Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 1


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Learn how to use LinkedIn to gain interest, start conversations, get engagement from Decision Makers and make money!

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Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 1

  1. 1. Monetizing Engagement on LinkedIn Part 1 – Content Yuhannes Watts LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. Who is Yuhannes Watts? Training: Open Workshops One 2 One Sessions Team sessions WINGMAN Consulting Specializing in: FREE LinkedIn LinkedIn CRM Relationship Strategy Relationship Development Target Market Focus Pipeline Development Creating Value Prospecting Network Leverage Engaging Decsion Makers LinkedIn Training That Get’s Results!
  3. 3. Monetizing engagement happens in 3 easy steps: 1.Content 2.Monitoring Engagement 3.Follow Up The 3 Steps
  4. 4. The BIG buzz in all of social media is CONTENT! The great thing about LinkedIn is that you DON’T have to create it! This works out great if you’re a slacker like me… On the other hand there are VERY creative & quick ways to create your own content which means you don’t have to write a blog every week. The Secret Sauce
  5. 5. “I’m in sales… Why should I be concerned with content? Most sales professionals are out hunting for decision makers. Sharing THE RIGHT content will lead decision makers right to you… A New Perspective
  6. 6. Most people look at content as a blog or article… I look as content as Anything that can be posted. Think outside of the box… Blog Article Website Comment or Post Photo File or Document Video Types of Content
  7. 7. The easiest type of content is creating a post from the Home Page area of LinkedIn. Write anything you like, but make it INTERESTING! You can attach files right from you computer! There are a few Secret Strategies I teach for this simple step! **Make sure to link your twitter account for DOUBLE IMPACT! Example #1 – Post or Comment
  8. 8. Posting websites is pretty easy too. Just copy and paste the website link and it auto-populates. Use this to drive prospects to your website and generate more interest in what you do. As always there is a strategy to this… Example # 2 – Website
  9. 9. This photo speaks for itself! Almost no one on LinkedIn is posting photos. Visuals have a high engagement effect… Again, there is a strategy component… Example # 3 – Photos
  10. 10. The Focus? Next Step…? The Focus should be on consistently posting relevant content keeping your Target Audience in mind. If you’re a Technology Firm, then DO post things related to technology – DON’T post things about food! The Next Step is to MONITOR ENGAGEMENT … I’ll discuss that in Part 2 – coming soon!
  11. 11. +Happy Selling!