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Roy PPT File

  1. 1. The flight from Japanese car of youth consumer Triple S Toshiyuki Saikawa 06BN053H Yumie Shikano 06BN059L Tubasa Shimegi 08BN066H
  2. 2. Now, In Japan…
  3. 3. Present situation Recently, cars are moving poorly in Japan. One of the reasons is the trend away from cars of youth. The tendency of youth buy or want to buy cars decline compare with the past.
  4. 4. The Reasons are… 1, Global business depression 2, Keeping away from car of the youth 3, The development of transportation …and so on
  5. 5. The result of our Survey The youth have the license of the car having 54.2%, there is the youth who does not have a car more than 60%. The interest in car of the youth has decreased.
  6. 6. Driver’s licensee got license when they were youth The 60% of youth get a driver’s license. The average to get a driver’s license 20 years old.
  7. 7. Either after they got license… the period doesn’t have car after getting a driver’s license average total 【sex】 male female 【region】 Kanto Kansai 【marriage】Unmarried Married
  8. 8. Why youth doesn’t buy car? • It was a brand the possession of the private car in Japan before, and was status that improved oneself. However, there is recognition that cars are convenient transportation at the most for present youth. In addition, there are many reasons they doesn’t have private cars.
  9. 9. The reason Why youth doesn’t buy car • Don’t use a car in a daily life • Too much cost to maintain • Too much cost to purchase • Use money for another thing • Scared own driver’s skill • Don’t interest in car • Don’t have merit to have own car • rent a car if they needs • Difficulty to secure parking • The problem of environment • There are not a attractive car • Bad image • others • No reason
  10. 10. Expect how change their purchase tendency in the future • The tendency of purchase cars is turning points when person child, marriage, transfer, getting promotion, etc. • So, the youth consumer rarely experiences such turning points. • The market of youth consumer will not develop a bigger market in future.
  11. 11. The trigger to purchase a car • Move or transference re • To take a child • Birth of child • Stability of their income • Household economy • Old enough to buy a car • Marriage • Getting a promotion • Finding a good car • low level of interest rate • Succession to property • Boyfriend and girlfriend • Etc • Unknown • No interest in own car