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Presentation labour law services in Ukraine


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If you are interested in doing business in Ukraine, and search for qualified legal support, we are happy to help you.

Nexia DK

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Presentation labour law services in Ukraine

  1. 1. Conducting business activity in Ukraine demands not only adequate legal support of external relations with otherenterprises, but also a comprehensive legal support of internal company relations, which provides: an establishment of alegally regulated relationship between employees and the company management, organization of workers safety, inaccordance to legislation of Ukraine, and taking effective measures to protect commercial secrets. Preparation of documents in the field of labour law Preparation of all internal documents related to the proper legal regulation of labour relations:  labour agreements (contracts);  contracts with financially responsible persons;  collective agreement;  internal work regulations;  job descriptions. These documents are important elements, which provide proper regulation of your company’s internal activity, butdespite, preparing them is time-consuming procedure, that needs a thorough approach to studying the above issues. Preparation of documents on work safety Work safety is a weak spot in almost every enterprise on the territory of Ukraine as its development and implementationrequires a large number of documents related to the organization of measures for work safety. However, it is important toremember, that safe working conditions is an important efficiency factor of individual employee and the whole enterprise. Ourcompany offers to ensure your company with a complete package of documents:  instructions on work safety;  regulations on the duties of officers and employees on work safety;  drafting of the relevant sections of the collective agreement. Work safety will not be a weak spot of your Company. Legal support of the dialogue with the State Department of Labor Protection Supervision of Ukraine and other state authorities, during inspections Inspections, conducted by state authorities is always a stress for an employer, in addition, often, conducting suchinspections, the representatives of state authorities flagrantly violate the procedure of its conducting and the law in general.We will send a highly qualified lawyer to support you during the inspection, and to control the lawfulness of the stateauthorities’ actions.
  2. 2. Preparation of documents to protect confidential information Issues of securing the confidential information are always important to any company, especially, taking into considerationthat in Ukraine this problem is not properly regulated by law. For these reasons and in order to protect your company’scommercial secret s from illegal encroachments and guarantee you a refund if your rights are violated, we will prepare for you:  regulation on confidential information and commercial secrets,  employment agreements (contracts), including premonitions on dissemination of confidential information  collective agreement, which contains provisions on the duties of employees, concerning non-dissemination of commercial secret and provisions concerning liability of the employee and other liable persons for the dissemination of such information, etc. Your commercial secret will remain your secret. . Our Company is ready to provide you with comprehensive legal support, concerning solving these issues on yourenterprise. Our company takes full responsibility for the qualitative preparation of internal documents and develops them inorder to meet the needs of the Client, while providing maximum protection of employer and creating the most comfortableworking environment for employees.
  3. 3. Our contacts:Ukraine, Lviv, akad. S. Yefremova str 32a, 3rd floor,79013, tel./fax: 0038 032 2988 540;Ukraine, Kyiv Chapaieva str.4, office 7, 01030,tel./fax: 0038 044 2355 025; E-mail:; Website:, partner. LawNexia DK Auditors and ConsultantsKhrystyna Onyshchenko Cell: (0038) 067 670 26 06; (0038) 050 431 70 83. E-mail: