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Selling With LinkedIn Groups In 10 EASY Steps


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Learn how to use LinkedIn groups to build your sales pipeline and sell your products/services.

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Selling With LinkedIn Groups In 10 EASY Steps

  1. 1. Selling With LinkedIn Groups In 10 EASY Steps By Yuhannes Watts LinkedIn Sales Pipeline Development Expert
  2. 2. Hello – I’m Yuhannes Watts and I’d like to give you a few tips on using LinkedIn Groups - Enjoy! LinkedIn Training That Get’s Results!
  3. 3. For most people LinkedIn Groups are a HUGE TIME WASTER! But if you know the right strategy – LinkedIn Groups can be one of the EASIEST + FASTEST ways to build your sales pipeline – I do it ALL THE TIME! keep reading – I’ll show you how…
  4. 4. Task 1: Choose Your Group Wisely Getting results starts with picking the right group. The key is knowing your target market and the group demographics
  5. 5. Task 2: Group Culture Each group has a culture so PAY ATTENTION! Some groups are liberal with posts while others have whip-cracking group managers who are cautiously guarding the group from “salesy” and “selfpromotional” styled content ….
  6. 6. Task 3: Post Something Relevant There are a variety of things you can post in LinkedIn Groups to gain the attention of TOP DECISION MAKERS…. The key is being creative
  7. 7. Task 4: Monitor Engagement You just posted something…Now watch that post go to work for you. Carefully monitor how group members are interacting
  8. 8. Task 5: Identify Prospects Interesting posts get LIKES & COMMENTS… filter out potential prospects. If you set it up right, they will identify themselves – #EASY!!
  9. 9. Task 6: Engage! I’ll make this REAL SIMPLE boys & girls – nothing happens on LinkedIn until you learn how to start conversations and engage prospects. PERIOD!
  10. 10. Task 7: Craft Your Message I can’t STRESS the importance of crafting the PERFECT MESSAGE when reaching out to prospects in LinkedIn…The opportunity is won or lost right here
  11. 11. Task 8: Close The Sale It’s AMAZING how fast LinkedIn Groups can find you new prospects that lead to NEW SALES!!
  12. 12. Task 9: Repeat This Process Look folks – this is not a One Time Deal… This process can be repeated every day, every week to build your sales pipeline of prospects, opportunities and sales deals. #EASYSALES
  13. 13. Task 10: Learn Group Tips & Tricks LinkedIn Groups have a lot of “hidden secrets” that are extremely valuable for BOOSTING YOUR SALES. My advice to you is to learn them!
  14. 14. +HAPPY SELLING!! Get access to my FREE LinkedIn updates to help you: +Build Your Sales Pipeline +Start Conversations With Decision Makers +Get MORE appointments +Learn LinkedIn Sales Secrets Click the link for FREE updates