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Integriculture Inc., Cellular Agriculture Initiative


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Deck for Integriculture Inc. - commercialization of clean meat and cellular agriculture products, starting from cosmetics and supplements, ingredients then to food

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Integriculture Inc., Cellular Agriculture Initiative

  1. 1. Integriculture Inc. Cellular-Ag Initiative
  2. 2. Cell culture cost 1/10000 Clean meat (Cultured meat) PCT/JP2016/067599 JP-Pat.6111510
  3. 3. Seafood $200B $2 Trillion (2020) Beef $800B 10x resource intensive > soy 70% of deforestation 18% of GHG emissions Footprints Animal Agriculture (And Its Environmental Cost) Is Growing 3
  4. 4. The mounting food security crisis 4 *Reuters (2017) **Nikkei (2017) “Alternative protein sources are necessary. Consider algae and insect as options.” Signed to invest $300M to Israeli alternative protein startups. Trading companies priced out to other countries importing beef.
  5. 5. Affordable Sustainable Meaty Conventional Meat Plant-based Meat Clean Meat (Competitors) Integriculture Makes Clean Meat Truly Accessible for All 5
  6. 6. Cellular Agriculture Production of agricultural products by cell culture
  7. 7. The technological problem €250,000 Clean meat burger, 200g
  8. 8. ~2016 Conventional $2 Growth factors Consumables CapEx Serum-free 2017 Lab scale 2026 large scale plant ”Culnet System” : General purpose large-scale cell culture Cells [A] Cells [B] Dialysis,oxygenationetc. Musclecells PCT/JP2016/067599 Japan Pat.6111510 Cell culture cost 1/10000 $600K/kg $2K
  9. 9. No externally added FBS & growth factors * * “Culnet System” grows variety of cells without added growth factors Liver cells Muscle stem cell Placental cells Conventional“CulnetSystem” ”Culnet System" Cellcount(ratio) □Liver cells ■Pancreas cells ■Ovary cells *p<0.01, **p<0.05
  10. 10. ✅Not limited to muscle ✅No added growth factors ✅Scalable(Flow-based) Proof of Concept “Culnet System” proof of concept Clean chicken foie gras
  11. 11. “Culnet System” at a glacne “General-purpose large-scale cell culture system” The technology to inexpensively produce wide range of cells Currently at > 1/100, > 1/100,000 within sight by economy of scale
  12. 12. “Cell-ag infrastructure” Sugar & amino acid “Culnet System” infrastructure Cells ingredients supplements foie gras meat etc.
  13. 13. 13 Cosmetics market “Early adopters” ✅Contamination free ✅Animal cruelty free ✅Can use human cells ✅Already gaining traction Youth Elderly High-end Low-end $1.5B market capitalization (Japan) “Customizable Cellular Cosmetics” EGF HGF VEGF etc.
  14. 14. Product roadmap: Volume & price projection 2020 2023 2026 120,000 120 1.2 Annual volume(t) 〰〰〰 〰〰〰 〰〰〰 〰〰〰 ~100kg/month Plant. for cellular cosmetics ingredients 100t/week Plant. High-end meat, “Designer meat”* 14 ~10t/month Plant. for health food and supplements *New meat designed through cell culture technology, i.e. “fish-fat healthy Kobe beef”
  15. 15. Partnerships Immediate-term Product dev. Long-term Product dev. Integricultue Inc. offers: ・Contaminant and cruelty free ingredients ・Inexpensive industrially scalable cell culture Tissue and plant engineering R&D
  16. 16. Yuki Hanyu, CEO Chemistry, Systems Engineering Ph.D (Chemistry) 2010 Oxford University Keita Fukumoto, CTO Molecular Biology Ph.D (Medicine) 2017 Uni. of Hiroshima Ikko Kawashima, Senior Advisor Regenerative medicine, Cellular biology Ph.D(Agronomy) 2012 University of Hiroshima Yusuke Shinozawa External Advisor Leave-a-Nest Inc., Real-Tech Fund Ryutaro Mori, Business Director Marketing, Biz.Development BA (Dev. Economics) 2015 UCLA Experienced Members Lead the Team 16
  17. 17. Meat by cellular agriculture One of many possibilities Large scale suspension culture in a bioreactor Fat cell coculture Immunity cell culture Growth factor source (liver cells) Myoblasts bioreactor Cell cluster suspension culture, further scalable
  18. 18. Seafood by cellular agriculture
  19. 19. Food production on Mars
  20. 20. Orbital Cell-Ag Facility