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Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 3


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Part 3 of 3 focusing on Follow Up Strategies in Learning how to Monetize Engagement on LinkedIn.

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Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 3

  1. 1. Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 3 – Follow Up Yuhannes Watts LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. Who is Yuhannes Watts? Training: Open Workshops One 2 One Sessions Team sessions WINGMAN Consulting Specializing in: FREE LinkedIn LinkedIn CRM Relationship Strategy Relationship Development Target Market Focus Pipeline Development Creating Value Prospecting Network Leverage Engaging Decsion Makers LinkedIn Training That Get’s Results!
  3. 3. Monetizing engagement happens in 3 easy steps: 1.Content 2.Monitoring Engagement 3.Follow Up The 3 Steps
  4. 4. Follow-Up is a core principal of sales + business + social media. The Secret Sauce with Following Up is REAL SIMPLE… DO IT! If you or your sales team is not following up they are leaving a trail of un-tapped opportunities & money on the table. The Secret Sauce
  5. 5. Now if that’s sales… Just Imagine how many people NEVER follow up with prospects in the social media world??!! Yes I know – it’s MIND BLOWING! Here’s Another Secret… “40% OF SALES PEOPLE NEVER FOLLOW UP WITH A PROSPECT.”
  6. 6. There are two types of follow up – CREATING an opportunity to follow up or waiting for some type event to happen like below: Connection request accepted Viewed your profile Share/Repost Mention Skill Endorsement Message New job or LinkedIn update When to Follow Up
  7. 7. LinkedIn alerts you when a new contact accepts your “request to connect.” Your next move should be immediately sending a FOLLOW UP message. Quick tip – do this RELIGIOUSLY! Example #1 – Standard Follow Up Message
  8. 8. While many people know about the “who’s viewed your profile” area, not many people understand how it’s a FOLLOW UP tool for starting conversations with new + current contacts. Example # 2 – Who’s Viewed Your Profile “Karen, thx for viewing my profile, how can I help….”
  9. 9. Remember all those “Cheesy” Skills Endorsements you’ve been seeing that you THINK have no value? Well, they work in your favor when you FOLLOW UP with those who have been endorsing you. Endorsements are a FINESSE tool… Example # 3 – Skill Endorsements
  10. 10. Important Reminder About Following Up!
  11. 11. The Focus? Next Step…? The Focus - The more prospects you FOLLOW UP with, the more conversations you can start – the more business you will have. Use LinkedIn to help with your “Follow Up Game.” The Next Step – IS UP TO YOU! I’ve given you 3 steps towards success on LinkedIn. To learn specific strategies your company can leverage on LinkedIn you can CONTACT ME!
  12. 12. +Happy Selling!