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Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 2


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Breaking down how to monitor your engagement on LinkedIn

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Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 2

  1. 1. Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 2 – Monitoring Your Engagement Yuhannes Watts LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. Who is Yuhannes Watts? Training: Open Workshops One 2 One Sessions Team sessions WINGMAN Consulting Specializing in: FREE LinkedIn LinkedIn CRM Relationship Strategy Relationship Development Target Market Focus Pipeline Development Creating Value Prospecting Network Leverage Engaging Decsion Makers LinkedIn Training That Get’s Results!
  3. 3. Monetizing engagement happens in 3 easy steps: 1.Content 2.Monitoring Engagement 3.Follow Up The 3 Steps
  4. 4. Social media in general is all about ENGAGEMENT. The Secret Sauce with LinkedIn is knowing WHERE to look for engagement and then understanding what that engagement means. The Secret Sauce
  5. 5. Monitoring engagement on LinkedIn is so simple, you can’t even imagine… Here, I’ll show you. (you can thank me later) Here’s Another Secret…
  6. 6. Most people look at content as a blog or article… I look as content as Anything that can be posted. Think outside of the box… Like Comment Share/Repost Mention Profile View Skill Endorsement Message New Connection Types of Engagement
  7. 7. Getting “likes” & “comments” means people are interested and checking you out. Inspect all the “likes” to see if there’s anyone that’s not currently a part of your network that you can connect to. Example #1 – Like or Comment
  8. 8. ONE OF THE MOST SLEPT ON AREAS OF LinkedIn… Yet one of the most POWERFUL! Your company could find its next Million Dollar Deal from this area. My advice to you – pay attention to who is viewing your profile… Example # 2 – Profile Views
  9. 9. Someone has just accepted your request to connect – In my book that’s engagement! Stay keen on this SPECIAL type of engagement which I will explain more in part 3… LOT’S of opportunity here folks, stay tuned! Example # 3 – New Connections
  10. 10. Remember the days on LinkedIn when you had to manually go back and track everything yourself??!! This notifications flag now migrates all your LinkedIn engagement in one place! Doesn’t get much easier than this folks. The Update Flag – A Game Changer!
  11. 11. The Focus? Next Step…? The Focus - Real simple – just PAY ATTENTION! Remember all those annoying emails you’re getting from LinkedIn? Now you know what they’re about. They are keying you into engagement. The Next Step is to FOLLOW UP… I’ll discuss that in Part 3 – coming soon!
  12. 12. +Happy Selling!