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Slides Saturn-final


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Slides Saturn-final

  1. 1. Saturn 2016 Yulian Slobodyan Serge Haziyev Internet of Things Reference Architecture & Case Studies
  2. 2. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein
  3. 3. Cognitive Loop Learn Operate ActSense
  4. 4. People Environment Things Cognitive Loop Learn Operate Act Sense Learn Operate Sense Act
  5. 5. Cognitive Loop People Environment Things Learn Act Cloud Actuators HMIs Software Hardware Sensors HMIs Learn Operate ActSense
  6. 6. People & Things Edge & Communication Data Applications & Services Act Sense Operate Manage & Control Link Bridge Interconnect Contextualize Ingest Process Store Augment Intelligence Augment Behavior Reference Model
  7. 7. People & Things Edge & Communication Data Applications & Services Environ- ment Act World Actuators HCI People Things Sense Link Bridge Interco- nnect Context- ualize Ingest Process Store Network MGNT Configuration MGNT Software MGNT Identity & Access MGNT Security MGNT Inventory MGNT Process MGNT Data MGNT PKI Monitoring Log MGNT Alerting Manage & Control Operate Augment Intelligence Augement Behavior Sensors HCI Software Hardware WSN Edge Gateways IP- Enabled Devices Event Processing Batch Processing Data Pipelines Bus Wired Other Cellular Social Reporting Analytics ML Search Appli- cations Services M2M Work- flows 3rd-party Events Batch LPWAN Satellite Fiber Copper Time- series NoSQL DFS RDBMS Long- term Implementation View
  8. 8. People & Things Edge & Communication Data Applications & Services Security Maintainability Reliability Durability & Resilience Power efficiency Invisibility Security Maintainability Reliability High-Availability Performance Interoperability Security Maintainability High-Availability Performance Security Maintainability Configurability Fault-tolerance Interoperability Quality Attributes
  9. 9. Backdoor Accounts UART Access Unencrypted Storage Remote Shell Access Cleartext Local API Cleartext Cloud API Known Vulnerabilities That Ship With New Devices
  10. 10. People & Things Security Maintainability Reliability Durability & Resilience Power efficiency Invisibility People & Things: Tactics Hardware Root of Trust (TPM/SE/Kerkey/ STSAFE-A) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Secure onboarding and provisioning process (HSM) Firmware verification Physical tampering detection Strong encryption Strong authentication of interactions (network, peripherals)
  11. 11. Freezers and fridges monitoring and management solution. Cloud based services allowing bidirectional communication to hundreds thousands sensors/actuators for data collection/remote assets management and analytics. Designed to scale up to hundreds thousands devices Operational expenses optimization Marketing insights based on user behavior analytics Improved supply chain and logistics Business Value Case Study: Smart Fridges Solution
  12. 12. Cloud Architecture Raw Storage (S3) Staging Storage (S3) Report (Redsift) Journal (Graphite / InfluxDB) Communication Servers Actions UI Send Commands Device Configuration Management Custom Implem. CoAP LWM2M CoAP Mapping UI Device / Master Data Mappings Batch Processing (Spark) UI / API MDM Core Mapping Master Data UI / API Import / Export Dictionaries & Operations Device Management Master Data Management Import / Export Analytical Reports Operational Reports Reporting Platform Interactive Journal (HighCharts) Data collection, Reporting Operational / Analytical Batch Layer Speed Layer Web Portal Streaming & Enrichment (Spark) Event Broker (Kafka)
  13. 13. Sensors Hardware WAN: GSM Gateway nodes: ARM8 Leaf nodes: ARM Cortex M4 Sensor Network: I C, RF Sensors: Light, temperature, AC/DC, camera, weight, other 2
  14. 14. Analytics Dashboard
  15. 15. DEMO cratic IoT
  16. 16. Icons created by Simon Child from Noun Project User Contract Owner Blockchain Contract Sensor Gateway Tech Support Infrastructure Providers Sensors Owner Sound Level Sensors Real-time Dashboard Operational Analytics
  17. 17. Back to the nature: IoT systems resemble Human as an organism and Human society as an organization of services and devices SEI Architectural methods such as ATAM and ADD are well applicable to IoT domain - Quality Attributes and Tactics help design and evaluate complex IoT solutions Security is a significant challenge in IoT adoption, but most vendors have started realizing it and we will see improvements soon Summary
  18. 18. Questions