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Social Media Marketing Plan - GRIP2023.pdf

  1. Marketing Plan Social Media - Instagram 2 0 2 3 #GRIPMARCH23 Created By: Yukta Singh The Sparks Foundation ...Inspiring, Innovating, Integrating
  2. What it does: The Sparks Foundation (India) aids students through a ‘knowledge sharing concept' for equivalent learning opportunities. Vision: A world of enabled and connected little minds, building a future. Mission: To inspire students, help them innovate and let them integrate to build the next generation humankind. Inspire Innovate Integrate To inspire, motivate and encourage students to learn, create and help build a better society. To teach new ways of thinking, to innovate and solve the problems on their own. To let the students integrate, and help each other, learn from each other and do well together. Values: Resilience, Respect, Excellence, Commitment, People, Quality, Integrity, Training, Professionalism About The Sparks Foundation
  3. Why Social Media ? Promoting awareness. Building a robust community. Inspiring others to take concrete actions. Sharing your impact to attract more support from distinct audiences. A good social media profile helps in
  4. Build greater awareness about TSF's mission, values and goals. Raise funds from new and existing donors. Engage existing followers. Boost our reach by attracting fresh audiences. Encourage others to take part in TSF's myriad of programs such as GRIP, Scholarships, and Workshops. Overall, our objective is to An Overview S H O R T BRIE F
  5. INACTIVE ACCOUNT? Before going further, we need to understand some essential points to be considered for a successful Instagram page. Things to keep in mind Instagram is a highly graphical social network based on pictures and videos. Aesthetic visuals of our work can make people more connected to our projects. Attractive profile = More public attention! An inoperative account containing outdated posts and information will cause more harm to our cause than any good! Make ample use of Instagram Tools Instagram has multifarious tools such as Q/A, Polls, Stickers etc. which can ensure more public participation. This is beneficial for making our profile more interactive.
  6. What is the Plan of Action?
  7. POSTS: Increasing the frequency of the posts Use the "Scheduled Post" feature Scheduling posts will help our organization to be more coordinated. Preparing a calendar for upcoming workshops and events can be beneficial for creating a good variety of posts and promoting them effectively. A ton of content is shared on Instgram every hour of the day, so if we want our content to reach properly to our audience, we need to post new updates frequently. Posting creative and new content 2-3 times a week will keep the audience engaged in our activities.
  8. Use Pinned Posts Theme-based posts Our programs include Student Mentorship Program and Student Scholarship Program. It is vital for the audience to be aware about the basis of these programs. Creating posts based on mental-health, educational topics, health and hygiene, inspiration and motivation will assist in more reach. Pinning posts on top of our profile grid will help in accentuating important news or announcements, content that best spotlights our mission and values, and TSF's programs. The Graduate Rotational Internship Program (GRIP) can be circulated among the public more effectively using this feature.
  9. #UseMoreHashtags Instagram is a hashtag-heavy platform. many users search for keywords and hashtags to find quality content or the content they are interested in. Studies show it's best to keep hashtags between 5 and 10 per post. 8 hashtags generate the most engagement. 6-9 can also make enough reach. Continuously experiment with hashtags i.e. keeping distinct (but similar) hashtags on rotation to see how our usage is impacting our results, can lead to more success of our page. For instance, for the GRIP Program, following hashtags cane be useful - #GRIP2023 #GRIPInternship #TSFGRIP #TheSparksFoundationGRIP The given hashtags can be rewritten as #TSFCareerCounselling #HigherEducationPlan #CareerCounsellingService #TowarsABrightFuture
  10. What is best time to post? According to Sprout, the best times to post on Instagram are weekdays between 10 am to 3 pm. Posting more videos can bring out better results as people are inclined more towards visual and creative content
  11. Quiz Polls To engage maximum number of people and check how well is our reach among them. Reminders To remind people about significant upcoming events or webinars or sessions. Q/A Sticker For important FAQs/Queries related to TSF, GRIP, workshops, and other programs. storieS: Stories are an excellent medium to ensure maximum public participation and make our profile more creative. Instagram stories have several beneficial tools.
  12. Adding Links Adding links to the stories can make the sites effortlessly accessible for people. Weekly polls related to different topics can make the instagram page more engaging and fascinating.
  13. Reels can help in more than ways as it is one of the most trending features of Instagram right now. Interview bytes of people who have been benefitted by TSF. This will ensure the credibility of our programs. Videos showcasing different initiatives of TSF. Animations based on different topics coveredd in the workshops organized by TSF. There are many varieties of reels that can be posted for great engagement like- reelS:
  14. INSTAGRAM ADS: The most effective of social media is as an advertising platform. Instagram Ads can help us advertise to potential supporters on Instagram. This gives and extra option to link users to our site.
  15. Hope this presentation could give an idea to optimise your Instagram Profile and invite an immense number of people to join this wonderful initiative.
  16. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!