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Bmma big data 11 06 2013 hugues rey


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Direct and indirect beneficiaries of innovations relating to the Big Data phenomenon, the media must develop new standards and processes to capture the full potential of data. Hugues Rey will explain to us how the media agencies can play a role in this process and what developments are in progress. Didier Joos will show us how media-related data can be processed to enable advertisers and producers of content to derive maximum value from it.

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Bmma big data 11 06 2013 hugues rey

  2. 2. Big Data… is a collection of data setsso large and complexthat it becomes difficult to processusing on-hand database management tools ortraditional data processing applications
  3. 3. Challenges & OpportunitiesCapture, curation, storageSearch, sharing, transferAnalysis and visualizationVolume (amount of data)Velocity(speed of data in and out)Variety (range of data types and sources)Douglas Laney - Gartner
  4. 4. Big ? 2012: 2.5 quintillion (2.5×1018) bytes
  5. 5. Big Data & MarketingWhen MadMen meet MathMen
  6. 6. SmallReach & Profile (Sample)Digital (Reach x Sample)---Data Sources Evolution (Communication)From Small to BigBig---Digital (Reach x Ad)Social & Mobile (Behavioral,Sentiment, Open)IOT (Internet of Things)Single Source vs Fusion (Big)
  7. 7. Several Sources & Frequencies (Mainly Small)
  8. 8. Late 90’s - A major step aheadIndividual Data (Digital) = Big
  9. 9. Social Data (Big)Facebook likes predict personalityResearchers at CambridgeUniversity used algorithms topredict religion, politics, race andsexual orientation.The algorithms proved 88%accurate for determining malesexuality, 95% accurate indistinguishing African-Americanfrom Caucasian-American85% for differentiating Republicanfrom Democrat.
  10. 10. 60% of the Belgian owned a ‘Digital TV’(Source: Multiscreen & Mobile Survey (MMS) – Havas Media Belgium 12/2012)Despite the penetration of the new devices, alternative consumption oflinear TV is mainly watch from a ‘traditional TV set’.But, opportunities of ‘media meshing’ are multiplied by the abundance ofdevices
  11. 11. Social TV 2013: The Voice Belgique CaseBreaking the silos startswith sharing experienceand currencies
  12. 12. 4I Watch4Big Data, Smart MédiaGlobal Context
  13. 13. 55Big Data, Smart Média
  14. 14. IOT – 20Km Live
  15. 15. Internet Of the Things (IOT)
  16. 16. IOT – New Internet Inhabitants
  17. 17. TV - More (Big) Data ?Facial recognition + Set Top Box + …
  18. 18. Challenge – Cross the data – Unique Person
  19. 19. Tv + Digital – Single SourceA wet dream ? A nice theory ? Small Data !
  20. 20. Real Time Marketing is Now !Source: + GolinHarris
  21. 21. Google Now – Data Based CommunicationWe all need a lot ofinformation to get throughour dayImagine if it was just there foryou, right when you neededit.The right information,at just the right time.Stuck in traffic jam ? Save your time.Based on your personal dataGeo LocalizationGmailcontentGooglecalendarGoogle SearchesVocal RequestsManage Your DayStay ConnectedBe LocalCreate opportunities to pop in Google Now based on consumption momentums
  22. 22. Remarketing97% of new visitors do not convert after their first visits
  23. 23. The advertiserdelivers the adTheimpression isauctionned27Buyers place a bid(CPM)according to theestimated value ofeach impression<150 msADVERTISING135The highest bid« wins » theimpression42The Internetuser visitsa web pageBuy  now  !  0.52€0.67€0.75€01.05€cookieReal Time Buying – Advanced Display
  24. 24. REAL TIME BIDDINGIs not about buying more mediais not about buying cheaper mediaIs about better personalized media
  25. 25. 77%95%42%16%4%57%8%1% 1%Budget Clicks LeadsCPM (Context)RTBCPC NetworksAdvanced Display: EfficiencySource : Havas Media Benchmark
  26. 26. TV Advertising will be behavioural, adressable,involving and real-time bought
  27. 27. (Marketing) Data Management ProcessEO PCompany Communication -> Dashboard/Insights/Short-Middle Term DecisionSales PredictionsModelExplanatory FactorsSales Volume – Price VariationPromotion – SamplingHISTORICAL INTERNAL FACTORSCOMPETITORSEPSalesPrice VariationEXOGENE FACTORSWeatherEconomic SituationOTHE COMPANYAd Hoc
  28. 28. Global insights and monitoring
  29. 29. 52External DataDataIntelligenceBrandplatformDataMiningSmartMediaEarnedOwnedMaximizerConversionsSocial DBImpressions++++ +++DirectCommerceBoosterReal Time Optimization
  30. 30. Prospective & Conclusions
  31. 31. “By 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than CTOs will”.*Laura McLellan, Gartner
  32. 32. Avinash’s 10/90 Rule
  33. 33. Big Data Management offers us opportunitiesDigitalization is a fact… no Media dies…The majority are empowered by the digital opportunities.Consumption of content is growing on all platforms.Consequently, we have opportunities1.  A better integration in the reality of the advertisers business2.  Interactive and personal communication which will be based onlong term based scenarios (storytelling) and broadcast in real time3.  Real time marketing is a synonym of better (not of more or cheaper)due to the added-value of data4.  Handle Big Data and Transform it in Smart (usable on short, middle,long term) actionable Points
  34. 34. 39More about POE 2013 ? Please join us on June the 20th !
  35. 35. THANK