back seat and just be able toopportunities to learn & improve my skills oversee the happenings. This ability of being alike how to communicate with people, leader has been possible because of thisleadership qualities, Confidence level, how to opportunity. As each member no matter whattackle a problem, Decision making and team their education, age and standing are equalworking. According to me Rotaract is in 5 members and it is the learning of the ability toways i.e Professionalism, Leadership, Service, lead amongst equals which was the keyFriendship and Networking. Enjoying my opportunity.Rotaract Career. Happy Rotaract Week. This opportunity of being the president of my club has taught me a lot about people, aboutRtr.Zia – President RC of NEW College: the problems millions of people in this world face, about the millions of people who haveDear Friends from Rotaract, made it in life throw all hardships and so on.I am very happy to share my experience as a The list of eye openers is long and hasPresident of Rotaract club of New College. I brought about a change in my view of manywould like to thank my faculty coordinator, things.seniors and my Rotaract members for theirsupport. When I am in first year of Rotaract I Rtr.Ezhil – President RC of Madraswon’t talk to anyone I feel very shy to talk to Central:others but now I overcome from that and Iimproved my communication skills and Warm Rotaract Greetings!!!leadership qualities. Thanks for all who giventhe wonderful opportunity to me. BE THE I am very proud to be a 27th year PresidentLEADERS….CHEERSSS. for Rotaract Club of Madras central 2011 & 2012. Am very happy to work with my coreRtr.Rhea – President RC of Siddhanth: team and with the members in my club. Each and every project we did and we do is aThis Rotaract year has been a challenging but collective idea of all members, there is a hugeyet productive year for our club! The main bonding and friendship. Hope this yearchallenges we faced were the number of doesn’t end so soon and I would be really verymembers we have in the club- we have happy.managed to bring in a few members during
  5. 5. I learnt leadership, marketing, Rtr.Anantharam – President RC ofcommunicating, networking, planning, time College of Engineering:management, branding, organizing etc.Thanks for given me a wonderful opportunity. Dear Rotaract Friends,Wish u ahappy world Rotaract Week. As time moving on with our lives and makingRtr.Maniarasan – President RC of Shree new memories I am very glad and proud to beChandraprabhu Jain College: president of Rotaract Club of CEG for 2011 - 12. The gates to the mansion of service wideWarm Rotaract Greetings, open for everyone in our club to visit,engage and enthral. We all joined together as a TEAMRotaract club of Shree Chandraprabhu Jain soley for the welfare of the society and in thecollege active in Rotaract for more than 4 process, by CELEBRATING THE DIFFERENCES!!!years. But this year is very special for usbecause this year only we started Fellowship through Service is the motto of theparticipating in District event and other clubs Rotaract movement and we have guaranteedevent also. Every year we will be doing project all our members to have a memorable time oflike blood donation, Tree samplings, Beach Rotaraction and lots of fun. We proceededcleaning, TB , AIDS awareness etc. Our club this year with themost engaging trio Project-won 1st prize in Zone 6 Poster making (Phoenix, Vizhithiru and Sangarsh) and triedcompetition and in Club Culturals also. to deliver to the public in an even morePersonally I improved my leadership qualities effective and large scale. Inside college eventsand I enjoyed a lot in Rotaract. were also conducted regularly to encourage students to kindle their hidden talents. WeRtr.Shravan Chidambaram – President RC made our club as the best platform for theof SRM Easwari Engineering College: self improvement in the limelight of social service.Dear Rotaractors, Rtr.Joshua Jacob Samuel - President RCRtr. Shravan chidambaram am honoured to of Sri Venkadeshwara College ofhave become a part of rotaract. It is as far as i Engineeering:know, the best thing that has ever happenedto me.I have learnt how to socialize with Being a President of such a historic club haspeople. I have learnt to dedicate more to the given me experience and times never to besociety only because of Rotaract. I have learnt forgoyyen. Whether it was planting the seedsso much about life in this very young age and to a greener tomorrow or holding a lonelyall credits goes to Rotaract Club. This club has hand, its been a magnificent way to use thehelped me be human rather than just being extra time, as a student in a fleeting worldcalled as a human being. Want to be a part of that tends to overlook all the helplessnessZONE-6 always as we have received a lot of and encouragement from our verybeloved ZRR. Thank you for having us. EnjoyRotaract Have Fun.
  7. 7. HISTORY - WORLD ROTARACT in Action") was selected to show the programs close affiliation with both Rotary and InteractWEEK clubs.Every year, Rotaractors and Rotarians around RI President Luther Hodges inauguratedthe world celebrate World Rotaract Week Rotaract in 1968, with the Rotaract Club ofduring the week of 13 March to commemorate North Charlotte becoming the first club. Thethe founding of the first club in 1968. club received its charter on 13 March and had 21 members.World Rotaract Week is a time for celebratingthe success and importance of the Rotaractprogram. This event is also an excellentopportunity to inform members of yourcommunity about the amazing work thatRotaract clubs do, and give them anopportunity to get involved.Rotaract clubs and their sponsor Rotary clubs In March 1968, the Rotaract Club of North Charlotte, Northhave the freedom to explore a variety of Carolina, USA, planted a tree on its campus to commemoratemethods of participating in World Rotaract receiving the first Rotaract charter. Rotary ImagesWeek. Rotaractors can decide the best way fortheir club to celebrate the Rotaract program – Within a day of the first clubs certification, thecompleting one, two or an entire week’s worth Rotaract Club of the University of La Salle wasof activities. After the club has completed its chartered in Tacubaya, Mexico. The RotaractWorld Rotaract Week commemorative events, club of Secunderabad, India, was certified thethe sponsor Rotary club or district Rotaract following week.chair can download a certificate of recognitionfor presentation to the Rotaract club. Since the 1950s, many Rotary clubs had been starting unofficial clubs for young adults, fuelingRotaract clubs around the world are celebrating Rotaract’s rapid growth in its first few years.World Rotaract Week, 8-14 March, honoring Rotaract grew from 21 clubs in 1967-68 to 289the chartering of the first club in North Carolina, clubs a year later. There are now more thanUSA. 8,000 Rotaract clubs in 167 countries and geographical areas.During the week, Rotaract clubs are asked topartner with their sponsor Rotary clubs to Rotaract clubs were originally open to youngcomplete a service project together, attend men and women ages 17-24. Since 1991, youngeach others meetings, and encourage a nearby adults ages 18-30 have been welcomed.Rotary club to sponsor a new Rotaract club in itsarea.Rotaract enjoys a 42-year legacy. In the late1960s, noting the success of the recentlyformed Interact program, for youth ages 14-18,the RI Board realized the need to provideopportunities for service, activity, andfellowship to young adults no longer of Interactage. The name Rotaract (derived from "Rotary
  8. 8. lot of information about the person posting theDID YOU KNOW – LINKED IN opening or job. This opens doors to an aspirant to look for any common connections in the network. If there is anyone a few connections away, it is very easy to ask for an introduction and connect to the person posting the job or the opening. A LinkedIn profile comes in use in two different ways here – a) A person looks for the number of connection you have and b) The number ofLinkedIn is one of the most popular networking recommendations that you have. An impressivewebsites that is in great demand today. Although it number of connections and a few goodis classified as a social networking website, it is recommendations can get you your dreammostly a professional networking website and is a opening in no time at all.great resource for entrepreneurs as well as jobseekers alike. It is different from most other For Networking:websites in the niche in this respect and has manya great corporate biggies as its members. Basic LinkedIn also serves as a great resource for themembership at LinkedIn in free of cost and it future since it recommends you from the past.offers a detailed profile setup (this is basically a Keeping this in mind it is always important to keepdigital resume and it consists of education, skills, in touch and be friendly with old bosses andwebsite links, work history and many other details) colleagues. This will greatly help career prospectscompared to any other social networking website. and eve businesses. A big and growing networkNetworking is very important at LinkedIn and is can help in a lot of ways, for example, it is alwaysakin to the Kevin Bacon game (six degrees). It easy to locate openings within the network anddiffers in the aspect that it is highly important to a apply rather than asking someone for a individual. Let us what makesLinkedIn so important. Some facts about LinkedIn that cannot be ignoredFor Employers: There a few facts about LinkedIn that whenEmployers have become smarter than before and understood will reinforce its importance in thetoday they do not limit themselves to posting their professional and business world. If a user canneeds on or They have understand the importance of the following facts,extended their profiles to check the candidate’s there is no need to emphasize the importance ofFacebook, MySpace or LinkedIn profiles before LinkedIn.making a decision. This is the reason why profileson social networking websites, especially personalones should be kept private since an employer 1. a. People who work at Google average 47would not be highly impressed to see how much connections each on LinkedIn. It must bepartying a candidate does. LinkedIn is very useful since t lists all your achievements and work 2. b. Connections for a Harvard Businesshistory in detail and presents a very professional School graduate average at 58. Do theypicture to an employer. Another great benefit of need LinkedIn to get a job?LinkedIn from the point of view of a candidate is 3. c. Most people who are offered openingsthat when an employer looks at the professional through LinkedIn have over 20connections you have it puts their mind at ease to connections. In fact they get about 35make a decision on your behalf if your network is times more offers than people who haverelated to them in one way or the other. less than 5 connections. 4. d. All of the Fortune 500 companies have a representative on LinkedIn and almostFor Jobs/Recommendations: all of them are represented by employees over and above the director level.Making connections to people who may offer youa job is very easy at LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn has a The importance of having a LinkedIn profile isjob listing section in which the users are able to more than underlined with the above facts for apost jobs and positions, these posts also contain a career minded individual.
  9. 9. Rotaract club of Presidency Candles Sponsored by Rotary club of Presidency candles If anybody willing to join our club Contact IPP.Rtr.Ajith Kumar 9841236904