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Workflow of-creating-of-terminology-database


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Workflow of terminology database creation.
Special Edition for ITI web-site

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Workflow of-creating-of-terminology-database

  1. 1. Effective Environment for Successful Terminology Management Software developer Context Data: PDFs, HTML, etc. Data to localize: .json, .xml, .js, RC, .yml, etc. Localization Vendor Independent Testers and Reviewers Bilingual CAT formats .xliff, .ttx, etc. Loc. Builds Terminology Storage & QA Infrastructure Data Terminology
  2. 2. Term Mining Procedures Usual ways • Term extraction utilities, based on statistical methods • Manual gathering from bilingual content at the localization stage • Ideally: Glossary development must go in parallel with documentation writing Online Term Mining tools • • Yahoo Term Extraction API • • TerMine • SynchroTerm • and many other extractors Built-in tools Terminology extraction tools are often provided by CAT Tools vendors
  3. 3. Term Life Cycle Offered Pre-Approved Banned Postponed Approved Obsolete Legacy Set status namesLet your terms come alive Create your own statuses
  4. 4. Term Approval Workflow  Term Discussions  Track History  Subscriptions  E-mail Notifications  Term change digests Simple Setup your own Term Approval workflows Your Project Use terminology management Editor SME Customer Complex
  5. 5. Content owner Translation team Community Combine activity zones Use crowdsourcing Let the owner be closer Manage permissions to create the most effective terminology workflow Synergy
  6. 6. Interoperability Implement terminology management in your processes TBX SDL TRADOS Multiterm Excel Export Import Public API