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indefinite pronouns.pptx

  1. Indefinite Pronouns
  2. Someone Is there someone at home? Can someone pick my notebook? Someone gave me a chocolate. Can someone see my sketch pen?
  3. Something I want something sweet to eat. Did I do something wrong? He put something in my bag. I want to give something nice to my mothe Can you give me something?
  4. Somewhere I want to go somewhere interesting in my winter holidays. My mother is not at home. She has gone somewhere. I lost my pencil somewhere. We will go for a party somewhere.
  5. no one anywhere something someone Everyone anything nothing nowhere Nobody somewhere anyone
  6. anything nobody everywhere something somewhere
  7. Unseen Passage School Ans.1 – Peter is eight years old. Ans.2 – He lives in Hong Kong. Ans.3 – Peter’s best subject is Chinese. Ans.4 – Peter does not like maths because it is very difficult.
  8. Unseen Passage School Ans.5 – Kimmy lives in Japan. Ans.6 – False Ans.7 – Kimmy prefers Japanese. Ans.8 – Kimmy’s best subject is music.