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Shojinmeat Project slides for New Harvest 2017 NYC


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Shojinmeat Project slides for New Harvest 2017 NYC

  1. 1. 2 Yuki Hanyu New Harvest 2017 11.Oct.2017, New York City Shojinmeat Project - Citizen Science for Cellular Agriculture
  2. 2. Citizen Science movement for cellular agriculture #Food Security #Food Miles #Regulations #Cooking #Culture & thoughts #History #Food safety #Ethical studies #Animal welfare #Regenerative medicine #Tissue engineering #Bioreactor #Culture medium #Commercialization #LCA #R&D #Soc.&Econ. Shojinmeat Project 3 #Global collaboration #Space #Art The first startup coming out
  3. 3. Overview - latest developments 4 Still self-funded and independent - not affiliated to university or corporation
  4. 4. 5 Sustainability Dreams for the future Motivations Pure fun
  5. 5. 6 Technological Social Need bigger and cheaper ⇒Let’s biohack! Need to be understood ⇒Let’s talk! The hurdles
  6. 6. Regional Perspectives 7 Zen Buddhist view on clean meat? Joint-sessions with Kyoto Uni.
  7. 7. 8 Biohacking / DIY-bio? Accessible, transparent, low-cost “It’s all on the web!” “You can do it too!” “We don’t need that high grade”
  8. 8. Where do we do experiments? Leave-a-Nest teaching lab Open Bio Club, FabCafe Tokyo Homes and kitchens Tissue and organ factory, TWIns lab
  9. 9. Sports drink culture media 90% DAKARA 80% 70% 60% 0% (DMEM only) 50% Days Celldivisions Proliferation of mouse L6 in DMEM/Dakara 10% FBS #pH and osmolality of Dakara adjusted by NaHCO3(s) and 2M NaOH Fluid name osmolality pH DMEM(-, hi glu) 345 7.4 Pocari 338 3.4 Aquarius 291 3.37 Amino-Value 4000 289 3.63 AminoVital Gold 186 3.33 Vitamin Water 302 3.3 Green DAKARA 322 3.28 Amiiru Water 249 3.4 Mamoru Chikara 546 3.58 10
  10. 10. Yeast extract as serum alternative? 11 Commercially available: “Yeast extract for animal cell culture” (Sheffield Bioscience Ltd.) Dried yeast (dog food) Phosphate buffer & salt Papain, 65℃, stir, ~24h to “digest” yeast Filtered before use in cell culture pH7.4 No bacterial contamination Preparation cost: 10¢/L
  11. 11. The limits 12 Species Cell identity sYE conc. Result Human HeLa Human cervical cancer 10% Successful (but for how long?) Human Human Embryonic Kidney 293T 10% Successful (same as above) Mouse Germ cell 10% Unsuccessful Mouse Ovarian somatic cell, primary 10% Successful (but for how long?) Mouse Hepatocyte, primary 10% Successful (same as above) Mouse Fetal cell, primary 10% Successful (same as above) Mouse Myoblast, primary 10% Initially successful, but cell division halts after ~3gen. Mouse Embryonic stem cells 10% Unsuccessful Yeast extracts do have limits. Some growth factors are missing.
  12. 12. 13 Networked cell culture setup “Culnet System” supplies the ingredients missing from yeast extract Ohlsson C et al., 2009, Endocr Rev Francis GL, 2010, Cytotechnology HGF EGF Albumin Transferrin Adrenalin “Culnet System” prototype PCT/JP2016/067599 Japan pat. 6111510 Breaking the limits
  13. 13. 14 Clean Foie Gras Grow cells Fat-load cells Assemble cells
  14. 14. $50,000? “Conventional” $600 $6 $4000 $200 DMEM FBS Growth factors sYE “Difficult cells” “Easy cells” So, where are we for 100g of meat? Co-culture Use yeast extract Use food grade DMEM/‘Gatorade’ Use food grade yeast extract Commercial Culnet System $0.6
  15. 15. Go-to-Market Roadmap 16 $300,000/kg Foie Gras $40/kg “Designer Meat” $20/kg i.e. “fish fat beef” “beef/pork cellular mix” “DHA/Omega3 plus meat” Meat. $6/kg Supplements $3000/kg Integriculture takes care of those business things Expected break- even cost
  16. 16. 17 Designer meat prototype “Superfood” algae-loaded designer meat “Green meat”
  17. 17. 18 “Steak” research “Tissue and organ factory” Joint project @ TWIns Lab
  18. 18. Demonstration status 19 $300,000/kg Foie Gras “Designer Meat” i.e. “fish fat beef” “beef/pork cellular mix” “DHA/Omega3 plus meat” Meat. Supplements Gaining traction Prototype demonstrated In progress at TWIns lab Seed-round fundraising
  19. 19. Seafood brewery 20
  20. 20. Meat brewery 21
  21. 21. Farm high-rise 22
  22. 22. Mars Colony 23
  23. 23. Orbital Zero-G Farm 24
  24. 24. Shojinmeat Project and Integriculture Inc. 25 How to make ⇒ Open How to scale ⇒ Proprietary ※We need legal assistance for opensourcing “how to make”- will Creative Commons work? Numberindemand Level of personalization
  25. 25. “Democratized Cellular Agriculture” 26 Academia hints the way Citizens act and set the direction Businesses scale and deliver
  26. 26. A direction being set - “teens can do it” 27 “Growing meat at home”, televised nationwide 2017.08.21
  27. 27. Takeaways and acknowledgements 28 Clean meat needs to be cheap and understood. “DIY bio” based research is finding the way. (“Culnet System”) Integriculture Inc. aims to scale this technology. Citizens set the direction and businesses scale it. And Everyone in Shojinmeat Project!!