Nm2216 - Smart-Fit


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Topic: Physical Activities - Smart-Fit
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Tutorial Group: DW2
Group: W25

Group Members:
Chee Yan Yan Dorea
Erik Olof Kees Groenenberg
Melissa Ng Lisha
Tay Oon Chin (Zheng YunJing)
Yeo Ching Lee

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  • Nm2216 - Smart-Fit

    1. 1. SMART-FIT<br />NM2216 Presentation<br />15th October 2010<br />Team Members (DW2 - 25):<br />Chee Yan YanDorea<br />Erik OlofKeesGroenenberg<br />Melissa Ng Lisha<br />Tay Oon Chin (Zheng YunJing)<br />YeoChing Lee<br />
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION<br />PROPOSED TECHNOLOGY<br />A trendy motivational hair-band to enhance exercise experience and promotes safety for girls<br />TARGET GROUP<br />Girls aged from 13 to 18 year old<br />PROBLEMS<br />Safety issues and the lack of motivation<br />
    3. 3. OVERVIEW - PACT<br /> Reluctant to exercise<br />P<br /> Easily influenced<br /> Individual or Cooperative <br />A<br /> Safety critical<br /> Public park or Outdoor facilities<br />C<br /> Many people around<br /> Directional sound<br />GPS navigational system<br />T<br /> Voice synthesizer<br />Pedometer<br />
    4. 4. OVERVIEW - FEATURES<br />OUTPUT: Audio - Celebrity<br />INPUT: Touch pad & Buttons<br />Siren Output<br />Rechargeable Battery<br />GPS<br />Speaker <br />(Directional Sound)<br />Touch Pad<br />Heart Rate Sensors<br />Alarm Button<br />ON/OFF Button<br />
    5. 5. PROPOSED SOLUTION<br />PROBLEM # 2: Safety<br />PROBLEM # 1: Motivation<br />
    6. 6. DEFINE PERSONA<br />NATALIE<br />17 year old girl<br />Seldom exercises on her own<br />Bored easily<br />Prone to peer influence<br />Fond of celebrities<br />
    7. 7. PICTURE SCENARIO<br />Pre-setting activity, goal , virtual trainer and music for my today’s workout. <br />Brad Pitt: Hello Natalie! Shall we begin with today’s activity? (slow beat music starts to play) <br />Natalie: It is such a long way. I don’t think I can run for long.<br />At home…<br />After 15 minutes…<br />At the park…<br />Natalie: Music or virtual trainer is a little too soft.<br />Brad Pitt: (during songs interval) Natalie, you are doing great and we are almost done, hang in there! 500m to go. (music changes according to heart rate)<br />Natalie: Brat Pitt says I can do this! YES, I can run another 500m !<br />
    8. 8. PICTURE SCENARIO<br />Brad Pitt: Natalie, that was a great cardio workout and you did a fantastic job. Now let’s stretch it out and let your heart rate comes down.<br />Besides individual activities, it can be used for team sports too.<br />Natalie: Brat Pitt says I did a fantastic job. Exercising is fun!<br />After the run…<br />Natalie: Changing profile to Team Sports (Volleyball).<br />Natalie: Yes, I would love to.<br />Melissa: Hey Natalie! I am looking for someone to play volleyball with me. <br />Care to join?<br />
    9. 9. PICTURE SCENARIO<br />Natalie: Smart-Fit is still tracking my exercise. Exercising is fun!<br />In the case of an emergency.<br />GPS tracker is also activated for her kin to track her location.<br />With one push of a button near the ear, it engages the safety siren to scare the attacker.<br />Natalie: Oh Gosh!!! There is a creepy guy !<br />
    10. 10. DESIGN ITERATION<br /> First Prototype<br /> Improved Prototype<br /> Final Prototype<br />- ON/OFF Button<br />- Change position of Alarm Button<br />- Hands Movement Sensors<br />- 2 Touch Pads<br />- Alarm Button<br />1st<br />Final <br />2nd<br />
    11. 11. STRENGTHS OF SMART-FIT<br />Hair accessory enables the ease of daily usage<br />Minimal input needed by the user <br />Hands-free gadget<br />Seamless transition to exercise activity<br />Enhances fun in exercise<br />Enables customization and fashionable wear<br />
    12. 12. CRITICISM OF SMART-FIT<br />Not accessible for individuals with hearing disabilities<br />Privacy issues with regards to GPS tracking<br />Safety alarm may generate negative response by the user<br />Possible aversion to the idea of wearing a gadget directly on the head for a prolonged period<br />