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Open power ae_jd_20191223_v1


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Document provided by River Lin (IBM Taiwan)

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Open power ae_jd_20191223_v1

  1. 1. OpenPOWER AE Job Descriptions China and Taiwan AE Team Oct 23, 2019
  2. 2. © 2014 IBM Corporation2 Partner/Customers FPGA Card System Encrypted trusted card Cards OpenPOWER Systems Files need to sign NDA NDA , SOW NDA, SOW Files need to sign to get AE support
  3. 3. © 2014 IBM Corporation3 OpenPOWER AE Service is between OpenPOWER partner/customer and IBM legal entity identified in the signature block of SOW. Key items in SOW • Scope of Services – IBM will provide OpenPOWER partner/customer with the Serivce specified in the SOW1 to assist and support the development of a server based on IBM POWER technology. • Services to be provided – IBM will provide the Services for up to 1 person year. – If IBM completes the project before the number of hours listed above is spent, its obligation to perform under the SOW is complete. – The result of this project are uncertain and not guaranteed by either party. • Estimated Schedule – Estimated Start Date: Upon final signature. – Estimated End Date: 12 months after the date of final signature. – The estimated hours for the Services are based upon the timely, continuous performance of the specified activities. – Failure to meet the estimated schedule shall not be a breach of the SOW1. Power Services for OpenPOWER Based Server Designs
  4. 4. © 2014 IBM Corporation4 • Facilities and Hours of Coverage – The services will be performed remotely or onsite, or both. – IBM may use global resource for delivery of the Services. – IBM will provide the Services during normal business hours in the time zone of IBM entity providing the Service, except National holidays, unless otherwise specified. • Charges – The hours of Services are IBM’s estimate to complete the Services and will be provided to OpenPOWER partner/customer at no charge. – Any of additional Services will require a separate SOW and may include charges to be negotiated by parties. • Deliverable Materials – Access to certain support documents relevant to the project can be found at the following website: • Completion Criteria – IBM completes the activities described in the SOW1, or – IBM has provided the number of hours specified, or – The Services are terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement. Power Services for OpenPOWER Based Server Designs – cont.
  5. 5. © 2014 IBM Corporation5 • IBM will provide OpenPOWER partner/customer with the tools and Services which is included – IBM will provide training session with documentation on the use of system development tools. – The training session will be performed remotely or onsite, or both. – Documentation will be provided via IBM Client Connect Workspace. • Charges – One FSP2 debug board (if needed): no charge Annual maintenance fee (year2 – year5) $600 per board. – Software tools IBM OpenPOWER Development Platform – Tools License