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Favorite English YouTube Channels


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My favorite YouTube Channels - #4Creators Learning English Meetup

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Favorite English YouTube Channels

  1. 1. Favorite English YouTube Channels HARUKA IWAO (@YURYU) @ #4 CREATORS LEARNING ENGLISH MEETUP
  2. 2. Disclaimer uThe opinions expressed in this presentation are my own, and do not reflect the view of my employer.
  3. 3. Hello, I am uHaruka Iwao (@Yuryu) uCustomer Solutions Engineer ! uHave never lived outside Japan " uWorking for a US-based company uHQ in CA, my office in Tokyo
  4. 4. English YouTube Channels uChannels for English learners uGrammar, vocabulary, expressions uSome are by bilinguals uEnglish channels uEnglish is the language used
  5. 5. Channels for English learners
  6. 6. Some of my favorite channels
  7. 7. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
  8. 8. YouTube Tips
  9. 9. Change your current location uDifferent videos are suggested based on your current location uChange your setting on the bottom
  10. 10. " # Trending videos
  11. 11. Enable CC uUsually auto-generated CC is available uSometimes prepared by creator (best)
  12. 12. Links u Bilingirl Chika u Hapa英会話 u CGP Grey u Kurzgesagt ‒ In a Nutshell u Vox u Last Week Tonight u The Late Show with Stephen Colbert u Just Between Us u Nat and Friends