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OMG este es nuestro trabajo para ingles WTF?

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  2. 2. FUTURE OF FOOD● 1)Pollution and overpopulation make the future of food production andconsumption must be change. Now we need to enable a newrevolution based on biotechnology and genetics. Food astronaut. Aking of cake that has beans, spinach, milk, potatoes, tomato paste,carrots, raisins, cheese and vegetable oil.
  3. 3. FUTURE OF FOOD2) Eat jellfishEating jellfish is a solution for world hunger and problems of aging.FAO recommended include the jellyfish in the diet to avoid theproliferation in the seas and they stated: “If you can not fight againstthem, eat them”. In Asian countries has used to obtain more proteinfor the body as well as eating molluscs and insects. They are listedvery well in the asian market and it could be to other parts of theworld. The suggestion began that the jellyfish they were a threat forfish since they feed on their eggs and larvae, the most guilty is thehuman.There are so many jellyfish is due to that launch fertilizers intothe sea and overfishing, you compete with jellyfish for the food, andsaid that: “An ocean of jellyfish” overrides to “an ocean of fish”. Inaddition to its nutritional value also has active molecules forbiotechnology can explore for aesthetics and medicine.
  4. 4. FUTURE OF FOOD3) Healthy and viscous insects for dinner● This idea takes "cooking" from the 70s because it was found thatanimals of more than 4 legs are easy to raise and very economical.Currently there are several areas of the world are a delicacy. Theresearchers agree that insects give considerable amounts ofnutritional supplements that are obtainable only through theconsumption of meat, milk and eggs.
  5. 5. FUTURE OF FOOD● It has many benefits consume these bugs:- They are very easily and in large quantities- No land animals being unhygienic- The body of these edible animal represents between 60 and 70percent in good quality protein-They fight cardiovascular problems because of its low cholesterollevel.- The insects contain minerals that help regulate blood pressure- They are very effective in curing digestive diseases, respiratory,bone and nerve
  6. 6. FUTURE OF FOOD4) GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALS● What is sought with this practice (not at all welcomed by scientists) isthat animals can grow with benefits in the flesh to help the gooddevelopment of the human being. For example: pork would be withless saturated fat without affecting the system bodies of man as thedreaded cysticerci.
  7. 7. FUTURE OF FOOD● Other examples1- The fish and seafood shall not be directly ofsea2- Eat what you are or what you “DNA” need3- Container to think alone4- Chefs and food printed metal5- Meat whit sensors
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