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Labour Standards law in Japan


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Labour Standards law in Japan

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Labour Standards law in Japan

  1. 1. When hiring someone, what is important in Japan legally ?
  2. 2.  Working conditions must be stated clearly  A contract violating the Labour Standards Law is invalid (Ask us, Social & Labour insurance Specialist in Japan!)  Period of contract→there is some regulations to decide it. Like no longer than 3 years in general, except for those without a definitive period and so on)  Ban on pre-determined indemnity  Ban on offsets against advances  Ban on compulsory savings The tips is that to use Labour Standards Law SMART !!!
  3. 3.  Any Company which employs ten or more workers on steady basis must set such rules of employment, and submit them to the Labour Standards Inspection Office (I organize and to submit for you, if you wish)  There is some items of rules of employment, to organize it which is compulsory, →work begins and ends time, day off and leave, and to the change in shifts and etc,  Show methods of determination, computation and payment of wages (excluding extraordinary wages), the date of closing accounts and of payment and increase in wages,  About retirement (including reasons for dismissal) By contrast, the conditionally required matters to set forth at the work place included.
  4. 4.  Principles of payment of Wages ①Wages must be paid in cash except in cases provided for by law or ordinance, or by collective agreement (transfer of financial institution is OK) ②Wages must be paid directly to the employees themselves ③Wages must be paid in full. Partial deduction may not be permitted with the exception of taxes, social insurance premiums and others according to the written agreement ④Wages must be paid at least once a month on a definite date, except extraordinary wages such as a bonus, etc. There is some regulations to Guarantee of Wages and Minimum Wages and to decrease in Wages as Sanctions.
  5. 5. Yuko Yoriki Social and Labour insurance Specialist since 2014 Director of Yoriki Labour Consulting Office Tokyo Live in Ariake, Tokyo in Japan. Having two children, twins. In detail see below: URL URL Wishing there is a good edge with all of you!