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some web sites that provide interactive tools to allow application of Blooms taxonomy (2001) to different areas of course design

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Blooms4 learning

  1. 1. BLOOM’SApplying Bloom’s Taxonomy
  2. 2. History of Blooms TaxonomyCognitive
  3. 3. Remember• Recognize • Locate knowledge in long term memory• Recall • Retrieve relevant knowledge from long term memory
  4. 4. Understand• Interpret • Change from one form of representation to another• Classify • Determine that something belongs to a category• Summarize • Abstract a general theme or major point• Explain • Construct a cause and effect model of a system
  5. 5. Apply• Execute • Apply a procedure to a familiar task• Implement • Apply a procedure to an unfamiliar task
  6. 6. Analyze• Differentiate • Distinguish relevant from irrelevant parts• Organize • Determine how elements fit or function within a structure• Attribute • Determine a point of view, bias, intent
  7. 7. Evaluate• Check • Detect inconsistencies within a process or product• Critique • Detect inconsistencies between a product and external criteria
  8. 8. Create• Generate • Come up with alternative hypotheses based on criteria• Plan • Devise a procedure for accomplishing a task• Produce • Invent a product
  9. 9. 2001 Bloom’s Taxonomy2001 Bloom’s Taxonomy
  10. 10. Andrew Church’s Educational Origami site
  11. 11. Kathy Schrock’s Google Tools for Blooms Taxonomy